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Kusadas sights

For those who are used to having fun not only during the day – a lot of nightclubs, restaurants and discos. But the city is famous not only for the entertainment industry. Kusadasi, the attractions of which are known and popular around the world, is worth a visit for lovers of antiquity and anyone interested in history.

Top 10 attractions in Kusadas

Kusadasi is a picturesque and very popular Turkish resort, located on the Aegean Sea. Unique original atmosphere, delicious and varied Mediterranean cuisine, comfortable hotels with excellent service – all this attracts many tourists.

Dilek National Park

Kusadasi - Dilek National Park

This place is called the “green lungs” of Kusadas. The park, which is actually a national reserve, has more than 800 plant species and a huge variety of animals and birds from all over the world, such as the Anatolian leopard, which can only be seen in Turkey. In addition to the magnificent exotic nature, on the territory of Dilek Park are two ancient ancient cities and a monastery.

Adaland Waterpark

Adaland Waterpark in Kusadasi

One of the largest water amusement parks in the country, located 5 km north of Kusadas. Steep slides in every sense, the highest of which bears the self-speaking name of “Kamikaze”, downhill speeds, safari park with three jumps surrounded by a river for rafting and many other attractions will appeal to fans of thrills.

While in the park, don’t forget to visit the dolphinarium. Every day there are exciting shows, where dolphins and seals successfully demonstrate their talents. In the territory of Adaland there is a unique marine park, where you can safely acquaint yourself with crocodiles, up close and personal with sharks in an iron cage, feed stingrays and just admire the beautiful tropical fish.

Pigeon Island

Kusadas attraction - Pigeon Island

One of the most visited places in Kusadasi, which is famous for its picturesque nature and underwater coral gardens. The theme of pigeons is very relevant in a city whose name translates as “island of birds. The island was once the habitat of many pigeons that flocked here for their seasonal nesting.

From time immemorial, Pigeon Island has served as an outpost for protection against attacks by foreigners. Here is an ancient fortress, which is considered the symbol of Kusadas. Many years ago it was seized by pirates, who took refuge in it, and was called the Pirate Castle. Currently there is a museum in the building of the fortress.

Cave of Zeus

Zeus Cave on the outskirts of Kusadas

The famous cave is located 28 km from Kusadas. Near its entrance you can see an olive tree, near which the old tradition of making a wish and tying a piece of cloth to the branch, so that it will certainly come true. Inside the cave there is a picturesque lake in which, according to ancient legend, Zeus himself bathed in the company of beautiful girls. These days there are also many who want to take a dip in the cool turquoise water.


The Ancient City of Miletus - Kusadasi

This popular attraction Kusadas represents the remains of what was once the largest and most vibrant city – home to many famous philosophers, scientists and architects of ancient Greece. It was home to a busy port, which was an important shipping center. During the Persian invasion the city was completely destroyed, later partially rebuilt. Miletus is also famous for its ancient theater building from the 4th century B.C., located on a high hill.


The ruined city of Ephesus near Kusadas

The beautiful ancient city was once a crossroads of many sea and land trade routes. Ephesus reached its greatest prosperity during the Roman Empire. The Goths, who invaded the city in the 3rd century, destroyed it, but the remaining monuments of architecture – the ancient temples, the library of Celsus, the theater, which today hosts music festivals – still amaze us with its grandeur and beauty. Near the town there is another attraction: Falcon Mountain with the House of the Virgin Mary, which is a Christian shrine.

Peony Mountain

Mount Peony - Kusadas attractions

The mountain, which offers a beautiful view of the Byzantine Wall, is located in a national park and is one of the most famous attractions in Kusadasi. The vegetation covering it is so rich and diverse that the mountain resembles a botanical garden. But Peony is famous not only for its amazing flora, but also for the famous Cave of the Seven Sleepers. According to legend, seven young men were martyred here during the persecution of Christians.


Caravan-Saray - Kusadasi

The building, built in the 16th century, served as a hotel where travelers and merchant caravans stayed. It had thick stone walls, tall towers and a cozy courtyard with beautiful fountains. Over time the building began to deteriorate, but the restoration of the 1960s fully restored the Caravan-Saray to its original beauty.

Modern tourists, as well as ancient foreign merchants, have the opportunity to relax here under the sound of fountains and birds singing, admiring the fascinating spectacle – “belly dancing” performed by Turkish dancers.

Trojan Fountain

Troyan Fountain - Kusadas attractions

The majestic architectural monument at Ephesus in honor of the Emperor Trojan dates back to the beginning of our era. The front of the fountain was once adorned with a huge statue of this ruler, but by now only part of the torso and the right leg are left of the monument. Here you can also see sculptural images of the goddess of love Aphrodite and satyrs.

Steam Locomotive Museum

Kusadasi: attractions - Steam Locomotive Museum

A place worth visiting for both adults and children. The museum is located in the village of Chalmyk near Ephesus, on the territory of the former depot. The exposition is famous for the largest collection of steam locomotives of different times. In addition to locomotives, you can also see passenger cars, both 1st class, with luxurious furnishings, and designed for the poorer strata of the population. The museum provides an opportunity to enter any steam locomotive or wagon and feel the atmosphere of bygone years.

Video overview of Kusadas sights

Each visitor of this place will find something to his liking. Lovers of shopping will not be left without useful acquisitions, divers will be able to admire the unusually rich underwater world, children, as well as adults, will enjoy visiting the water parks with dizzying attractions. Rest after such activities can be on the well-equipped beaches.

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