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Mallorca sights

Mallorca is one of the largest and most popular island resorts of the Spanish Mediterranean. Chic beaches and amazing nature attracts thousands of tourists every year. The sea and resorts are not the only things that attract visitors to the island. The sights of Mallorca deserve no less attention. They belong to different eras and can tell a lot about the history of the island.

What to see in Mallorca

The island – an organic combination of ancient buildings – castles, churches and monasteries, which are the real gems of the architectural and historical heritage of different eras, and modern amenities of civilization: five-star hotels, luxury villas, respectable restaurants. Adding museums, national parks, an aquarium and unusual corners of nature to the list, you can understand that Mallorca is an amazing place, literally created for relaxation.

What to see in Mallorca? For example, Belver Castle

When going on a trip to Mallorca, be sure to include Belver Castle in your list of places to visit. Today it is not only one of the unique monuments of architecture. It has a museum of the history of Palma, the main city of the island.

Mallorca sights - the Castle of Cappepera

Worthy of attention vacationers another castle – Kappepera. Built at the same time as the Belvedere, it has become a veritable pilgrimage destination for tourists who appreciate historic architectural monuments.

Alfabía Gardens in Mallorca (Spain)

Excursion itineraries can include Mallorca attractions such as Palma Cathedral and Lewes Monastery, Dragon Caves and Alfabia Gardens, a ride on the old train from Palma to Sawyer. It is worth a trip to the Cape Formentor, climb the observation decks and admire the amazing beauty of the surroundings.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca sights

Palma de Mallorca is the main city of the island and the capital of the Balearic archipelago in Spain. This is where you can start your trip to Mallorca. It begins its history in the days of ancient Rome, of which authentic testimonies have survived.

The architectural monuments of the city are the most interesting sights of Mallorca, which you can get around on foot.

Santa Maria Cathedral in Palma de Mallorca - the city's main attractions

One of the most beautiful is the Cathedral of Santa Maria. It was built over three centuries, from the 13th to the 16th. Construction began in 1229 in honor of the victory over the Moors. In the 19th century, its facade was badly damaged by an earthquake. The building was reconstructed by the great Gaudi. The cathedral is decorated with a huge rose window. Notre Dame de Paris has a similar decoration. The organ in the cathedral has a magnificent sound and is considered one of the best in Europe.

Palma de Mallorca sights - Almudaina Palace

Another highlight of Palma de Mallorca is the Almudaina Palace, located in front of Palma Cathedral. It was built during Muslim rule as the residence of the rulers of the island. On Mori Street is the Can Oles Palace, which surprises with one of the most beautiful Baroque recreational courtyards and attracts tourists.

It is possible to familiarize oneself with it:

  • to see the 13th-century monastery of St. John the Baptist. Clare and the Arab baths of the tenth century,
  • walk along Rue Passeo de Born and Plaza Mayor,
  • visit the Museum de Mallorca and the Diocesan Museum.

Visitors to the island will be of interest:

  • the oldest island church of St. Eulalia,
  • Gothic basilica de Santa Francis in the Baroque style,
  • building with gargoyles (it used to house the maritime exchange).

Palma de Mallorca sights - Belver Castle

Not far from the city, on the outskirts of Palma de Mallorca in the 14th century was built a chic residence of the rulers of Mallorca – Belver Castle. The only one of its kind architectural construction is distinguished by its unusual circular shape. On the top floor of the castle is a cozy patio, which offers an amazing view of the sea and the city.

Aquarium (Oceanarium) in Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

Of modern sightseeing objects of particular interest is the Aquarium. It is recognized as one of the most luxurious oceanariums in the world. The total volume of 55 aquariums included in it is more than 40 thousand cubic meters. There are about 700 species of marine life brought from all over the world.

The description of the sights could go on and on, as Palma de Mallorca is the real pearl of the island, its pride and main decoration.

Attractions on the west side of Mallorca

Sa Dragonara National Park - Attractions of Mallorca

The western part of the island is, above all, the natural attractions of Mallorca. The national park on the small uninhabited island of Sa Dragonara is of interest. Tourists are brought here on a special boat and offer to climb to the top and the lighthouse located here.

Mountains of Mallorca (Spain) - Sierra del Norte

Another mountain that provokes admiring glances is the Sierra del Norte. It carefully surrounds the territory of the national park, creating a pleasant mild climate for recreation in this corner of paradise.

In the western part of the island there are two towns: Deiia and Valldemossa. Each of them has its own characteristics.

What to see on Mallorca by yourself? The town of Deià

In Dei, one of the most beautiful towns in Mallorca, there are no significant monuments except the church of San Juan Bautista. On its streets are the usual cozy houses, which are a fine example of “folk” architecture. Despite its modest appearance, Deija is beloved by artists, as it provides them with inspiration.

Mallorca sights - the city of Valldemossa

Valdemossa is the highest town on the island. This is the main point of the tourist route of the western direction. Here they stop, admire the scenery with terraces, cliffs, coves and go to the Sierra de Tramuntana.

Attractions on the east side of Mallorca

The eastern part of the island is rich in natural and architectural monuments. Historical sites: castles and monasteries, are not as grandiose as in the capital, but in the old days they served as a shield to repel the attacks of invaders.

Capdepera is worth seeing in Mallorca

The municipality of Kappepera, located on the east coast, attracts sightseers with its medieval fortress.

In the eastern part of Mallorca there is evidence of the ancient settlement of the area. If you go to the outskirts of Arta you can see the traces of megalithic settlement found by archaeologists.

The Dragon Caves can be reached on foot in Mallorca

Natural monuments deserve more attention: the Dragon Caves with the world’s largest underground lake, located near the resort town of Porto Cristo.

Attractions of the northern part of Mallorca

The northern part of the island is characterized by some scenic wildness. Rocks alternate with sandy beaches and monuments, some of which date back to Roman times.

Mallorca town - Polensa

In a cozy cove by the sea, the small town of Polensa is securely nestled. It is worth coming here to take part in Easter celebrations or the August fiesta celebrating the successful repulse of a pirate attack.

One of the interesting sites here is the cathedral of Nostra Señora del Ángels, built in the Baroque style. The local town hall and Gallo fountain are a must-see.

Mallorca's main attractions - Castell de Rey

The castle ruins of Castell de Rey beckon with mystery. Visitors to the island is not stopped by the 16 km that must be overcome to get to them and a large amount of time.

What’s the best way to see Mallorca?

The island of Mallorca is a unique corner of the Mediterranean Sea. Every year people from all over the world come here for holidays (most of all guests from Europe). They are attracted by rare architectural monuments, national parks, sea and beaches. Find your own entertainment to your liking is not difficult, and going to the island on their own, do not have to spend money on expensive excursions.

Interesting places in Mallorca you can visit on your own and on foot

It is best to rent a car, drive around all the interesting places and get acquainted with them in an unhurried atmosphere. History, like nature, does not tolerate haste and fuss. With them you need to communicate respectfully, and then they will open their secrets, will call to come back next year, and what to see on Mallorca on your own, you already know.

Video overview of the sights of Mallorca

Most travelers prefer not to use the services of travel agencies and make their own itinerary. It remains only to determine what to see on Mallorca must, so as not to miss the most interesting places.

Mallorca Sightseeing Map

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