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Map of Phuket beaches with descriptions and photos

Phuket is the largest island in the Andaman Sea. The popularity of this resort is very high, which contributes to the perfectly developed infrastructure, an abundance of attractions, affordable prices. The beaches of Phuket Island are considered a special pride. Their purity is confirmed by international certificates, and the beauty of nature is fascinating, causing a desire to stay here forever.

General information about Phuket’s beaches

The best beaches in Phuket

The west coast is for swimming. It concentrates the most comfortable parts of the beach with white or golden sand, the sea from November to March is calm and serene, and the temperature is frozen at a comfortable + 26-28 degrees. The difference in the beaches lies in the number of vacationers, the abundance of entertainment and the level of hotels. Nature and cleanliness are pretty much the same.

There are no private beaches on the island, all of which are open to the public.

Near almost every beach on the west coast, you can find expensive and budget accommodation, food outlets and stores for different levels of income. The eastern side is not suitable for swimming, fishing boats are moored there, the coast is stony, there is no infrastructure. The description of the beaches of Phuket includes not only price gradation, but takes into account the level of comfort, number of vacationers and entertainment options.

The best beaches on Phuket Island

In travel agencies and hotels, every vacationer can get a map of Phuket, which marked the island’s beaches, attractions, their description and address. To orientate your desires, it is worth a general idea of what the beach is famous, where it is located and how it is equipped.

Map of all beaches in Phuket

Beaches of Phuket on a map of the island


Phuket Island Beaches

The leader in popularity, thanks to the deployed entertainment industry. For young people are attractive karaoke and nightclubs, bars, an abundance of stores and water sports. Older men are attracted by available girls of all ages and appearances, appearing on the streets as the sun goes down. This industry is considered quite legal and belongs to the widespread entertainment.

Patong compared with other parts of the beach is a little dirty, affects the high density of visitors and the proximity of bars. For bathing the place is convenient, the entrance to the water is flat, but the shallow ends just a few steps. There are many budget and luxury hotels and hostels around.


Karon Beach in Phuket

A distinctive feature of Karon is the “grumbling” sand. When you walk, it makes a specific creaking sound. A comparison of Phuket’s Karon and Patong beaches in terms of cleanliness and restraint of manners leaves the advantage for the latter. It is a little less popular, but more quiet, suitable for families and noisy companies.

As for entertainment, tourists are offered:

  • Visit spas and massage parlors;
  • play beach volleyball;
  • boating and water-skiing;
  • learn the basics of diving;
  • book a sightseeing tour of the island.


One of the best beaches in Phuket is Kalim.

It is seen by many as a temporary break from the frenetic pace of life in Patong. It is nearby, quite quiet and respectable. Of the minuses is worth noting the rocky bottom, creating some inconvenience when entering the water. The area is clean, not many people, entertainment is standard.


Kata Beach in Phuket

An excellent choice for a family vacation, it is quite quiet at night, there are no night bars and noisy companies. Room rates start at 500 rubles, the average cost of about 1900, some hotels have special offers for couples with children. Local residents hardly ever appear on the beach, there are no intrusive traders.

On the beach Kata vacationers are few, there is a rental of deck chairs and umbrellas, you can sunbathe on their own towels and mats. The sand is clean, fine and very pleasant for walking barefoot, the bottom is gentle, the water is slightly muddy at the shore. Further, the sandy slurry settles.

Bang Tao

Phuket Beaches - Description and Map

The beach is aimed at wealthy vacationers. In an assortment of entertainment:

  • tennis;
  • golf;
  • billiards;
  • basketball;
  • water sports;
  • spas;
  • boutiques;
  • restaurants.

Service in hotels and shopping malls of the highest level, prices, too. From May to mid-October you can see the colorful competitions surfers. The best time for a beach holiday is from November to April.


Kamala Beach in Phuket

Among its advantages are respectable vacationers, quiet, tranquility and near-perfect cleanliness. Kamala may seem a bit boring, but this is compensated for by the beauty of the surrounding landscape and comfort. Free rental umbrellas and sun loungers, space, delivery of drinks and desserts directly to the place of rest, sandy beach, easy entry into the water are considered the undeniable advantages of the beach.

Nye Harn

Beautiful Nai Harn Beach in Phuket

The starting point of the famous royal regatta is not for nothing considered the most picturesque of the beaches of the southern part of the island. There are few visitors here because of the considerable distance from the airport, the price level is average, the room rate starts at 300 baht. Bathing is comfortable, the sea is transparent, you can walk barefoot without fear of hurting your feet. There are stores, pharmacies, fruit markets nearby. Of entertainment leading diving, snorkeling, yachting.


Surin Beach, Phuket

Prices are impressive, the vast majority of boutiques, shopping malls and spas, hotels are designed for people with high incomes. A lazy negativity, tranquility, and waltziness prevail in the atmosphere. In the evenings there are discos, theme parties, entertainment. The beach is considered exotic because instead of palm trees along the beach grow pine trees, which is a rarity in Phuket.

Nay Ton

Nai Ton Beach in Phuket

It embodies the dreams of those who seek a break from civilization, the crowds and the hustle and bustle of shopping. There are almost no entertainment and shopping, little choice of housing. Suitable for a sedate holiday with children, without unnecessary temptations and noise. The sea is quiet, the entrance to the water is comfortable and smooth, the sand is clean, there are few people. In the low season, swimming is prohibited because of the high waves, posing a danger to swimmers. This is the time when surfers, who appreciate powerful high water shafts, gather on the coast.


Yanui Beach - Phuket Island

The smallest and most secluded, almost wild. Everything on it is present in one instance: the hotel, the restaurant, the store. The bottom is rocky, visibility in the water up to 10 meters, so the place is great for diving.

Comparison of Phuket beaches

They can be divided into several categories. The division is very tentative, takes into account the main features of the beach.


They are never quiet, constantly going on events, working bars, organized beach entertainment, working casinos and nightclubs.

Those who want to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of fun, you should pay attention to:

  • Patong;
  • Caron;
  • Surin.

For vacations with children

The main requirements are cleanliness, easy entrance to the water, the possibility of renting beach equipment, the availability of nearby food outlets and the decent behavior of others.

These criteria are met:

  • Kata;
  • Nye Harn;
  • Bang Tao;
  • Nye Young.

Mai Khao should also be included in this category. The entrance to the water is uncomfortable, but there is a water park, the only one on the island. It is quite a substitute for the beach, the children will be delighted with the attractions, network of pools and play area.


Near the bustling Patong there are beautiful beaches, they are not the most popular in Phuket, but cozy and secluded they can definitely be called. They are not in demand among vacationers, because the way to them is not easy. Tri Trang Beach can only be reached by cab or rented car, public transport does not go there. There are 2 ways to Freedom Beach: sea and land. Both are quite complicated and costly.

The most interesting beaches in Phuket

Banana Beach is Phuket's most beautiful beach
Banana Beach

They have their own twist that makes them recognizable in a series of others:

  • Banana Beach in the north of the island is interesting with delightful postcard-style views, tropical lush vegetation, colorful coral reef, attracting the attention of beginners and experienced divers;
  • Ao San has long ceased to be a secret, but wishing to visit it a little, there are many other beaches on the southern part of the island and it often becomes a transit stop on the way on;
  • Kamala is considered the ideal place for a secluded holiday, suitable for children’s holidays, most often come here to admire the magnificent sunsets and views of the surrounding landscape;
  • The best beaches in the Patong area include the small and cozy Paradise, surrounded by cliffs, with easy access and famous for the colorful spectacular parties.

The beaches of Phuket are many and varied. They are united by purity, incredibly beautiful views of the sea and tropical splendor of nature.

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