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Loro Parque in Tenerife

The most hospitable island of the Canary archipelago is also the most expansive. Tenerife is called the island of eternal spring, for its climatic characteristics and the luxury of tropical nature. Among the attractions of Loro Park holds a special place. You can spend a whole day in it without noticing the passage of time.

The island is known as a major Spanish resort. Despite its small size, the number of vacationers on it is large, and for the noisy parties and lots of entertainment more suitable for the southern areas, for contemplative rest and enjoy the silence – the northern. But everyone wants to visit the zoo in Tenerife, known as Loro Parque.

Structure and performances in Loro Parque

If you consider the location of Loro Park on a map of Tenerife, you can see that it covers an impressive area of 135. The area of the island’s north is shaped like a slightly deformed square, where the protruding part is a pool for orcas.

Loro Park, Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)

The park began with one parrot given as a birthday present to a boy, Wolfgang Kissling. He grew up to become a successful businessman. German pragmatism successfully coexisted with a whole fountain of unusual ideas. When he came to Tenerife, he appreciated the beautiful climate and the good location of the island, he took into account the high attendance of tourists and drew attention to the abundance of birds, among which the vast majority were bright and energetic parrots.

Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain

Realizing that an ordinary zoo would quickly lose popularity, he decided to create a whole town where entertaining shows, souvenir sales, catering points and numerous inhabitants from penguins to monkeys would live.

Tenerife - Loro Park

The Parrot Park opened in 1972, it was constantly expanded, rebuilt and improved, becoming a complex where there are located:

  • penguinarium;
  • aquariums with sharks and jellyfish;
  • zoological garden;
  • the pool with the orcas;
  • orchid garden;
  • gorilla enclosures;
  • playground;
  • movie theater;
  • porcelain parrot museum.

Bearing in mind that interest is sustained by a constant change of impressions, the owner took care to organize a spectacular show. Their peculiarity is that each takes place several times a day. In total, there are 4 platforms, where various animals perform. The schedule of Loro Park shows is designed so that you can attend each one, taking time between shows to take a leisurely stroll or have lunch.

Loro Park, Spain - shows and animals

The performances of dolphins and seals are quite traditional, performed at the highest level. It’s interesting to see them, but only once.

All in all, a day in the park passes:

  • 5 shows with sea lions;
  • 4 – with dolphins;
  • 6 traditional performances with parrots;
  • 3 – with orcas.

To visit all the shows, you need to think in advance about the route and check the schedule of performances. It can be found at the general stand or in the free brochures at the entrance to Loro Park. Each show lasts about 20 minutes.

A show with orcas

They have been held since 2006, when the first orcas appeared in the purpose-built pools, and a powerful tail between a penguin and a parrot was added to the emblem. While the rest of the shows follow a well-established routine and can be a bit boringly predictable, the pool with predatory sea creatures is always lively.

Shows in Loro Park with Aquatic Animals

The artists are quite capricious, so they dictate how the show will be held, and the pool staff can only adjust to the difficult nature of the local stars. There are several shows throughout the day, each one unique and worth watching. Many visitors return here again, especially since there is no separate fee for viewing, it is included in the price of the admission ticket.

Paradise fridge

Loro Parque in Tenerife - schedule of animal shows

For penguins the climate of Tenerife is uncomfortable, but they do not know it. The penguinarium is considered the best in Europe and one of the largest in the world. For the comfort of the inhabitants snow cannons are installed, the optimum temperature is maintained and a truly royal meal is organized.

Inhabitants of the zoo

A unique spectacle opens at the gorilla enclosure. Seven huge powerful males spend their time peacefully in the cozy territory, absolutely no desire to find out who’s the boss in the house. They’re just lazy. There’s plenty of space and plenty of food, so all that’s left to do is meditate, lazily looking at the visitors fidgeting on the other side of the enclosure.

Animals in Loro Parque in the Canary Islands

In addition to gorillas, the park is home to marmosets, jaguars, tigers, red pandas, sloths, anteaters, and meerkats. Flamingos, cranes and herons, turtles feel at ease. In separately fenced enclosures you can watch crocodiles. They, too, are always full and very lazy.

The exception is the Japanese carps in the artificial pond at the entrance to Loro Park. Once you throw a piece of bread into the water, a real battle ensues. They feed the fish very well, but natural greed wins out.

How to get to Loro Parque in Spain

The emblem of the park is a parrot, there are more than 4 thousand of them, belonging to 350 species. Visitors are shown about 700 specimens. The performance with them is quite traditional, allows the older generation to remember their childhood, where the bright bird also pulled out a ticket with destiny and obediently swung on a small swing.

Ticket prices in Loro Park

Loro Park - Tenerife

The variety of experiences, convenient layout, colorful shows, and snack options make it possible to spend an entire day in the park. To enter the grounds, you need a ticket. The price for an adult is 38 euros, the price for children is 26 euros. There is another famous entertainment center in Tenerife called Siam Park. It is also made in oriental style and is very interesting to visit.

There is a single ticket for both parks, called a Twin Ticket, gives a small savings in cost.

Address and opening hours of Loro Parque

Loro Park - where is it, map

Official address: Avenida Loro Parque s/n. Knowing the location of Loro Parque in Tenerife, it is very easy to get there, especially since the island is relatively small. You can join a tour group or take a cab yourself.

Work begins at 8:30, admission to the area stops at 4 p.m., and the last visitors leave at 6:30 p.m. Then begins the feeding of the inhabitants, cleaning the aviaries and other daily chores, where an outsider’s presence is only a distraction.

Location on the map (interactive)

Reviews of a visit to Loro Parque

Alina, 29 years old:

We spent the whole day in the park with my son, and only came to our senses in the evening, because it was so interesting and comfortable. There is an area for games, a small cafe, the menu leaves much to be desired, but for a snack quite suitable. Loved the orcas and seals show, we noticed the stickers on the seats in time and went up higher, otherwise we would have left soaking wet.

Maxim, 42 years old:

A good, well-organized park. Kudos to the creator, thought out almost all the details. It was interesting to watch the parrots, they really are very cunning in their own way, instantly smell the benefits, have their own character. I enjoyed my time, I think that the price of the ticket is quite commensurate with the experience.

Video overview of Loro Park

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