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Main attractions of Croatia

Croatia has a beautiful Mediterranean climate, clear Adriatic Sea, magnificent nature and amazing historical and cultural sights. This country has an ancient and interesting history from antiquity, early Christianity and the Middle Ages, each era has left on its land its unique architectural monuments. In Croatia, there is something to see even a sophisticated tourist.

Top 10 attractions in Croatia

We offer you a brief description of the sights of Croatia with photos and names, and in more detail you will learn about them when you get to this wonderful country, yet underestimated by tourists.


Dubrovnik - the symbol and landmark of Croatia

This city was founded in the 7th century and during its long history has fallen under the Venetian rule, was an independent republic, a colony of the French and Austro-Hungarian empires, part of Yugoslavia. All these eras are reflected in the architecture of Dubrovnik.

The city is literally packed with historical and cultural monuments, especially in its older part. It is also the best resort in Croatia, known for its pebble beaches and nightclubs.

Split Cathedral

Split Cathedral - Croatia's main attraction

The Cathedral of St. Domne is a Catholic church that is considered the oldest functioning cathedral in the world. It is the former mausoleum of the emperor converted into a temple, it is a monument of architecture and is included in the list of UNESCO. The cathedral is located in the center of Diocletian’s Palace. Over the centuries it has been rebuilt several times, but its basic architecture has not changed.

The temple contains many holy relics, ancient icons and medieval books.

Krka National Park

Croatia's Natural Landmark - Krka National Park

This is another magnificent natural attraction worth seeing in Croatia. Krka National Park stretches in the valley of the river of the same name, which has seven waterfalls. The flora of the park has more than 800 species of plants, and the river is home to 18 species of fish.

The park is famous for being the resting place for many migratory birds, as. This is where their migration routes pass. The park is also known for its ancient monasteries.


Mljet Island in Croatia

This island is located in the south of the country and is famous for the natural attraction of Croatia – the national park. The first mention of this island is found on the maps of the ancient Greeks. And in the reserve itself the greatest interest for tourists are two salt lakes: Big and Small. On one of the islands of the Great Lake is an ancient Benedictine monastery, built in the 12th century.

Diocletian’s Palace

A must-see in Croatia is Diocletian's Palace

This palace was erected in the 3rd century AD. in the time of the Roman emperor Diocletian, who was famous for his cabbage. The palace is beautifully preserved and today is on the famous UNESCO list. It is a huge palace, around which the modern city of Split arose. Inside it is the mausoleum of Diocletian, which in the Middle Ages was rebuilt as a Christian church.

Today the palace is a large part of old Split.

Pula Amphitheater

Pula Amphitheater - Croatia

This ancient Roman amphitheater is one of the most famous attractions of Pula and the whole of Croatia, a historical and architectural monument. The only amphitheater in the world with 4 towers. The arena was erected in the 1st century A.D., at first it was wooden, but under Emperor Claudius it became stone.

It accommodates 23,000 spectators, who in the days of ancient Rome entertained gladiatorial fights and herding of wild animals.

Golden Horn Beach

Golden Horn Beach - Croatian landmarks with photos and descriptions

Golden Horn is considered the most beautiful beach in the country. This attraction in Croatia is for those who prefer a beach holiday. The beach is located on the island of Brac in the Adriatic Sea and looks really like a huge horn. The beach has beautiful fine bright yellow sand and periodically changes its shape like liquid gold.

Thanks to its uniqueness and beauty, the Golden Horn has now become the hallmark of Croatia as a tourist destination.

Church of St. Donatus

Church of St. Donat in Croatia

This Byzantine-style church was erected on the order of Bishop Donatus in the early 9th century in the Croatian city of Zadar. It is one of the most famous sights in Croatia, standing on ancient Roman foundations. The Church of St. Donat is the largest preserved church in Croatia, built in the pre-Romanesque style.

Today there are no church services here, but there are excellent acoustics, so music concerts are often held.

Makarska Riviera

The picturesque Makarska Riviera in Croatia

This is a famous Croatian resort area for those who already know what to see in Croatia, but want to make new discoveries. Makarska Riviera – it’s expensive hotels, beautiful coast and the mountains approaching the Adriatic Sea. Makarska Riviera is famous for its clean, clear sea, Mediterranean climate and well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Here you will find excellent pebble beaches, fashionable hotels and restaurants with excellent cuisine.

St. James Cathedral

Croatia - St. Jacob's Cathedral

This Catholic cathedral is a Croatian landmark located in the city of Sibenik. It has the official status of a small basilica, is a masterpiece of Medieval architecture and is listed by UNESCO. Construction of the cathedral began in the 15th century. His famous architect and sculptor Juraj Dalmatinski was greatly influenced by the Gothic and Renaissance styles. The temple is also famous for the sculptures created by the same author.

Video overview of the sights of Croatia

In Croatia, every year there are many festivals, carnivals and folk festivals. There are big fairs in most major cities. Croatian resorts are mainly designed for family and active sports holidays.

Croatia sights on the map

You can buy or download a map of attractions in Croatia in advance, so you can see them on the spot and do not miss anything interesting.

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