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Lázně Darkov – the Czech Republic balneological resort

Balneological Spa Darkov is one of the most popular health resorts in the Czech Republic. It is located near the Polish border, in the region of North Moravia. The resort is formed from the treatment building and the rehabilitation center. Its main focus is the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, although it also treats skin ailments and respiratory diseases. In addition, there is a special children’s department.

Rest and treatment in Darkov

Darkov - Czech RepublicFor vacationers there are all the necessary conditions, including whirlpools, swimming pools, tables for table tennis and billiards, tennis courts, sports fields and even a riding club. Walks in the local park significantly accelerate rehabilitation after treatment, and the beautiful scenery perfectly complements the extremely positive atmosphere that reigns on the territory of the resort.

The main advantage of these places is the healing iodobromine water. Not long ago, the treatment building was the only building in the spa, and only a couple of decades ago, another structure appeared here, playing the role of a rehabilitation center.

The therapeutic block consists of 8 separate sectors, where patients are accommodated, for which camphor conditions have been created, which meet the highest requirements. The buildings are located in a park with lined walkways. The functions of the rehabilitation center, which is located across the street and is, in fact, a sanatorium, include the recovery of patients after medical procedures and operations. Together the buildings form a single complex, where you can play sports, relax and sunbathe without leaving the health center.

To diversify leisure, many visitors Darkov, go to nearby cities such as Olomouc and Brno, where you can have a good time and see a lot of interesting sights. By the way, from Karvin you can take the railroad to Prague, which takes no more than five hours.

Climate and weather

Therapeutic Spa of the Czech Republic - Darkov

The climate here is warm and mild, which is typical of the middle zone. The short spring turns sharply into summer, and the romantic autumn quickly turns into winter. The fluffy snow blends in beautifully with the local landscape, and the lack of heavy frosts allows you to enjoy the clean, healing air.

In summer, the bright colors of nature reign here, diluted by the chirping of birds that have taken a fancy to the strong branches of the park’s trees. At all times of the year Darkov is an ideal place for relaxation and wellness treatment, so for many years it has enjoyed a strong reputation as one of the best balneological spas in the Czech Republic.

The resort is surrounded by picturesque landscapes consisting of wide meadows and green trees. The air here is extremely fresh and full of some positive energy, which nourishes all guests of the resort.

History of the origin of the Darkov Spa

Darkov - Czech Republic

The history of the resort began in the 2nd half of the 19th century. At that time, the inhabitants of the town of Carvina, where the resort is located today, discovered in a coal mine a fountain of water that had healing properties. After a short time, a small sanatorium was built near the spring, which from the first months of its existence began to be filled with numerous visitors. Many people wanted to experience the properties of the “magic water,” so soon the hotel building did not have enough rooms to accommodate all comers.

From 1895 to 1902, a number of hotels were built here, and the creation of the park area began.

Before World War II, the spa enjoyed great popularity, but during the war years changed its purpose and turned into a hospital. After peace was restored, the Darkovs were purchased by an influential aristocrat and the complex became a private property for a couple of years. Then it was returned to state ownership and even upgraded.

By the late 1980s, after the rehab center was built, Darkov’s popularity declined noticeably, due to the city’s limited budget. However, in 2003, when it was purchased by a private company, a flood of foreigners streamed into the city of Carvina. Today, the health complex is visited by thousands of people from Poland, Russia, Germany, Italy and France. Sometimes visitors even come here from North America and Asian countries.

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