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Kamala Beach in Phuket

Phuket is a popular beach resort in Thailand. No one can accurately name the number of beaches, neither locals nor experienced guides. The fact is that the division of the coastal strip into certain segments, even on the map of the island is very conventional. One beach imperceptibly flows into the other, which makes the vacation even more attractive. Almost the entire coast is covered with sand. There are also rocky placers, but this is rather an exception to the rule. Beach Kamala – one of the most famous on the island among tourists and locals, so you can not look for privacy, but also do not have to get bored.

Features of Kamala Beach

This part of the island has year-round demand. During the calm months it is ideal for a beach holiday. The length of the strip is long, almost 2 km, with a width of 40 m. The beach is located between Surin and Patong, more than 20 km from the airport, the road is separated by a wide strip of trees, the noise does not reach the sea. By the way, many people prefer not to spend 200 baht to rent a deck chair, and do fine with a towel or a tourist mat, benefit, the sand is fine, smooth, and the beach itself is very clean.

Kamala Beach in Phuket

Because of the length of the beach Kamala in Phuket is not uniform. If you look closely at the tourist map, you can see that the most attractive part is the central. It has a decent infrastructure, rentals and massage parlors, and a place to eat. Most often sought here by people who stay for a long vacation – three or four weeks at least. The southern segment is practically not intended for swimming, boats are docked there, and the beach club Café Del Mar Phuket is located to the north.

A few years ago, the beaches were completely public and even put paid sun loungers were forbidden, over time the requirements have been softened, but neither hotels nor private clubs on the beach itself do not have any rights.

During the monsoon season, the beach transforms into an ideal place for surfers and kite surfers. This is the period from May to October. At this time tournaments for masters begin and schools open for beginners.

Entertainment in Kamala

A whole system of entertainment was created to entertain the guests.

  1. Water. These include banana rides, catamarans, boat rides, water scooter, diving. Prices are affordable, renting a scooter for 30 minutes will cost 1,500 baht.
  2. Active recreation. Not everyone wants to just lie on a lounger. If you want to join the spiritual practices or try your hand at gymnastic exertions, it is worth a little step away from the beach. There’s a small park with yoga meadows and jogging paths. In the same area are installed simulators and equipped with a children’s playground.
  3. Massage parlors. Thai masters are famous far beyond the islands and every third tourist is considered a duty to go to the masseur. In order to meet the demand, tents are pitched right on the beach, away from the water’s edge, in the shade of palm trees and casuarinas.
  4. A delicious lunch or dinner. Many practically live on the beach, at the service of vacationers small trays with drinks, fruit, pancakes, boiled corn. It is worth considering that the prices of products here are much higher, adjusted for the tourist area. For a more nutritious snack, it is worth buying food at the store and cook your own or just walk away from the beach line. Prices in cafes and restaurants will decrease by 2-3 times.

Kamala Beach - view from above

Accommodation and hotels in Kamala

You don’t want to walk a considerable distance to the sea every day and then go back in the evening in the heat. You don’t need to do that if you look at the coastal hotels.

The most popular and comfortable:

  • Paresa;
  • Aquamarine Resort & Villa;
  • Kamala Beach.

A little farther from the shoreline you can rent a room in a gesthouse or a separate house from the locals.

Tourist season

The beginning of high season on the island of Phuket is in November. The thermometer is steadily holding steady at + 31 ° C, the sea warms up to + 29 ° C. The maximum number of tourists is in January. From the next month, gradually the shores of the island are empty, but life here does not stop completely, the resort is year-round, just fans of sun loungers are replaced by fans of steep waves.

Read more about the weather in Phuket here.

How do I get to Kamala Beach?

From the airport or hotel book a transfer to Kamala. From other beaches often come by boat.

From Surin and Phuket Town you can get there by:

  • The songteos, which are slow and not very comfortable, are partially compensated by the small fare;
  • rented bike, giving complete freedom of movement, by the way, near the beach there is a convenient parking lot;
  • cab, in which it is desirable to go on a meter or a fixed fee, but in this case every detail is discussed in advance, and bargaining on the island is welcomed.

Rest on one of the best beaches in Phuket will be remembered only by positive emotions, especially if you take care of all household issues in advance.

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