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Kangaroo Island in Australia

Kangaroo Island in Australia was discovered relatively recently, in the 19th century, by traveler Matthew Flinders. Unusual landscapes, a large number of amazing birds and animals, many of which are endemics, were the reason for the creation of the national park. A visit to the island will leave a vivid impression of Australian nature.

Description of Kangaroo Island

It is considered the third largest in the archipelago. Melville and Tasmania are recognized as larger. On a map of Australia, look for it south of Adelaide, in the St. Vincent Bay area. Most of the area is protected areas and a national park. The name was given by the discoverer for the large population of kangaroos inhabiting the island.

Kangaroo Island in Australia

There are only 4259 people living in an area of 4,405 square kilometers. Economic activity is reduced to a minimum, the main task is to preserve the unique ecosystem in an unchanged state. A distinctive feature of Australian nature is the large number of animals that are found only in Australia and the surrounding islands. They do not survive in other parts of the world.

Kangaroo Island Overview - Position on the Map of Australia

The main settlement was Kingscote, the date of its formation being 1836. It is home to almost a third of the island’s population. The source of income of the inhabitants was agriculture and tourism business.

Also working:

  • eucalyptus oil factory;
  • cheese factory;
  • butter production shop.

Kangaroo Island in Australia - amazing nature

Thanks to its unique climate, Kangaroo Island has become a second home for the peace-loving Ligurian bees. The authorities have acted very wisely. Once it became clear that the species had taken root and found its ecological niche, a ban was placed on the importation of other bee species, bee products and equipment. In this way it was possible to keep them safe from typical diseases and epidemics. Honey is bought by tourists as a souvenir and a gift to loved ones, its composition is valued for its usefulness and ecological purity.

National Park

Kangaroo Island in Australia has a national park

The decision to create a protected area was made in 1919. Unique geological formations left over from the time of violent seismic processes, rare marsupial species, among which have been found and studied, are subject to protection:

  • koalas;
  • kangaroo;
  • several species of bats;
  • ring-tailed possums;
  • various species of frogs, including tree frogs;
  • echidnas;
  • emu ostriches.

Important! Some species were on the verge of extinction, and it was only possible to preserve them thanks to state protection and support.

The fauna of Kangaroo Island in South Australia

Protected areas

There are several, including coastal areas. They are located in the habitats of rare animals and birds. Seal Bay is considered the most famous. It is located in the northern part of the island. It is a place where Australian fur seals regularly come, a kind of beach for pinnipeds.

Kangaroo Island in Australia

Protected areas also include Cape Ganzeum, the Capa du Cuédic coast, and the Gorge des Cazoars.

Attractions and Entertainment

The nature of Kangaroo Island in Australia

Kangaroo Island in Australia is known primarily for its protected areas. The main entertainment becomes hiking trails aimed at getting acquainted with nature, observing animals and birds, studying amphibian species, resting from the noise and bustle of big cities.

The unique geological formations, among which the Admiral’s Arch stands out, are considered interesting sights. Another wonder of natural architecture is on the dome of solidified lava. Granite boulders of bizarre shapes resemble man-made grottoes.

The Admiral's Arch on Kangaroo Island in Australia is a natural landmark

It is best to plan a trip to Kangaroo Island for 2 days with 1 overnight stay. That’s enough time to visit the most interesting places, including a fishing trip to the American River.

How to get to Kangaroo Island

The exact location of Kangaroo Island in Australia and the most convenient routes are listed in tourist guides. It is more convenient to get there by ferry from Adelaide. It stops at the wharf in the town of Penesho. Tour groups are organized there to travel around the island. Several routes are offered and one of the options can be chosen on the spot.

Kangaroo Island on the map of Australia

The trip provides an opportunity to see Australia’s unique nature in its pristine form.

Video overview of Kangaroo Island

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