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Los Gigantes Resort in Tenerife

The Spanish island of Tenerife is famous for its excellent climate and wonderful conditions for carefree relaxing holidays. The main part of the budget brings the tourism business. There are several resorts, they flow smoothly into each other without clear boundaries. Los Gigantes is suitable for a quiet, relaxing holiday without the violent passions and noisy parties.

Features of Los Gigantes Resort

Los Gigantes, Tenerife

It is located at the foot of the mountain range, which creates a unique climate. The air is healing, the atmosphere is sedate, the flow of time is unhurried. The resort town is respectable even in small things. Hotel room prices are higher than the rest of the coast, but the views and service are better. The stores and shopping galleries are small, with originally decorated showcases and correct, unobtrusive salespeople. In cafes and small restaurants visitors are offered an extensive menu with a bias towards national, Mediterranean and European cuisine.

The main contingent of vacationers in Los Gigantes are couples, people seeking peace and privacy. There are few young people, as there is no special entertainment and busy nightlife in this part of the island.


Los Gigantes, Tenerife

The coast is covered with black volcanic sand, on most of the coastal strip of scattered rocks and swim can only be in a small area. It’s not crowded, just like the resort itself. Los Gigantes Beach is sometimes referred to as Playa de los Guillos on the map. It is perfectly equipped for a comfortable stay. Established sun loungers, umbrellas, a decent set of water entertainment.

The water in this part of the island heats up faster and better. The secret lies in the numerous rocks that act as huge batteries. From the heated under the tropical sun the heat goes down to the underwater part, giving it to the sea waves.

On the coast there is a unique natural basin formed by a tongue of solidified lava. The excavation is filled with seawater, protected on all sides by special fences that dampen the surging waves. The pool is located in the southern part of Los Gigantes Resort.

Los Gigantes Beach

Another small beach, Playa de la Arena, is especially loved by the resort’s older guests. Its gray-black sand is considered healing for sore joints and weak blood vessels. For the convenience of movement to the water are wooden decking. Working rental beach equipment. You can not admire the views, most of the hotels cover the mighty cliffs.

Playa de los Gigantes is considered a wild beach. It is not equipped, there are no protective structures and impressive waves almost constantly come ashore. But it is from here you have a stunning view of the cliffs, some of which rise to the sky for almost 600 meters.


The full power and beauty of this rock formation can only be appreciated from the observation deck of El Mirador Archipenque on the approaches to the resort area. Locals call them “the wall of hell. They rise almost steeply out of the water and go into the distance in a continuous band. Counting the number of protrusions is difficult. On the map of Los Gigantes Tenerife they are marked with a bizarrely jagged line. Hidden between them are quiet, cozy coves.

Los Gigantes Attractions

There are no architectural or historical monuments on Los Gigantes. The main richness of the resort is the magnificent nature, majestic cliffs and endless sea expanses.

Masca Village - Los Gigantes

The main tourist attraction is considered to be the high-mountain village of Masca, which was closed until recently. According to one version, the pirates hid their looted treasure there. According to another, the village was the last refuge of locals that no one knew about until the road between Buenavista del Norte, and Santiago Del Tate, was built. Charming lodges remain there, some have become family restaurants serving national dishes and souvenir shops.

Another place to visit during a vacation in Los Gigantes is the observation deck, located near the port. It offers a majestic panoramic view of the city itself, the surrounding area and the horizon of the sea with numerous sails of yachts, similar to strange butterflies, half-folded bright wings.

Entertainment in Los Gigantos

There are no nightclubs and spectacular shows at the resort. Tourists are offered:

  • diving and primary training in the art of diving;
  • great fishing;
  • boat trips with an opportunity to watch dolphins and whales;
  • kayaking.

How do I get to Los Gigantes?

There are no direct connections from the airport to Tenerife. There are buses to the bus station Costa Adeje, and from there you must change to another flight to the resort town. The method is not very convenient, because you have to wait during the transplanting process. It is much more comfortable to rent a car or call a cab from the airport. In this case the travel time will be reduced to 50 minutes.

The vacation will be remembered for its tranquil atmosphere, luxurious nature and the amazing rock massifs of Los Gigantes.

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