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Main attractions in Bavaria

Bavaria – one of the richest lands of Germany, which has magnificent natural beauty, historical and religious monuments, architectural sights, they bring millions of tourists every year.

Here you can see the charm of old times and ultra-modern technical and industrial complexes, remember the famous German romanticism and the courage of medieval knights. And what exactly can you see in Bavaria?

Top 12 attractions in Bavaria

We offer a brief description and photos of the most famous attractions of Bavaria and its capital city, Munich. And in more detail you can see everything when you arrive on vacation in this wonderful federal land.


Marienplatz Square - one of the main attractions in Bavaria

This is Munich’s main square, from which most city tours begin. In the middle of the square stands a column, on top of which is a statue of the Virgin Mary, in her honor and is named Marienplatz.

On the square you can see the Old and New Town Halls, built in the German Gothic style. From time to time the puppets at the New Town Hall begin to perform scenes from the history of Bavaria and old Munich. And in the Old Town Hall you can check out the Toy Museum.

Virgin Mary Cathedral

Virgin Mary Cathedral in Bavaria

This cathedral is located near Marienplatz, it was built in the 15th century in the Gothic style, is more than a hundred meters high and can accommodate several thousand parishioners. The cathedral is the tomb for all members of the royal family of the Wittelsbachs.

Interestingly, during World War II, it suffered little or no damage from bombing. Only the intricately patterned stained glass windows perished. On one of the paths near the church you can find a deep imprint, it is believed to have been left by the foot of the devil.


Attractions in Bavaria

This is the largest palace complex in Europe, once belonging to the Wittelsbach family, who ruled in Bavaria for more than seven centuries. One of Nymphenburg’s halls displays the famous Gallery of Beauties.

Artist Stiller painted portraits of the most beautiful women of the 19th century, in his opinion, not only from the nobility, but also from the common people. Among them is a portrait of Amalia Krudener, with whom the Russian poet Tyutchev was hopelessly in love.

Munich Brewery

Munich Brewery - Bavaria

This attraction of Munich and the whole of Bavaria is also a must in sightseeing tours. Munich is home to the famous Hofbräuhaus beer hall, where all the celebrities of the time, from Mozart to Lenin, have visited.

At first it was the Court Brewery of the Wittelsbachs, where only the king, his retinue and his entourage could come. It was not until the 1920s that it opened its doors to ordinary people. The beer hall menu includes only beer and national German dishes.


Oktoberfest - Bavaria's main event

This beer festival is known all over the world and takes place in Munich in September and early October every year. This is a real beer carnival, which will wrap the guests of Bavaria in its arms, treat them to beer and traditional cuisine of these places.

Bavarians for Oktoberfest wear their national dress and compete in the amount of beer they drink during the day. The beer is accompanied by a no less tasty pork knuckle, sauerkraut, Bavarian sausages, etc. Book your hotel room in advance.


The main attraction of Bavaria - Neuschwanstein Castle

This castle, built in the second half of the 19th century, is located near the town of Füssen. It stands on a high cliff, so it appears as if it is floating in the clouds, symbolizing German romanticism. In German, the castle is called the New Swan Cliff.

The German Romantic King Louis II ordered this beautiful castle to be built, but he died before it was finished. Near Neuschwanstein is Swan Lake, thanks to which Tchaikovsky wrote the music for his famous ballet.


What to see in Bavaria?

And this castle was built during the lifetime of Louis II. He visited Versailles in France and decided to build something similar in Bavaria. The palace is simply magnificent – it is a mixture of Baroque and Rococo architectural styles.

The park around the palace and the pond, of course, on a smaller scale than in Versailles, but made no less skillfully. In the Grotto of Venus, Louis II, who shunned people, listened alone to the great Wagner.

Bavarian Alps

The Alps - a natural attraction in Bavaria

The foothills of the Bavarian Alps are near the town of Füssen. For tourists there is plenty of room: the magnificent palaces and castles, clear mountain lakes, picturesque alpine villages, ski resorts, peace and quiet.

You can go here for a week to explore the Bavarian Alps every day and admire their beauty. Thankfully the Alps in Bavaria stretched for 300 km. The highest local mountain reaches a height of almost 3,000 meters.

Royal Lake Königsee

Royal lake Königsee - Bavaria

This is the most beautiful lake in the Bavarian Alps, on which tourists can ride on boats with electric motors. In the name of the purity of the lake, internal combustion engines are strictly prohibited here. The water in Königsee is the cleanest in Europe.

The water temperature in this glacial lake even in summer is about +17C, so only Russians swim in it. On the shore, you can sit down at local restaurants, sample freshly caught trout and drink the ubiquitous Bavarian beer.


Hohenschwangau - a castle in Bavaria

King Louis II spent his childhood in this castle. It stands opposite Neuschwanstein Castle. You can approach the Hohenschwangau by a suspension track built in honor of Louis II’s mother Mary. It is located above a mountain stream at an altitude of over 90 meters.

This castle was built on the ruins of a medieval fortress on the orders of the father of Louis Maximilian II. Inside the castle are many frescoes depicting fearless and amorous kings and knights of the Middle Ages. That’s how Ludovic grew up.

Bavarian Forest

Attractions in Bavaria: pictures and descriptions

This large national park is a natural attraction in southern Bavaria and all of Germany. Here live rare and endangered animals in Europe: deer, lynx, wolves, otters, etc. All the necessary conditions for a full life are created for them.

The park is a must-see in Bavaria. Here at 25 meters above the ground is a special path made of dry pine trunks. Walking along them, you can observe the life of animals without disturbing them in any way.


Bavaria - what is a must-see?

What can children see in Bavaria? Legoland Park, of course. Your little ones will get a lot of wonderful emotions and will surely be grateful to you. This park is located near the town of Gunsburg and covers a large area.

There are many interesting rides and huge figures, built from LEGO parts. Your child can become a pirate or a knight, a king or a pioneer. If you don’t have time to go through all of Legoland in a day, you can spend the night in a nearby village.

Video overview of attractions in Bavaria

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