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Loutraki sights

Loutraki is a small resort town with many attractions, located almost in the center of Greece on the Ionian Sea. It is the oldest Greek resort, well known since the Antiquity for its hot mineral springs.

Top 8 attractions in Loutraki

In the mid-19th century, Greek doctors announced the healing properties of the local mineral waters, and Loutraki attracted settlers and tourists. But in the 1920s the city was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake. During the reconstruction of Loutraki, new earthquake-resistant houses were built, a large park was laid out, a kursaal with thermal springs was built, etc. Thus began the modern history of this magnificent young and ancient resort.


The waterfront of any resort is the center of its social life. Here, in the evenings, tourists take promenades, relax in outdoor cafes, visit restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine. Along the waterfront are hotels of 4 and 5 levels of stardom.

Loutraki Waterfront, Greece

Until late in the evening there is street music, a lot of people of all ages dancing and young people hanging out. The waterfront is the heart of Loutraki and you can spend your entire vacation around it and be perfectly satisfied with the resort, Greece and yourself.

Club Hotel Casino Loutraki

Gambling is allowed here. The local casino is one of the largest in Europe, it is always full of players. The casino is located in a five-star hotel built in the form of an ocean liner. The hotel is deep in a huge park.

Casino Loutraki, Loutraki (Greece)

The club hotel will also delight tourists with an excellent spa center. It is necessarily mentioned in local tourist brochures and pamphlets, as an architectural and historical landmark of Lurtaki, marked by numerous prizes.

The hotel has three excellent restaurants with excellent cuisine, its staff speaks many languages. The Temple of Apollo and the Corinth Canal have been located near the hotel for several thousand years. It is a place for tourists from the middle class and above.

Sanctuary of Hera near Perechora

According to historians, this sanctuary was built by the Greeks in the 6th century B.C. and on its site in even older times was a temple dedicated to the goddess Hera. Today it is an ancient ruin, located on the shore of the bay, which reeks of romance.

The Sanctuary of Hera near Perechora, a landmark near Loutraki

The sanctuary was rectangular in shape. It has a place where sacrifices to the ancient Greek gods were made. It is covered with slabs with triangular grooves for draining the sacrificial blood.

The sanctuary of Hera is remembered by many from the movie “300 Spartans.

Malagavi Lighthouse

This famous lighthouse was built at Cape Malagavi in the 19th century. It was designed to save ships and fishing boats from colliding with a local rock where sailors and fishermen were often swept away by the strong current.

Malagavi Lighthouse near Loutraki, Greece

The lighthouse is built of local white stone and has a beautiful emerald-colored dome. It has long been a symbol of Loutraki, one of the best attractions and a favorite of photographers. Not far from the lighthouse you can see the snow-white antique columns.

The Monastery of Sts. Potapia

This ancient convent stands on a mountain at least 1,000 meters above the sea. From the top of the mountain there is a wonderful view of the Corinthian Gulf and the city of Loutraki. To get to the monastery, you have to overcome a staircase with almost 150 steps.

St. Potapios Monastery in Loutraki, Greece

Local myths say: climb the stairs to the monastery and you will be rid of all sins. This is where St. John the Baptist lived and prayed centuries ago. Potapius, in honor of him the monastery is named. Fans of painting should come here for the Byzantine frescoes of the 12th century.

Thermal Springs

This is the most famous attraction of Loutraki. Healing waters rise to the surface of the earth from a depth of about a thousand meters. Passing through layers of rocks, this water accumulates a large number of trace elements and substances necessary for humans. The chemical composition of this water is no different from the mineral water from the world-famous French resort of Vichy. Bathing in the thermal springs of Loutraki and taking mineral water has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Loutraki Thermal Springs, Greece

The water has a wonderful therapeutic effect in the treatment of cardiac diseases, good influence on the restoration of fertility of women, great cleanses the skin, etc.

The temperature of the water in the springs is about +37C.


The unique springs make it possible to develop in Loutraki a whole system of spas with professional staff. There are entire complexes offering tourists high-quality spa treatments with excellent results. There are all kinds of swimming pools, whirlpool baths, saunas, baths, massage rooms, etc. in these water treatment complexes. For a fee, you can order special therapeutic procedures for yourself, but by doctor’s prescription.

Loutraki Spas, Greece

The most famous and popular spa center in Loutraki is located on the north side of the resort, near the mineral waterfall. It is a modern center, equipped with all the necessary medical technology and has many separate rooms for procedures.

Thermal waterfall

Another therapeutic attraction in Loutraki is the thermal waterfall. On the outskirts of the resort, leaving in the direction of Perehora, you can see this natural wonder. Near the waterfall for a long time built a cafe, and he himself is beautifully lit in the evenings.

A thermal waterfall near the resort of Loutraki in Greece

It’s a great place to go for a walk. You can admire the opening views of the resort and the shore of the Ionian Sea for a long time. A large marble pool was built at the bottom of the waterfall. Russian tourists are completely delighted with such a thermal spring. The water temperature in the pool is +32C.

Historians, specialists in Antiquity, believe that this ancient Greek city was visited by Alexander the Great and his warriors to heal their wounds in battle. There is no reason to consider it a myth.

Loutraki video tour

The place where there are springs to this day is called Therma in Greek, in ancient times it was a city. “Loutraki” in Greek means “thermal bath”. The Greeks were convinced that the gods loved Terma, and that the goddesses Artemis and Hera themselves protected her.

Loutraki sightseeing map

Loutraki sightseeing map, Greece

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