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Kaosan Road in Bangkok

Kaosan Road in Bangkok is like a small town, where tourists will find everything they need from food to entertainment. You can spend an entire vacation within its confines and confidently claim to have seen all the wonders of Thailand. Many people knew about Bangkok’s main street before, but after the release of the book and the movie “The Beach”, its level of popularity increased several times over. It is located on the territory of the old town.

Kaosan Road is an easy drive to the capital’s most famous landmarks and a pleasant way to get back in the evening, absorbing with all your soul the feeling of fun and continuous celebration of life.

Basic information about Kaosan Road

The street is considered one of the central streets and has its own charm. It is very close to cheap pubs and expensive restaurants, comfortable hotels and hostels, where you can safely spend the night, not worrying about the safety and security of things. Fans of posh boutiques will have to look for another place to walk, but those who are ready to immerse themselves in the chaos and many colors of the noisy street market will be very comfortable here.

Kaosan Road in Bangkok

Prior to 1982, the street was little different from the others, but on the eve of the 200th anniversary of the city were scheduled large-scale events, which brought a huge number of guests. Naturally, there was not enough room around the Royal Palace, and the hotels were overcrowded. The enterprising residents of Khaosan Road in Bangkok squeezed, and the vacated rooms were rented profitably. The experience proved useful, and in a short time the street was transformed with guesthouses, stores, and food outlets of various levels.

Where is Kaosan Road and how to get there?

The street is located in the old district of Banglampu, which faces the city center, north of the Royal Palace between Tanao Chakrabongse Street.

How to get to Kaosan Road from the airport tourists decide on the spot, the fastest and most affordable is still the subway. It is a land line with a high-speed City Line train running on it. The subway runs from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. and the ticket price is 45 baht. This is the fastest way to get to your destination, since there are few stops along the way and the inevitable traffic jams are left out of the picture.

The second express, Line, is even faster, but the fare goes up to 150 baht. The terminal station is called Phaya Thai and is located in the center of the capital.

Kaosan Road District in Bangkok

  1. Cab. From the airport to the hotel to rent it is very expensive, about 400 – 450 baht, and you can get from the center for 90. To avoid controversy, you will need to check with the driver to the cost of travel or pay the meter in advance, not falling for various tricks of experienced cab drivers.
  2. Bus. From the city center go number 2 and 59, the ticket price depends on the distance of the trip. The maximum cost is 20 baht, the minimum is 6.5. It’s worth knowing: for a family trip it’s better to take a cab.
  3. The most pleasant and romantic way to get to Kaosan Road in Bangkok is by river transport. It’s a leisurely glide down the Chao Praya River. The subway will take you to Sathorn Pier, where the boats leave, and then there is a short walk and the panorama of the river and coastal areas opens up to the admiring gaze. The fare is 10 – 40 depending on the class of the boat and the distance of the route.

Kaosan Road on a map of Bangkok

Kaosan Road on a map of Bangkok

Atmosphere of the Kaosan Road District

Since the area quickly turned into a tourist destination, there is no peace to be found there. Affordable prices for housing attract many visitors who are willing to put up with the constant noise and music that comes from many cafes and nightclubs. They are often located on the ground and basement floors, and apartments and rooms are rented above them. The thin walls perfectly let in the sounds of street fun that goes on almost all night. They are quiet for only a few hours before dawn.

Kaosan Road in Bangkok

To feel the beat of life, it’s worth a walk along the houses in the evening when the spontaneous bazaar unfolds. On it you can find amazing souvenirs, shoes, clothes, products of national crafts, cosmetics, jewelry and accessories. At this time, the locals are busy with their business and only tourists remain on the street.

Hotels on Kaosan Road

Even the soaring level of popularity could not greatly affect the cost of living. It is still affordable, the price per day starts at 150 baht, which is equal to a cab ride from the center and back. Of course, there won’t be much comfort for the money. You will have to sleep in one room with several neighbors without air conditioning and TV, and share the bathroom with another 5 to 10 ten tenants. For a comfortable stay will have to spend about 300 baht. There’s a lot to choose from.

Kaosan Road Hotel Map

Kaosan Road hotels on a map of Bangkok are like a handful of peas thrown by a generous hand. They are designed for all incomes, requirements and whims of visitors. If the soul asks for high service, attentive staff and satisfaction of fleeting whims, the choice leans toward the hotel.

There are several 3-star hotels that are popular with tourists.

  1. The Rikka Inn, which offers visitors a rooftop pool, has free Internet access. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TVs, refrigerators, mini-bars. The level of comfort rooms from budget to luxury.
  2. Buddy Lodge resembles a classic red-brick mansion with contrasting stripes of white vet. Inside, the European comfort of suites and deluxe rooms reigns supreme. They have all the conditions for comfortable living, including air conditioning, bathrobes, safe. The rooms have exits to small balconies, from which it is convenient to observe the bustle of the street.
  3. Khaosan Holiday is small, only 28 rooms, but very comfortable hotel. Breakfast is already included in the price and the staff speaks English.

Kaosan Road - Hotels

If you want to be independent and save money, you are welcome to an inexpensive hostel or hostel. There are a lot of them on the street, united by the low price for the night, self-service in terms of delivering suitcases and getting the key, the complete lack of peace and quiet, because the music and the noise of voices through the walls can be heard perfectly.

Attractions near Kaosan Road

From the street you can walk out to several famous historical and cultural monuments. The tours start on Kaosan Road and cover Bangkok’s most famous landmarks.

Attractions near Kaosan Road on the map

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace near Kaosan Road

Since the 18th century, it has served as the home and administrative residence of the Thai royal family. The complex system of rooms creates a harmonious ensemble, reminiscent of Oriental fairy tales in luxury and sophistication. It is divided into an outer and inner courtyard, where tourists are not allowed access. The Great Palace hall, museum and garden area are open for viewing.

There is a strict dress code for visitors, with arms, shoulders and legs covered.

Emerald Buddha Temple

Attractions near Kaosan Road - Emerald Buddha Temple

It is located on the grounds of the Royal Palace and is considered the most important temple in Thailand. Indeed, where else can a statue carved from a single piece of jade be dressed by the king himself three times a year, changing clothes according to the season. The peculiarity of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is the absence of living quarters for monks and novices. Only the prayer hall, pagodas and statues.

National Museum

National Museum, Bangkok

Its halls and vaults contain the most extensive collection of artifacts and art objects of Thailand. Expositions of weapons, arts and crafts, jewelry, and religious objects permanently attract attention with their elegance and originality. Exhibitions of clothing, textiles, tableware, luxury items, dolls, and Khon masks are popular.

Golden Mountain Temple

Golden Mountain Temple in Bangkok, Thailand

It can be reached on foot from Kaosan Road without using public transportation. The antiquity of the building is beyond question; before the era of skyscrapers, the temple was considered the tallest in the city. The staircase leading up to it consists of 318 steps, it goes past bells, which everyone is allowed to ring. It is believed that a wish will come true if accompanied by the ringing of bells. The temple is also visited by locals because the upper room holds a sliver of the Buddha’s ashes.

Tickets at the entrance are not required, but it is customary to leave a donation of 10 – 20 baht in a special box.

The delicacies and national menu of Kaosan Road

Places where you can have a tasty and inexpensive lunch, try special dishes of Thai cuisine are conventionally divided into cafes, restaurants and street eateries or macashnicky.

Restaurants where the quality corresponds to the price, and the interior is pleasant and comfortable:

  • At Bombay Blues, the menu consists of Indian cuisine;
  • Mayompuri offers Western and Thai cuisine, the atmosphere is enlivened by soft music of a small band, chamber fountains gurgle unobtrusively, there is a lot of greenery around;
  • Ethos restaurant’s vegetarian menu meets all the requirements of healthy eating. Meatless recipes are rich in flavor and aroma, thanks to the exotic spices.

Kaosan Road, Bangkok (Thailand)You can have a snack or even a hearty meal at the numerous taverns. Their advantages are that the prices are low, the range is very diverse, they cook in front of visitors and it is very interesting to watch the process.

You should definitely try the specialties:

  • Seafood on skewers with spicy sauces;
  • crispy fried insects;
  • airy coconut ice cream;
  • melt-in-your-mouth banana pancakes;
  • juices and shakes.

Massage parlors in Kaosan

To come to Thailand and not attend a session of Thai massage is unforgivable. Massage parlors are almost more common than nightclubs and cafes. Prices are calculated per 1 hour of massage. You can order a zoned procedure or a complex massage, when each muscle is worked from head to toe.

Kaosan Road - how to get there

The approximate cost ranges from 200 to 400 baht. A special feature is the street salons, where right next to the house there are couches for visitors.

Reviews of Khaosan Road

Numerous reviews of tourists about visiting Bangkok’s main street are full of enthusiasm and vivid impressions. This street has many faces and variety. Her pious countenance falls from her as the sun sets, inviting her to have fun and pleasure on the verge of a foul.

Hotels on Kaosan Road
Kaosan Street in Bangkok

Video overview of Kaosan Road

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