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Kemer sights

Turkish resort town of Kemer is known among tourists not only for its beautiful beaches and azure sea, but also for the interesting places that are in the city and its surroundings. Everyone will find among them interesting for themselves. After all, Kemer offers attractions of all kinds: natural, cultural, recreational and historical.

Top 17 attractions of Kemer

Kemer is a famous port city and resort in Turkey, located in Antalya on the Mediterranean Sea, it is part of the Turkish Riviera. What to see in Kemer by yourself, what interesting sights are there?

Today we will tell you about the most popular places of the resort, which can be visited alone or as part of tour groups.

Burning Yanartash Mountain

Burning Yanartas Mountain - Kemer

For many thousands of years, this mystical mountain attracts tourists wishing to see an unusual spectacle. She is called a chimera, Yanartash is sung by ancient writers and poets in myths and legends. The top of the mountain is decorated with tongues of fire, caused by natural gas coming out of the crevices. The dance of fire is fascinating and mesmerizing. At dusk, you will see a fantastic and unreal spectacle: many tongues of flame bursting out of the ash-gray rock.

Small and large lights have been dancing an amazing dance of fire for centuries, attracting tourists here. Some visitors try to put out the tongues of fire, and they sometimes succeed, as the natives say, the fire will appear in the same place only after some time. It is interesting that near each flame lies a pile of ash, although there is absolutely nothing to burn on the bare rock. Climbing up the rocky road to the top will also not leave tourists indifferent, you will be accompanied by hundreds of glow-worms flickering in the darkness and the noise of the pine forest.

It is believed that those who visit this place burn out all the worries, resentments and sorrows.

The Ancient City of Aricanda

The ancient city of Arikanda - the sights of Kemer

The city is located in a beautiful valley, surrounded by coniferous forest on the slope of Falcon Mountain. A city had already been built here in the 5th century BC. Visitors today are still amazed by the skills and capabilities of the ancient builders. The city had its own sewage system, not inferior to modern ones. In ancient Aricanda there were beautiful cobblestone streets, and most surprisingly, they have remained intact to this day.

The entire city is built on terraces and connected by stone staircases. And recently, archaeologists dug up the city’s amphitheater, which has unique acoustics. You can visit the ancient city using the services of buses and cabs, or as part of a tourist group.

Beldibi Caves

Beldibi Caves - Kemer

One of the popular and famous places of Turkey, located in the vicinity of Kemer – Beldibi caves. It is a complex of several caves, located in the middle of coniferous forests. In ancient times, these caves were used by man as shelter and refuge from predatory animals and bad weather. Famous Beldibi large variety of cave paintings of ancient people. And also found tools and household items of the time.

During the tour the tourist will feel here a real archaeologist or an expert in the study of the history of the ancient world.

Demre (Mira)

Kemer attractions - Demre (Mira)

The ruins of this ancient city, attract tourists from all over the world. Demre was called before Mira and was created in the 5th century BC. Replace it in the world by the fact that in it lived, preached and was buried Orthodox Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. It turns out that it was after his death that miraculous healings began to occur in the world, which is why they named Nicholas the Miracle Worker. And despite the fact that in the 10th century the relics of the saint were taken away to Italy, the miracles in the city have not ceased. The residents then began to believe that the monks then deliberately pointed to the wrong grave. Many believe that even today Nicholas the Wonderworker rests in Demre.

Albia Park.

This wonderful park was opened to the public just ten years ago. It is located by the sea, decorating the city with greenery, sculptures and fountains. The park has a great design, especially the Chinese ponds with bridges.

Albia Park in Kemer, TurkeyYou can come to “Albia” together with your children and spend the whole day here on the children’s playgrounds, attractions, as well as various simulators for adults. You can go to a cafe to have a little snack and relax in the shade.

Tahtaly Mountain

Tahtali Mountain in Kemer

The sights of Kemer never cease to amaze. There is even a mountain of gods. To get to the top of Mount Tahla (Olympus) can be done by every tourist. All you have to do is climb 2,500 meters up in a cable car. You are like in a fairy tale in a few minutes you get from the subtropics to a real snowy winter. It is said that it was on this mountain that the Olympic gods met.

Nature in these places is striking in its beauty. And standing at the top you can clearly see the ruins of an ancient city at the foot of the mountain. You can reach the mountain on your own by rented car or bus from Kemer.

Yoryuk Park

Kemer sights - Yoryuk Park

This ethnographic museum-park is located directly under the open sky. He recounts the life of the local nomadic Yoruk tribes. It reproduces the dwellings of these people (yurts), as well as their households. There are even mills and real looms in the park. It introduces the traditional cuisine of nomads. At the same time you will have the opportunity to sit like a sultan on a carpet and a down pillow, because nomads did not have the usual tables and chairs today.

On an excursion to York Park, children won’t be bored with the chickens, goats, sheep, and other pets that live there.

Geinyuk Canyon

Kemer - Geynyuk Canyon

Canyon on the coast of Kemer invariably attracts tourists with its amazing scenic beauty. Steep multicolored cliffs, rushing mountain stream, blue lake – is it not a place for a quiet rest and a beautiful photo shoot?

Traveling through the canyon Geinyuk you have the opportunity to see a variety of landscapes: mountains and forests, rocks and lakes. From the mountain top you can see a mesmerizing panorama of the Mediterranean coast. The canyon is located in the middle of a national nature park and can be accessed on foot along deserted forest paths.

The ancient city of Olympos

These are the ruins of another ancient city of Lycia, located in the vicinity of Kemer. It was built later than Phaselis, and in the 2nd century AD. both cities together became part of the Lycian League. At the beginning of our era, Olympos also fell under the power of ancient Rome.

The ancient city of Olympos near KemerMany centuries later, the city became part of Byzantium. However, its Golden Age soon fell into oblivion, and the population gradually left Olympos. Today it is a famous museum, popular with tourists, although not as well maintained as Faselis.

The ancient city of Olympos near KemerHere you can see the ruins of fortress walls, the remains of a beautiful colonnade and the ruins of the ancient theater, built in the Roman style and overgrown with local vegetation. Admission to the museum is paid, and the services of a guide are offered.

Cape Helidonia

Kemer: attractions - Cape Helidonia

The cape cuts deep into the Mediterranean Sea. History tells us that as early as the ancient Lycians made a path leading to its summit. This is where you can see the most beautiful panorama of the surroundings today. This place is popular with fans of camping, because here you can enjoy the silence and unspoiled nature. There is a lighthouse on the cape, built in the 20th century.

For romantic dates there is a secluded bay with white sand and azure sea. And the locals are happy to tell you a horror story about a sea monster that sunk ships. And indeed, the bottom of the bay still holds their remains.

Dolu SU Water Park

Dolu SU Waterpark in Kemer

If you are bored with the historical and natural attractions near Kemer, go have fun! One of the popular attractions at the resort is the new Kemer water park “Dolu SU” (“full of water”). It is located in the middle of the beautiful Dolusu Nature Park. Water park will delight you with a large number of water slides for all tastes for adults and children.

Many people will love the beautiful wave pool. If the sea is bored with the constant calm, there is a great opportunity to rock on the waves. For children there is a children’s water park with small slides and a playground. Its design is reminiscent of the architecture of oriental fairy tales.

Gedelme Fortress

Gedelme Castle - a Kemer landmark

This is not just a fortress, but an entire historical complex. On the territory of Gedelme is a beautiful park. On the way to the park you will pass by the village of the same name, you will pass an old bridge. Visitors will be interested in the ancient Roman fortress Gedelme. Near the castle there are two other natural attractions: a sycamore tree, which is more than 1,000 years old, and an ancient cave. Mountain scenery, picturesque gorges and the beauty of local places will not leave visitors indifferent.

The Ancient City of Phaselis

It is one of the oldest cities, once belonging to the ancient state of Lycia. It was founded in the 7th century BC and today its ruins are located a few kilometers from Kemer in the middle of a beautiful pine and cedar forest.

The ancient city of Phaselis near KemerIn Antiquity it was a rich trading city with three harbors. Phaselis was originally owned by the ancient Persians, then it became part of the Athenian maritime alliance. In the 3rd century B.C. Alexander the Great himself came here.

The ancient city of Phaselis near KemerLater Phaselis fell under the rule of ancient Rome, then became part of the Lycian League, survived the invasion of the Arabs, and became part of Byzantium. In the 12th century, Faselis was conquered by the Turks. The current ruins date from the 8th century and are now an open-air museum.

Ataturk Square

This is Kemer’s main square, named after the father of the modern Turkish nation. In the center of it stands a monument to Mustafa Ataturk, who releases a dove of peace into the sky. In front of it on the marble floor there are fountains and a white tower, the symbol of the city.

Ataturk Square in KemerThe boulevard runs along the local beach, with new five-star hotels on its left, followed by numerous stores, boutiques, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. On Mondays, a large market opens on the boulevard.

The boulevard stretches across Kemer, is its main pedestrian street. Many tourists and citizens gather here in the evenings to see the sights, relax in the cafes and just talk.

Liman Jadesi

And this is another pedestrian street in Kemer, which intersects with Ataturk Boulevard. This is the local Arbat, on it you can see a lot of stores, souvenir shops, as everywhere in Turkey, offers a variety of products made of leather.

Cadesi Liman in KemerLiman Jadesi is a great place for shopping. Here you can buy Turkish hookahs and interesting copper items that will decorate your home and will remind you of your trip to Kemer. Traditionally, street artists and musicians can be seen here.

Kugulu Park

This park is also located in the center of Kemer and stretches to the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. In the spring it decorates the whole city with its flowering trees and shrubs, there are wonderful flowerbeds.

Kugulu Park in Kemer, Turkey“Kululu” is a great place to relax with your kids. The main attraction in the park is a small zoo, where various animals and birds live in open aviaries. They are sure to interest the little ones.

Animals walk freely all over the “Kugul” and play with children. Here you can find rabbits, ducks, geese, black swans and even at least a dozen beautiful peacocks. There are lots of cats of different colors everywhere, you can feed the fish in the pond.

Love Rain Fountain

This is the most unusual fountain in Kemer, it has sculptures of a woman and a man spinning in a love dance. They were created in stainless steel more than a decade ago, but even today they shock tourists and citizens who practice Islam.

Kemer - Fountain In front of the audience is a naked man and woman, essentially making love. Their bodies pour jets of fountain, and in the evening they are decorated with colorful illumination. Many people have conflicting feelings about the fountain with the sculpture.

At first the fountain was on Ataturk Boulevard, but the mayor of the city decided to move it farther away. However, the Kemer court overturned this decision of the mayor, and the fountain was moved to Kugulu Park, to one of its ponds. And later installed nearby, in Swan Park.

Video tour of Kemer and its attractions

Kemer has a very long history, it was part of the ancient state of Lycia, located in Asia Minor before Christ. Through Kemer passed Alexander the Great and other great generals of antiquity.

Until the early 20th century, it was an ordinary village that was periodically flooded by mudflows from the mountains. Finally, near her built many kilometers of stone wall, which is called in Turkish Kemer (belt).

In the 60’s of last century in Turkey began to rapidly develop tourism business in general, and the resort area of the Turkish Riviera, in particular. Since the beginning of our century, Kemer has become a major center of leisure and entertainment.

Sightseeing map of Kemer

Sightseeing map of Kemer in Turkey

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