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Marbella sights

Tourists lure golden sand beaches, bright sun, wonderful nature of Spain and a huge number of attractions Marbella, which should be visited when you come to rest in this resort town.

The incendiary temperament of the Spaniards is expressed in bullfighting, passionate serenades, is reflected in the generous nature of the luxurious resorts. Marbella is one of the most fashionable vacation spots in the country. Like a ribbon, it stretches along the coastline for almost 28 km from Malaga to Gibraltar. Despite the high prices, during the season the population due to holidaymakers increases 2.5 times.

Top 6 attractions in Marbella

The resort is very young, 100 years ago there was only an unassuming fishing village on the coast. After World War II, wealthy residents of the surrounding towns began to purchase plots near the village for construction, word spread quickly about the luxurious coastline and soon a succession of villas grew here. The interest did not wane, more and more visitors came, tourists streamed in. The village quickly became a magnificent resort with five-star hotels, expensive restaurants and nightclubs.

Climate and weather of Marbella in Spain

The unique microclimate formed in this part of the country due to the mountain peaks and proximity to the sea, allows tourists to come to the resort at any time. Smooth temperature fluctuations are insignificant, the average annual figure stays at + 19°C. For Russian tourists who are used to fluctuations from -35 to +40 ° C, the resort weather seems simply heavenly.

The resort is one of the most expensive, so substantial discounts in the off-season can not wait.

The abundance of sunny days is a guarantee that it will be possible to have a good rest.

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus - Marbella

In what to see in Marbella in the first place, guides are unanimous – it is the port of Puerto Banus. It is the beauty of the coast that caused the development of the resort and tourism business in general, so it is worth paying tribute to history and admire the expanse of sea, yachts of amazing beauty, swaying lazily on the waves of the lagoon. The entertainment complex nearby is considered one of the most famous on the Costa del Sol, with a record number of visitors crossing 5 million. annually.

Puerto Banus in Marbella - one of the main attractions

From the first option, conceived by Jose Banus, the coast was saved by architect Noldi Schreck, who convinced everyone that it is not necessary to erect high-rise buildings, they would spoil the very atmosphere of relaxation and peace. In return, he offered the image of a small picturesque village, corrected for the resort’s regulars, where prominent politicians, businessmen and Arab sheikhs meet. So there was a complex, where everything at first glance unassuming, but very expensive. The opening was attended by such personalities as Prince Rainier III of Monaco, director Polanski and Julio Iglesias.

The sights of Puerto Banus are:

  • berth for 915 yachts;
  • La Fama Boulevard;
  • “Zurab Ceretelli’s La Victoria;
  • A statue of the rhinoceros by Salvador Dali.

Old Town

Old Town - the historical center of Marbella

In the historic center of Marbella there is evidence of Moorish rule. There are two towers Alcazaba, built in the 10th century, near the city is a Paleochristian basilica, dating back to the 3-4 century, thermae and ancient mosaics. The ancient streets of the city lead to squares, the venerable age of which is counted in centuries. The most picturesque of them all is Orange. There is a fountain, which is 5 centuries old, a chapel and the municipality building. The Corregidor House of the 16th century is worthy of special attention. It is decorated with elements of the Mudejar style.

Museum of Modern Spanish Engravings

Museum of Modern Spanish Engravings in Marbella

It is under the same roof as the Archaeological Museum, which displays objects found during excavations of the Roman era. Collections of modern art samples include more than 4,000 exhibits, including prints, silkscreen prints, lithographs, digital prints, and woodblock prints. Among the exhibits are works by Picasso, Saura, Miro and Tapies.

Both museums are housed in an ancient 16th-century building that is a famous architectural monument.

Bonsai Museum

Bonsai Museum - Marbella (Spain)

It opened in 1992, is located within the city limits and occupies a very small area. One hour is enough to examine it. Nevertheless, it is interesting with several unique exhibits, including the European olive and ficus and the nearly extinct Spanish fir. Yellow pines, olive trees and junipers are planted on columns and pedestals, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the intricately intertwined branches.

Connoisseurs of bonsai art are better to come in the fall, when the leaves do not distort the overall picture, and romantics should visit in the spring, during the period of unrestrained flowering.

Marine Avenue

Marbella Sea Avenue

Fans of the work of Salvador Dali will enjoy a walk among the fountains and sculptures of the great contemporary artist. This is a real recreation area, equipped with benches, there are several cafes and bars, and there is an underground parking lot nearby. After strolling along the avenue, you can go to the park “La Alameda”, walk through the historical center, the Paseo Maritimo promenade.


Beaches of the resort town of Marbella in Spain

The first thing tourists try to do is to get to the beach and take a dip in the clear gentle waves.

The number of equipped beaches is quite large, but the most famous are:

  • Los Monteros;
  • Alicata;
  • Cabopino;
  • Nagueles;
  • Nueva Andalucía.

They have showers, beach and sports equipment rental points, lifeguard station. Nearby are cafes and small restaurants with European and national cuisine.

Get acquainted with the location of beaches and attractions in Marbella can be found on interactive maps in hotels and travel companies, look in travel guides around the city.

Map of the beaches of Marbella

Map of the beaches of Marbella (Spain)

How to get to the resort?

There are several options, some cheaper, others more economical in terms of time spent in transit. Most often choose to fly, but there are no direct flights, so you have to buy a ticket to Malaga, and from there take public transport or order a cab. The flight with Iberia will take place with a connection in Madrid, the point of arrival – Alicante, which is also relatively close to Marbella.

If you want to travel around the country and get the most out of the experience, it is worth paying attention to the route, which includes a flight to Madrid and continue the journey by train.

A trip to Marbella will leave a sunny trace in the memories and a little regret for so quickly flew vacation.

Video overview of the sights of Marbella

Sightseeing map of Marbella

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