Map of North Goa

About the West Indian state of Goa, as a place of beach holidays, in the world started talking in the 60’s and 70’s of last century. At this time it was “taken over” by hippies. They flocked from all over the world to the coast of the warm Arabian Sea for different purposes: some seeking enlightenment, some attracted to the world’s oldest civilization, and some just looking for a place to have a good time.

Goa on the map of India

Goa is the smallest state of the Republic of India. Located on the west coast of the Indian subcontinent. It is located in a subtropical climate zone. The change of seasons is characterized by the alternation of dry and wet seasons. The average annual air temperature is +23 ° C and the water temperature is 28.5 ° C. The best time to arrive is October-April.

Map of Goa divided into South and North Districts

Map of Goa divided into South and North

Since 1987, the state of Goa has been divided into the Northern and Southern Districts. It is better to travel by plane – Dabolim airport is located almost on the border areas. Each county has a considerable number of magnificent beaches, rest on which can be the most unforgettable adventure. An important nuance – access to the ocean is absolutely free, there are no private and closed areas.

Beaches of North Goa

On the map of North Goa beaches are located one after the other, literally uninterrupted. Likewise, the case is the “nature”: almost all the coast has sloping sandy slopes to the sea and obey the tourists. The division is made by rocky promontories cutting into the sea, or by rivers flowing into it. They are the “boundary pillars” separating the recreation areas from each other.

Beaches of North Goa on the map

Map of beaches in North Goa

Hotels in North Goa on the map

North Goa sights on the map

There are 15 beaches on the coast of North Goa. It is on them and forms an impression of the local color: a lot of tourists, a vibrant nightlife, yoga classes, “flower children” … The most popular are:

  1. Anjuna. It was with this name that the world began to study the map of the beaches of Goa. The hippies who discovered it left their indelible mark here. And to this day, Anjuna attracts creative people, people “out of this world. There are a lot of 24-hour restaurants, clubs, bars. Accommodation is offered for all tastes and wallets. Tourists are especially interested in the local market.
  2. Arambol. Another beach favored by hippies. They still like to have parties here. They are attracted by the cheapness of local hotels, restaurants and stores. And magnificent tropical nature.
  3. Calangute. The most popular beach in North Goa with a developed tourist infrastructure. A large number of hotels and entertainment for all budgets. There are a lot of holidaymakers here, so lovers of privacy will have to look for another place.
  4. Morjim. A favorite vacation spot for tourists from Russia. And the locals take advantage of this by creating the appropriate entourage and inflating prices. Ideal for family visits: a wide sandy strip, gentle entrance to the water, calm and gentle sea.

Beaches of South Goa

People of more affluence choose the beaches of South Goa. This is the more Europeanized part of the state, with the five-star complexes of Cavelosima and the cozy bungalows of Palolem and Agonda. There are fewer options here in terms of having fun, but it’s much quieter and cleaner. Beautiful quiet places, lack of hustle and bustle inherent in vacationing in North Goa, bring to mind the wisdom of nature, which created the South Goa specifically for meditation and relaxation. And not for nothing this area was chosen for filming Bounty commercials.

Beaches of South Goa on the map

Map of beaches in South Goa

South Goa hotels on the map

South Goa sight on the map

The coastline of North and South Goa is 101 km. It provides recreation for all tastes and prosperity. No map of the beaches of Goa, no photos or descriptions can convey the charm of this place. You have to see it for yourself to appreciate it.

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