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Ko Myton Island near Phuket

In Thailand, there are many interesting places that are rightly called paradise. If you are not tempted by the noise and bustle, you want to hear the silence, seasoned with the rustle of waves, it is worth a trip to one of the islands, in abundance scattered near Phuket. Mighton Island is a private area where vacationers await stunning nature, white sand and almost universal tranquility. There is one peculiarity – a day here is allowed a strictly specified number of tourists with the condition of complete cleanliness and order.

The beauty of pristine nature on Ko Myton

This small but quite famous in tourist circles island is only 9 km from Phuket. But you should consider that you can set foot on the shore only as part of the tour, it is considered elite and is not cheap. The atmosphere is similar to the Similan Islands. Here, too, the purest fine sand, pleasantly flattering bare feet, warm calm sea and luxurious vegetation. The water is crystal clear, with an azure hue.

Basic Entertainment:

  • beach vacation;
  • walks along the shore;
  • snorkeling.

People come to the island of Mayton for the silence, beauty and an amazing feeling of unity with nature in the relative privacy.

On one side is a rocky ridge. These are ideal conditions for diving and exploring a variety of sea life in its natural environment. For those who do not know how to handle flippers and snorkel, offer walks on a boat with a transparent bottom. The opposite part is simply created for beach holidays. The sand is fine, very light, sandy strip stretches far, dividing into two beaches. One small, practically family-oriented. The second is much larger and is almost 750 meters long, both have a very smooth entrance to the water.

You can sit directly on the sand, spread out a towel, rent a sun lounger or use the sitting deck chairs, this service is free. Near the beach there is a toilet and shower.

During the walk it’s worth going up to the observation deck. It gives an almost all-round view, on clear days you can see Phuket well.

There are offsite marriage ceremonies on the island. The gazebo for this purpose is between the pier and the small beach.

Terms and Conditions for Visiting Myton Island

Ko Myton Island

Come for a holiday here can be at any time of year, but with the observance of certain rules. Restricted access immediately put tours in the VIP category.

The area was inaccessible to tourists, this restriction was removed relatively recently.

Until 2015, Myton Island was visited by the local elite and nobles of neighboring countries, meetings were held “without ties,” as reminded by the helipad. Later an agreement was reached to partially open this corner to the public. Permit issued to 2 travel companies with a limit of no more than 200 people per day. There is a hotel, but it doesn’t work, being in a dilapidated state after the 2004 tsunami. In the far-reaching plans of tour operators there are two-day excursions, but so far it’s all at the stage of dreams. But there is a swimming pool with fresh water.

Excursion to Myton Island

After the first raptures over the beauty and splendor of nature subside, it’s time to consider your recreational options. It’s enough to make the day go by unnoticed.


Equipment rental is included in the cost of the tour. The coral reef close to the shore offers amazing opportunities to explore the species that live in the shallow waters.


Not far from the shore is a special tent, you can eat at any time. Lunch consists of several dishes, including seafood barbecue. The level of food depends on the type of tour purchased: economy or VIP. Morning tea with sweets is offered to all guests of the island.

Walking with a visit to the observation deck

In the company of a guide the trip will be much more interesting, because it is then accompanied by entertaining stories about the personalities who visited this place in the past, projects for the future and the inevitable in such cases, legends. For example, about where the rabbits came from.

You can visit the island of Maiton purposefully, devoting it a whole day, or as part of a sightseeing tour, which assumes two more stops off the coast of Coral and Racha. To admire all the islands will be very short, the main attraction on such a trip will be snorkeling. The program “Pearls of Adaman in 1 day” will allow you to see even more islands in the vicinity of Phuket and get a lot of impressions. But there is a risk that they will just merge into one mottled band. Every season there are new offers, so be sure to ask about them to choose the most interesting option.

According to those who have seen Mighton Island, it is worthy to devote a whole day to it.

How do I get to Myton Island?

Departure from Phuket takes place from Cape Panwa, from Phuket Deep Sea Port. Independent travel to the island is prohibited, tourists are allowed access only as part of the tour. The composition of holidaymakers, as a rule, international. A small light snack is offered before the catamaran enters the sea. The travel time is about 15 minutes. There are no other alternatives to visiting Myton Island.

Island Location

on the map

Tips from experienced travelers

It is advisable to bring a towel, hat and sunscreen. If you buy a VIP tour, you don’t have to worry about anything else. Everything else, including drinks, constant access to the table and the comfort of the beach is already included. Another restriction applies to pregnant women. They are not taken aboard a boat or catamaran. And if the fact was concealed, but there was some trouble, the insurance is canceled. Be sure to bring your camera, the pictures on the island are considered some of the best in the category of tropical photo shoots.

Myton Island on the map is not difficult to find, given that it is very close to Phuket. Although it is not marked as a famous tourist attraction, a visit to it will be a great pleasure.

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