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Magdeburg sights

The main city of the federal states of Saxony-Anhalt is Magdeburg, whose sights remain a unique testimony to the history of German Romanticism in architecture. Among the many interesting places to visit, there are several of the most iconic, which should not be missed.

Top 8 attractions in Magdeburg

Magdeburg had a prominent position in Germany and medieval Europe and patronized talented architects, artists, sculptors and craftsmen, which could not but affect its appearance.

The monastery and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Mary

St. Mary's Monastery and Cathedral in Magdeburg

The construction of these jewels of medieval architecture took place in the 11th-13th centuries. Miraculously survived the fire of many cataclysms monuments of ancient architecture occupy an important place in the tourist route to Germany “Road of Romanticism”, which tourists seek to see in Magdeburg. The relief composition of the portals and the carved oak entrance are the object of admiration for many tourists.

The mesmerizing sounds of the organ pipes greet the guests, woven into a harmonious composition with the aura of Gothic architecture.

The old market square with the town hall

Magdeburg sights - Old Market Square with Town Hall

The Early Baroque 17th-century building is located in the “secular” part of town. At the entrance stands the legendary guardian of Magdeburg – Roland under the cover of a vestment of stone. In those distant years, the inhabitants believed that the best way to protect them from epidemics and the invasion of enemies was to have a hero-knight. The monument, erected in 1240, is unique in that it was the ancestor of isolated statues in Germany. Roland identified with the highest justice for the townspeople.

Magdeburg Rider

Magdeburg Rider - attractions

This world-famous rider appeared in the same year as the installation of the keeper. The prototype for its creation was the legendary Kaiser Otto I. The original Magdeburg landmark was placed in the cultural-historical museum in the mid-1960s. The sculptor Heinrich Apel was commissioned to make a copy, which can be admired by visitors and residents on the square.

We can say that the Horseman has become a kind of business card of Magdeburg.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Catherine and Mauritius

St. Catherine and Mauritius Cathedral

The most famous structure, in conjunction with Imperial Square (Kaiserplatz), revered as the center of the “Third Rome”. Built on the “cathedral rocks” Magdeburg Cathedral, according to historians and chroniclers, is the oldest building and a true symbol, which is associated with a huge number of legends and tales.

One of Germany’s oldest churches looks particularly unusual in the evening, striking in its splendor and perfection of lines.

Rotehorn Park

Magdeburg: Attractions - Rotehorn Park

It belongs to the most luxurious and picturesque parks in Germany. The landscape of the English type was created on one of the islands of the Elbe in the 19th century, a major merchant and philanthropist Adolf Mittag. A convenient bus or streetcar ride will take everyone to this favorite area for most Magdeburgers. And, if you want to admire the beauties of the city on the way, you can reach this place in just a half-hour walk from the Old Market Square.

The Tower of Sts. Bows

Magdeburg - St. Luke's Tower

In the first decades of the thirteenth century, a citadel was erected in the northeastern part of the fortress for the city’s defense wall. After centuries of service to protect the city from enemies, this landmark in Magdeburg has taken on a very peaceful purpose. An exposition devoted to the life and scientific research of Guericke is nestled inside the former bastion. The name itself is derived from the artistic union of the same name.

The Green Citadel

The Green Citadel in Magdeburg

Architect Hunderswatter based his idea on the desire to create a unique corner of living riot of nature and an atmosphere of warm humanity among the clutter of modern standard houses. The entire roof is an incredibly luxurious garden. But the surface of the walls paradoxically dissonant with the name – all painted in exotic pink. For many years, its opponents and supporters have been arguing about such a bizarre compositional solution.

Weinkeller Buttergasse wine cellar and restaurant

Magdeburg sights - Wine Cellar

The most famous institution of this format in the city has for many years been one of the former workshops of the Magdeburg tannery. Everything in this amazingly comfortable room contributes to a good mood and has a special family atmosphere. Guests can view exhibits of completely free exhibitions, enjoy the delicacies of local culinary masters. There is always nice live music.

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