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Kola Beach in Goa

Among the beaches of southern Goa, there are several that stand out for their beauty and tranquility. This includes the Kola beach. It is not crowded, there are no noisy discos, flashy restaurants and water attractions. They come here for a quiet holiday in the surrounding luxury of tropical nature, away from the hustle and bustle of large resorts and an amazing sense of freedom.

Description of Kola Beach

At first glance, it seems that the beach consists of two independent parts. In fact, they are a unique complex created by nature itself. One part of the sandy strip is washed by the salty waters of the Andaman Sea, and the other by fresh water from a small clear lake where the river flows in. There are few locals on Cola Beach, they prefer the more crowded beaches, no prying and intrusive traders do not interfere with a quiet holiday on the beach in any model of bathing suit.

Secluded Kola Beach in Goa

The water in the coastal zone is much clearer than on other beaches, despite the rather impressive waves. Swimming in the lake is convenient when the sea waves rise.

Enter the water carefully, at the bottom of mixed cold and warm layers of water, the temperature changes can cause cramping.

The beach is divided into two parts by a rocky headland. The Great Cola stretches for almost a kilometer, while the small one occupies only 100 meters. Most of the vacationers prefer to return to their comfortable hotels, and by evening the shore is deserted.

Bathing conditions are not ideal. At the water’s edge, rocks of medium size and scatterings of small ones are scattered chaotically. Sand has interesting properties. In some places it is shallow and drafty, and after a few steps it becomes very light and begins to crunch underfoot.

Kola Beach in Goa, India

In southern Goa, Cola Beach is considered one of the most picturesque, as evidenced by the frequent camera crews appearing on the shore.

The choice of hotels for accommodation is small. The most popular is the Cola Beach Resort, which provides bed and breakfast. In the tent rooms the furnishings consist of a table, a bed and a fan.

Because of the remoteness from the settlements, the prices of food and services are overpriced, their quality is average.

The beach has its own category of admirers. It is attended by independent travelers who do not need the services of all kinds of intermediaries. Rooms are booked in advance, for a comfortable stay, tourists stocked in advance umbrellas from the sun, mats and beach shoes.

How to get to Kola Beach

Kola Beach on the map, overview

According to the tourist map of Goa, there is no public transport to Kola Beach. In reality, you can only take a cab or a rented vehicle. The price of a trip from Agonda will be 200 rupees, from Palolem 400. There are parking lots near the cafe area.

Going north of Agonda, the most convenient and economical mode of transport for such trips would be a scooter. High speed is not necessary, you can easily miss the turn signal, half hidden behind the tree branches.

Kola Beach on a map of Goa

Reviews of Kola Beach

Christina, 29 years old:

After Palolem, Kola seemed like heaven. We stayed here overnight and enjoyed the sunset and the magnificent starry sky. The most interesting thing was to compare the feeling of swimming in the sea and the lake, only the cold springs in it quickly reduced the pleasure of bathing to almost nothing. The shore is clean, although we did not see when it was cleaned and who was keeping order. There were no noisy companies. We saw almost no one at all, except for a few people sunbathing on the other side by the big rocks. We had a wonderful rest in peace and quiet. Warned of the prices, we took water and everything we needed with us. I had to spend a lot for dinner, but the dishes were quite edible, just a lot of pepper and spices. I loved this beach, it really is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, and we’ve been to six in the southern part of the state.

Natalia, 43 years old:

We arrived in the morning for the sake of interest and stayed all day. It’s good that we went by rented car. They were completely free to move around. We put her by the neck and didn’t care about transportation until the evening. We didn’t want to leave, the coast is very beautiful and quiet. The proximity of the lake and the sea was lovely, we walked and swam on both sides of the beach. Stones near the shore interfere a little, but if you enter the water carefully, it’s not a big deal. It’s very beautiful around here, lots of greenery and shade. We wandered along the paths under the palm trees, looked at the hotels. For some reason, they did not arouse much confidence, the prices are high, and we did not notice much comfort. That’s how they left to spend the night at their place.

Kira, 21 years old:

Before the trip, I often found praise about Kola Beach in Goa. It was kind of boring. Of entertainment only a boat ride on the river and endless sunbathing. After lunch, I drove back to Agonda. But the pictures really turned out great, like in the movies about paradise islands away from civilization.

Video overview of Kola Beach

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