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Kalangut Beach in Goa

Kalangut Beach in North Goa is now one of the most popular beaches in this Indian state. Here the traditions of Europe and India, hippies, Rastamans and Hinduism are closely intertwined, which has made Goa so attractive to millions of tourists.

Geography of Calangute

This beach is located in North Goa south of Baghi Beach and north of Candolim Beach. Experts will tell you right away that the neighborhood is just fine. All these beaches are located in the southern part of North Goa, Dabolim airport from Calangute is only 41 km.

The closest town to Calangute Beach is Panaji, the state capital, only 18 km away, and the nearest train station is called Thivim, about 12 km away. As you can see, the location of the beach is very convenient.

The coordinates of Calangute Beach are: 15.549498,73.753642 To find it on a Google map, you need to paste the specified numbers into a search engine at the following address: www.google.ru/maps. GPS coordinates: 15°32’58.19″N, 73°45’13.11″E

Map of beaches in North Goa

Map of beaches in North Goa

Map of Calangute Beach

Map of Calangute Beach in Goa

Quality of the beach

It is a wide sandy strip, divided into several smaller beaches, a total length of 7 km. The sand here is volcanic, dark in color. Entering the sea smoothly, so the place is perfect for bathing babies.

If you are looking for a quiet holiday with children, then from the central entrance to the beach is better to go farther away. There is less noise, intrusive vendors, etc. But you can’t get completely secluded in Calangute.


Like the rest of Goa, Kalangut has a typical subequatorial climate. In the summer it rains constantly and feels like a Russian steam bath, while in the spring and fall it’s hot and stuffy.

But from October to April there is great weather suitable for a beach holiday. Kalangut Beach has the most sunbathers in December and January. Therefore, the Russians have long chosen North Goa for the New Year and Christmas.

During the high season the temperature is about +30C – +32C during the day and +18C – +20C at night. The water temperature in the sea is about +30C. The rave reviews of tourists only confirm the splendor of the vacation at Kalangut Beach in North Goa.

Calangute Beach Attractions

The magnificent natural data, inexpensive service and tourist reviews of Calangute Beach has turned it into a real Mecca, where people come to enjoy a great beach vacation.

The Church of St. John the Baptist. Alexa

It is a Catholic temple built at a time when the modern Indian state of Goa was a colony of Portugal. It is worth noting that the Portuguese imposed their religion on the natives at times very brutally.

This temple is snow-white, incredibly beautiful, built in the Gothic style, has two towers and a dome. Tourists really like to take selfies near it. This photo is the best proof that you have been to the famous Calangute.


The local market can rightly be called a landmark, because. it stands out even among other markets in North Goa. Be sure to visit it, it will leave the most vivid memories.

Calangute - Goa

This applies not only to the goods (fabrics, jewelry, spices, incense) that can be purchased at the market, but also to the characteristics of local merchants, their mannerisms, methods of trade, etc.

You will find yourself in a truly magical and amazing Oriental bazaar. Among other things, here you can choose handmade handicrafts made of semi-precious stones, talismans, goods from Kashmir and Tibet, medicines from Ayurveda.

Kerkar Art Complex Gallery

Be sure to visit this gallery on Calagutt. Local artists exhibit their work here. Art lovers will always be aware of what the main trends in local painting are.

There are periodic festivals of oriental dance, with active participation of local residents and tourists. It’s not just belly dancing, you can see crazy mixes of African, European and Oriental dances.

Benefits of Calangute Beach

Kalangut Beach in North Goa

Calangute Beach became world famous in the 1960s when the hippies settled here. They and their followers even today come here to party, to shake up the old days and remember the golden days of their youth.

  1. The crowdedness. For the taste of young people this is a big plus for the beach. During the high season in Calangute is just not crowded. Therefore, there is a developed entertainment tourist infrastructure, a lot of different hotels, restaurants, shakes, etc.
  2. Democratic prices. Local tourist businesses keep Calangute Beach crowded by offering low prices for their services. Therefore, students, pensioners and other people with low incomes can easily relax here.
  3. Geographic location. Kalangut is located near other popular beaches, attractions and entertainment, so tourists can diversify the vacation, moving from one beach to another, to find the next pluses and get rid of the minuses.

Disadvantages of Calangute Beach

Iindia, Goa - Calangute

  1. A lot of merchants. They are extremely numerous here, they shout loudly, advertising their goods, inflate the price several times, impose a bargain and gamble themselves. Sometimes there are cases of fraud. The local cab drivers are just as obtrusive.
  2. Stray animals. On Kalaguta, stray dogs and Hindu sacred cows sunbathe alongside tourists. Only the beach administration can kick them out, but it treats such duties indifferently.
  3. Molestation. Hindus openly like white women, and they do not hide it at all. You may be approached on the beach and try to strike up a conversation, take selfies, etc. A polite refusal will have no effect on such intrusive behavior.
  4. Low quality of service. Kalangut beach can’t be compared to Candolim. The sand here is good, but no one cleans up the trash on the beach. What is cleanliness and hygiene, in some local hotels and shakes have not heard. But all this is the price for the cheapness of tourist services.

Hotels in Calangute

Hotels in Calangute, GoaThere are five-star hotels from reputable operators, but the most popular are two- and three-star hotels, which provide tourists with a swimming pool, air conditioning and Internet access.

Here are the most popular:

  • Village Royal;
  • Casa de Goa;
  • Chris Resort;
  • Nazri Resort;
  • Villa Calangute;
  • Smiley Holidays;
  • Rivasa Resort, etc.

On Kalangut Beach in North Goa there are traditional hotels, resorts, bungalows, guesthouses, as well as expensive villas and apartments, several hundred in all. The large selection gives tourists the opportunity to find better and cheaper accommodation.

Entertainment in Calangute

The most famous entertainment in North Goa is the discos. There are plenty of them on Calangute Beach, but don’t count on the famous Goa Trance. Pop music is in vogue here. But if you do a good search of discos nearby, you can also find Goa Trance.

All other entertainment in Calangute is traditional for Goa. There are always popular water sports from diving and water-skiing to parasailing, and in the High Season there are plenty of banana boats and the like for fun in the coastal area.

Where to eat at Calangute Beach?

Kalangut Beach Cafe - North Goa

Throughout the many kilometers of beach set a lot of shakes, just twinkling in your eyes, they can always be a tasty snack. And in the evening you can choose a cafe or restaurant to have a good dinner:

  • “Oriental;
  • “Tibetan Kitchen;
  • “Bella Ciao;
  • “O’Coqueiro;
  • “Souza Lobo;
  • “Casa Andre’s, etc.

Here you can find dishes of any cuisine in the world: from Russian to Tibetan, the most popular are seafood dishes: squid, shrimp, etc. The liquors are of your own choice.

How to get to Calangute?

Kalangut is located about 15 km from Panaji. Rest on it all year round, many come here for a long time, renting a nearby cabin or hotel room. The beach is one of the most accessible places in Goa, located between the beaches of Baga and Candolim. There is a bus station in Calangute, with regular buses arriving from almost anywhere in Goa. Because of transport accessibility on the beach there are always a lot of people. It seems to be designed for young and active participants of parties, so fans of silence will be uncomfortable here.

Beach strip in Goa is divided into segments very conventionally, you can go to one beach and find yourself imperceptibly on the other.

The drive from Panaji takes about half an hour. If you need to get from the airport, it is better to take a cab. It will be faster and more comfortable than public transportation.

Reviews and reviews of Calangute

Goa is considered a popular tourist region of India. Beach recreation takes first place. The state has enough beaches for all tastes. That said, the mores of North and South Goa are very different. South – is respectability, unhurried relaxation on the warm sand by the water in a comfortable environment, excellent service and European-class hotels. The North is free, laid-back, the home of hippies and trance music. This is where Calangute Beach in India is located, the reviews of which beckon to see it in person.

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