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Liverpool Attractions

The county of Merseyside is home to the large city of Liverpool, which is rightly considered the cultural center of Great Britain. It was here that the legendary Britannic liner was launched many years ago. Liverpool is advised to visit for those who want to see the sights of Victorian-era England in person.

Top 8 attractions in Liverpool

Most people associate the city with the Beatles. But once you’re here, you realize there’s still a lot to see in Liverpool.

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral

The Catholic Cathedral, which won first place in the World Design Contest, is considered one of the city’s most visited attractions. The archbishop’s pulpit functions here, and parishioners are welcomed in the cozy church building. The son of the architect who built Big Ben designed the cathedral. The plan was to create a neo-Gothic temple unequaled in size and grandeur. World War II made adjustments, so most of the plans had to be abandoned.

Liverpool Cathedral, United Kingdom

Visitors note the beauty of the white altar in the center of the main hall, the pews, stained glass windows, and the many carved crosses.

The Chapel of Liverpool Cathedral was built later than the main building. A sculpture of the Risen Savior greets parishioners at the entrance.

Beatles Museum

The Beatles Museum in Liverpool

A man who doesn’t know what to see in Liverpool has probably never heard a song by a famous band. Fans believe that the Beatles museum brings popularity to the city, not the other way around. A room in the basement welcomes guests with the band’s musical compositions. The entrance depicts the faces of the musicians and the words “Welcome!” in many languages.

The Beatles Museum in Liverpool, England

Visitors walk through the rooms with the famous four, because every wall of the museum is decorated with figures of John, Ringo, Paul and George. You can use the audio guide in Russian to learn interesting facts about the life of musicians.

Royal Liver Building

Royal Liver Building in Liverpool

The Royal Liver Building skyscraper was built in 1911. At the beginning of the last century, the erection of such a building was considered an incredible idea. Many years later, it stands on the banks of the river, and UNESCO members carefully protect it from encroachment. The 13-story skyscraper is 90 meters high. The clock, which rises on one of the towers, is almost 8 meters in diameter. There are also Liverpool birds on each of the towers. The gaze of one is fixed on the city, the other on the sea. It is believed that these birds are sexually mismatched. The female is looking for a good-looking sailor, while the male is looking for a decent pub.

Locals believe that as soon as one of the birds flies away, Liverpool will cease to exist.

Tate Gallery Liverpool

Tate Gallery Liverpool, England

When visiting the attractions of Liverpool, be sure to take the time to see the exhibits of the City Gallery.

It was originally intended to preserve exhibits of British art, but today it has been divided into four separate offices:

  • creations of his contemporaries;
  • British Tate Gallery with paintings that have been created since 1500;
  • paintings by masters since 1900;
  • the work of artists who portrayed the Cornell neighborhood.

Tate Gallery Liverpool - a city landmark

Two branches are now located in London. The building of each museum is under state protection as a historical landmark liverpool one.

Speck Hall Country Manor

Speck Hall near Liverpool, UK

Speck Hall is an ancient Tudor estate that underwent many reconstructions before 1598. Since then, the appearance of the building has hardly changed. The red brick foundation, oak beams, and painted façade were a fine example of half-timbered technique. As in many old English buildings, there are secret passages and shelters in which members of the nobility hid at various times. Special openings allowed Queen Elizabeth to listen in on what the servants in the manor were saying.

Visitors note the incredible beauty of the garden, around the house. A separate attraction of the place are considered yew trees, which are from 500 to 1,000 years old. They are called Adam and Eve for being so old.

Halton Castle

The ruins of Halton Castle near Liverpool

The medieval English castle of Halton stands at the top of Halton Hill. The building is a World Heritage Site, despite the fact that there are virtually no reliable historical facts about it. It is believed that the idea for the creation belongs to the Frenchman Nigel, who was the first baron of the area. If you’re not too interested in exploring the ruins, you’re guaranteed to appreciate the view from the foot of the castle.

Albert Dock

Albert Doc in Liverpool

For many years Liverpool was the main port center of Great Britain. That’s why the docks are an important attraction to visit during the first days of the trip. Not all of them have survived, but there is a lot to see. At the end of the 19th century the building was equipped with many design innovations, atypical for that time. Numerous warehouses of enormous size held large loads. Today the docks are fully restored after the war and the warehouses have been turned into a modern complex of entertainment venues and museums.

Albert Dock, Liverpool, England

In the evening, the youth of liverpool one comes to the doc to sit in one of the pubs, trendy clubs or themed cafes. Along the bay laid walking paths and planted trees.

Goodison Park

Goodison Park Stadium is a Liverpool landmark

Goodison Park is considered the home arena for the English team Everton. The first games were played here more than a century ago. The capacity of the arena is 40500 people. After the reconstruction, a roof was built over the podium and the seats were made more comfortable.

Goodison Park is also considered a memorial complex. It’s hard to believe, but there are buried ashes of fans who did not want to part with their favorite team even after their death. On signs around the perimeter of the arena you can read their names.

Liverpool sights on the map

Video overview of Liverpool sights

The streets of Liverpool are conducive to walking. No matter how many times you come to this extraordinary city, there is always a place for a great time.

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