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Ko Lanta Island in Thailand

Tourism in Thailand is one of the most important items of income, so vacationers are treated with attention and respect. This extends to the mainland and the many islands. The most famous for Russian tourists remain Phi Phi and Phuket. European travelers are more popular tours to the island of Koh Lanta. There’s beautiful nature and well-developed infrastructure. Holidaymakers are waiting for entertainment, loud discos, relaxing on the long beaches or leisurely strolls along the edge of the surf.

Ko Lanta Weather

The resort belongs to the year-round. On the island of Koh Lanta in Thailand, the year is divided into two seasons. High or dry begins in November and ends in April. The temperature of the air and water vary by only 2-4 degrees, holding steady at +29 – 32 ° C. January is the peak season with the largest number of vacationers. By February, there is a gradual decrease in temperature and the number of windless days.

Lanta Island, Thailand

May is considered the beginning of the rainy season. Despite the name, not much rain falls. Much worse, it starts high waves, which do not give a quiet beach holiday. During this period, tours are much cheaper, lower prices for accommodation and food. The maximum number of rainy days is in September, when up to 203.0 mm of rain can fall in 13 days.

The best months for a holiday are traditionally considered December, January and February. Most often, nature has unpleasant surprises for vacationers in June. Bathing season lasts without interruption, the exception is a few days in the summer months, when the high waves.

Description of Koh Lanta Island

The geographic name extends to a whole group of islands, 2 of them large, the rest are officially uninhabited areas of land. In total, there are about 50 of them in the archipelago.

The island of Koh Lanta in Thailand belongs to the province of Krabi and is located very close to the mainland. On the map, Lanta Noi Island is closer to the mainland, but it is not equipped for recreation.

Ko Lanta, Thailand

The benefits of civilization are located on the far side, which is 25 km long, 6 wide, an area of 81 km². It is fully consistent with the idea of classic tropical islands. The boundless ocean gently lapping on the fine sand of the beaches, the environment inspires serenity, worries fade into the background and worries gradually dissolve in the rays of the generous sun. Removed from the megacities, advertising and abundance of shopping centers, the island creates the illusion of solitude. In fact, from it if necessary, it is easy to get to Krabi Town and Trang, Phuket.

The name of the resort in the language of the locals sounds like “island of long beaches.

This applies more to the west coast, the so-called tourist area. To the east are the homes of local residents. They engage in fishing, farming, and raising poultry. After increasing the number of vacationers they have a new source of income. Now excursions to the villages are organized with demonstrations of folk dances and rituals, selling souvenirs, jewelry and amulets.

Ko Lanta - reviews

When they call the resort Lanta, they mean a big island.

It is located the necessary components for a comfortable stay:

  • hotels;
  • bungalows;
  • stores;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • clubs;
  • equipment rentals.

Nearby is the second of the large islands in the Andaman Sea, Lanta Noi, they are connected by a bridge. So far, we have to take a ferry to the mainland, as there is no other connection between them.

The strip of beaches, where it is convenient to swim, is almost 30 km, is concentrated in the western part, the opposite side does not have the same splendor, but there are areas of local residents. Many houses are built in the water on stilts, allowing people to avoid high land taxes.

Ko Lanta Island, Thailand

Reviews about the island of Ko Lanta are excellent, but they often mention the difficulty of mobile movement in the area. The thing is that there is practically no public transport there. For trips offered bikes for rent, an alternative is a motorcycle cab – tuk.

When choosing a place to stay should first choose the most attractive beach and look for a hotel near it, so then do not have to make long walks under the scorching sun to the water and back. Some beaches are crowded, especially during the season, so it’s worth considering the recommended subtleties of staying at the resort and looking at a few options.

By the way, sometimes right behind the strip of sand in the shade of trees there are bungalows that are rented for any length of time. They are not as comfortable as hotel rooms, but are much cheaper, closer to water and are built from environmentally friendly material.

Ko Lanta Island in Thailand

The peculiarity of the resort is the absence of large shopping centers and markets. Necessary food, clothing and shoes can be bought in a few small minimarkets. For larger purchases will have to go to the mainland, using the ferry.


Russian tourists have not yet fully appreciated the charms of Koh Lanta, so meet here compatriots are unlikely. Most vacationers come here on their own, it involves a lot of freedom to choose the hotel, excursions and ways of spending time. Nocturnal entertainment on the island a little, rest on Ko Lanta prefer sedate people, couples with children. Young people often choose bright Bangkok or Phuket full of nightclubs, discos and bars.

Of entertainment present rent kayaks, diving, excursions. There are cafes and restaurants, there are several discos in the village of Saladan.

In low season, recreation prices drop significantly, but you can swim and sunbathe almost all year round. The temperature is almost the same throughout the seasons and stays on the level of +28-32 degrees.


These include the lack of large supermarkets. Transport connections also leave much to be desired, both internal and external. To get to the island is problematic, you have to change several times to different modes of transport and pass through the island of Lanta Noi.

Tours of this resort are sold rarely and not in all travel agents. The direction is new, it opened only in 1990, and there is no thorough work yet.

Not all beaches are equally comfortable for swimming, we have to choose the most comfortable place, and then think about options for accommodation.

On the other hand any minus can be turned into a plus and vice versa, it depends on the point of view of the situation.


Lanta Island

The undoubted advantage of the resort is affordable accommodation, meals and services. Not spoiled by the large number of tourists and visiting celebrities, Ko Lanta welcomes every visitor.

There is a fee to enter the island. They charge 10 baht to keep the pier and surrounding area clean. The ferry fare is 200 baht. Renting a bike costs 200, a local cab ride, more like a motorcycle with a sidecar – about 30 baht per 1 km. The road from one beach to the other is estimated at 100-120 baht.

Accommodation in a bungalow on the beach in different seasons ranges from 400 to 550 baht per day, a hotel room will cost more. The price depends on the level of comfort and the availability of additional services.

The Beaches of Ko Lanta

The Beaches of Ko Lanta Island in Thailand

There are no intrusive traders, only the quiet splash of the waves and the gentle gray-white sand with almost no shells and stones.

  1. Klong Nin is popular, near the shore almost immediately begins to deep, so that it is not suitable for swimming children, but for scuba diving is quite comfortable.
  2. The northernmost, Kor Kwang beach, reads the best, which confirms its crowdedness. The proximity of the city did not affect its cleanliness. The water is clear and the sand is clean and pleasant to the touch.
  3. Another popular beach, Klong Dao Beach, stretches for 3 km. in a southerly direction. It combines good facilities and quiet.
  4. The longest beach is Pra Ae Beach. 5 km. white sand, easy entrance to the water, gentle shore and excellent conditions for long secluded walks.
  5. Klong Khong Beach is the most populous in the literal sense of the word. At a distance of 300-400 meters from the water lined bungalows, a little further a few hotels. Convenience lies in the possibility of choosing a place to stay in close proximity to the beach. A little confused by the rocky shoreline on most of the coastline.
  6. Kantiang Beach is ideal for diving. Amazing coral reefs, a large number of colorful fish and other marine life, the relative privacy and crystal clear water create all conditions for underwater travel.

Attractions on Ko Lanta

According to reviews, the island of Ko Lanta in Thailand has no special sites to see. Excursions to mangrove groves and visits to native villages are of some interest.

The sights of the island of Ko Lanta in Thailand

It is interesting to go to the village of Saladan, wander through the night market, have lunch at a restaurant with a fine marine menu, admire the unusual houses on stilts, to buy the necessary small things in the store and pharmacy, book a field trip to one of the many agencies.

Locals are revered by buyers who can haggle, so it’s worth trying to bring down the price. It usually succeeds even when you book a tour.

Travel is offered:

  • to the Old City;
  • Chao-le gypsy village;
  • “Tiger Cave;
  • on an ancient lighthouse.

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Make sure to take the time to visit the caves of Khao Mai Khaew. They make up a whole complex. One has an amazing lake, the others have stone sculptures, each with a legend or touching story associated with them.

Independent walks in the cave are forbidden, the movement is possible only with a guide.

Orchid farm will allow you to plunge into the world of beauty, will introduce a huge number of plants of this family. It will surprise you with information that some species are edible and medicinal. On the way out, they sell fragrant orchid extracts in small samplers. Nearby is a butterfly garden, tickets to visit are purchased separately.

Where to Settle in Ko Lanta – Locations and Types of Accommodations

Local laws prohibit the construction of buildings above plants on the island of Ko Lanta. Therefore, the most common type of housing remain bungalows near the beaches, inexpensive gesthouses in the village of Saladan. The choice of hotels is in the western part, where a room with air conditioning costs 800 baht, less comfortable rooms are rented for 550, in the south of the island, the cost increases several times.

Koh Lanta, Thailand

The most affordable hotels:

  • Sea Sand Sun Resort, Lanta Island;
  • Twin Lotus Resort;
  • Lanta Sand Resort;
  • Pimalai Resort;
  • Long Beach Chalet;
  • Pinky Bungalows.

Almost all hotels provide free parking and Wi-Fi. The complexes are mostly one-story, with open verandas, pools and cozy umbrellas. There are spas, massage parlors, and bars with a wide range of smoothies and freshly squeezed juices.

Away from the stores and beaches, guest houses offer rooms with a fan for 400 baht. Prices vary according to the number of vacationers and depending on the season.

How to get to Ko Lanta?

How to get to Koh Lanta Island?

On the map of Thailand, the distance to Ko Lanta is short, but there is no direct flight. From the airport in Phuket, Krabi or Bangkok there is a comfortable minivan to the pier with a ferry to the island. In high season, ferries run twice a day from Krabi to Ban Sala Dan. Boatmen and cab drivers are already on duty at the pier to take you to any beach or hotel.

You can take the overland route by booking a seat on the bus from Krabi or Trang. It takes longer and the roads are far from perfect.

Ko Lanta on a map of Thailand (interactive image)

Lost in the vastness of the Andaman Sea island is gradually gaining popularity among the resorts of Thailand. It has a kind of charm, characterized by the unhurried flow of time and a special serenity. Its proximity to the mainland offers excellent opportunities for sightseeing and shopping. Beach vacation favorably with a large selection of beaches and a relatively small number of vacationers on some of them. The trip will bring amazing experiences and satisfaction from a pleasantly spent vacation.

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