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Manchester sights

Tourists in the city is interesting and comfortable, there are many attractions that are worth seeing in Manchester. Museums offer exciting tours using modern technology, theaters delight with premieres and classic productions. In shopping malls and restaurants, newcomers are treated like good friends, and residents are open and tolerant.

Top 9 attractions in Manchester

During the Middle Ages the city was a major commercial and cultural center, later it began to rapidly develop industry. The special atmosphere of the city with its freedom of thought and a truly merchant’s grip became fertile ground for the fruitful work of many famous people, including F. Engels. He called Manchester the first factory town in the world. The population is constantly increasing, with people coming from the capital and other cities in the United Kingdom, attracted by the friendliness and peaceful environment.

English Manchester has many cultural and historical sites, shopping and entertainment centers, original buildings of interest to tourists.

Ferris wheel

The Ferris Wheel, a landmark of Machester

It was called the best landmark, for its bird’s-eye view of the city center. This was the case until 2012, now the wheel can be seen in Edinburgh. It is a rare case where a landmark of this scale has changed “residence”. The reasons are given in the city’s appeal to citizens. The main one was the holding of the Olympic Games in the country. Now, to get a general idea of the city, you will have to settle for a sightseeing tour.


The medieval temple is the residence of the bishop and is listed as an important architectural monument of the city. Construction began in the 15th century, in the Victorian era the halls were rebuilt and expanded. The next reconstruction was required after World War II. A bomb hit the temple, collapsed part of the outer wall and damaged the cladding.

Cathedral in Machester

The interior decoration is almost intact, with wall paintings and antique footstools from the 16th century preserved. The stained glass windows did not survive, but the bells still delight the townspeople with their special “changing” ringing.

Manchester’s oldest tradition is to hold an annual service in honor of the city’s school founders. It is held in the temple on the third Friday in October.

Museum of Science and Industry

It is part of the Science Museum Group, located on the site of the world’s first railroad station, which was built on the Manchester to Liverpool road. The building is on the list of important historical sites.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

The museum exhibition consists of six parts:

  • transportation;
  • engines;
  • urban fabric production;
  • textiles;
  • means of communication;
  • computers and modern technology.

Museum of Science and Industry - Miachester

The emphasis is on the city’s contributions to these industries. The most interesting exhibits are considered to be the Avro Shackleton aircraft, fighter planes, the first computer with a retrievable memory “Baby”, locomotives, trains of the first series. The gallery presents the history of communications in the city and the northern part of the country.

On certain days, two old locomotives, restored to working condition, roll through the museum.

Art Gallery

It is an important cultural attraction of the city is necessarily included in sightseeing programs. It occupies 3 buildings, which are located in the center of the city, so great are the number of exhibits. For the new millennium conducted a major reconstruction, in 2002, the renovated halls reopened to the public.

Manchester Art Gallery

Most of the exhibits are paintings by British artists. Pre-Raphaelite paintings and masterpieces by Thomas Gainsborough are the pride of the exhibition halls. Exhibitions of Cézanne, Millais, Rossetti, and Pierre Valette are arranged in separate rooms. The scenery of Manchester deserves special attention.

Admission to any room in the art gallery is free.

Original buildings

Machester Town Hall - a historical landmark

Manchester prides itself on its ancient structures, many of which are on the list of landmarks in Great Britain, not just the city. These include:

  • Manchester Town Hall;
  • Cathedral;
  • D. Rylands Library;
  • Manchester Museum;
  • Victoria Baths.

No less interesting are the buildings of modern design, surprisingly consonant with the spirit of freedom and the flight of fancy of architects.


Lowry - Manchester

The luxurious concert complex for 10,000 spectators is located on the bank of the canal. In addition to the main stage, there are two more for chamber performances. In addition to concerts, there are exhibitions, and the art gallery houses the work of Lawrence Lowry. Thanks to modern stage equipment and multifunctional lighting equipment in the complex it is possible to stage performances of any level of complexity.

Interestingly, the building was built with funds raised through a national lottery.


The museum, dedicated to the peculiarities of city life, was not a popular attraction for tourists, and its rooms were often empty. But only until it became the National Football Museum. The Hall of Fame contains personal belongings, uniforms, biographies of the great players and their awards. It is very interesting to take part in interactive soccer matches, where players can become all visitors to the exhibition.

Urbis is a soccer museum in Manchester

The building’s originality is given by the glass façade, which is made up of 2,000 glass fragments, perfectly matched with aging copper roof tiles.

Beetham Tower

Beetham Tower - Manchester

The triumph of technical thought combined with a brilliant architectural design, resulting in an amazing skyscraper of 47 floors. When you look at it, you get the feeling that it is beyond the power of gravity, so intricately arranged its tiers. It is the tallest building in the city, in 2007 it was named the best skyscraper in the world. The building has residential sectors, a nightclub, a comfortable hotel.

Old Trafford

Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester

The second largest stadium in the country can accommodate 76,000 fans is the home stadium of the illustrious Manchester United. It is noteworthy that it is considered the most expensive club in the world, its value is more than 3 billion. euros. During World War II it was virtually destroyed after prolonged bombing.

Most of the main grandstands were not rebuilt until 1049, with seating appearing as early as the late 1990s. The largest, the northern tribune, consists of three levels. Its premises are used by the administration, a trophy room and a museum. The south stand is reserved for visiting teams, coaches and television. The western and eastern parts are given to the fans.

In the sharpest moments of the game, the volume of the screams of the fans approaches the sound level of a jet plane.

Prices in Manchester

When calculating the budget for the trip, it is worth considering the average cost of housing and food. Prices fluctuate quite widely, for example:

  • hotel will cost 30-65€;
  • Lunch at a restaurant will cost 11-35€;
  • souvenirs from 1.3 to 5 €.

On average, the minimum expense for the day, including travel and sightseeing, will be about 43€. Compared to our nation’s capital, life in Manchester is almost half as expensive.

Video overview of Manchester sights

It rains frequently in the northernmost region of England. But Manchester is so vibrant and crowded that the vagaries of nature are almost invisible against the background of energetic fans, cheerful reckless students and original architectural buildings of modernity, peacefully neighboring with the medieval monuments of architecture.

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