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James Bond Island in Thailand

Everyone who goes on vacation to Thailand, tries to include a trip to James Bond Island in the program of excursions. It is the second most visited exotic country after Phi Phi Phi. The island became famous after being broadcast on the screens in the film “The Man with the Golden Gun,” filmed in 1964. In the final scene with the main character Roger Moore, an island that has become world-famous appeared in the background for a few seconds.

It’s no coincidence that the director chose here. Mesmerizing surroundings, crystal clear water, white sand and unusual shape of the cliffs will not leave anyone indifferent.

Description of the island

Phang Nga Bay, where James Bond Island is located, is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Nature has worked hard to create a fantastic panorama with 100-meter-high, centuries-old cliffs and mango trees. The labyrinth of islands in the gulf of the sea attracts tourists from all corners of the globe. Ten or twelve of them are frequently visited. But the tour to James Bond Island in Thailand is considered the most interesting.

James Bond Island from Phuket

In fact, the place became attractive only because of the 20-meter ledge out of the water, covered with dense vegetation. The official name of the island is Khao Ping Can.

The photo of Agent 007’s island should be with everyone who has been to Thailand. The locals call it Ko Tapu, which means “wedge”, “nail” or “nail”. The lower part is no more than 4 m in diameter, and the upper part is 8 m. If the famous Bond film had not shown James Bond’s island, there is every reason to believe that it would not have become famous. It is interesting that until this moment not every Thai knew about such a landmark in their country.

James Bond Island: description, location, map, tours

There are no hints of the filming: no posters, no remnants of the scenery. Only a sign with the name of the island. The imagination of the locals came up with the idea that squinting, the protruding piece of land resembles the figure of the protagonist. In fact, it looks more like an upside-down kefir bottle.

Security of the island

Despite all attempts by visitors to get on James Bond’s island, it is carefully guarded against damage and destruction. They won’t let you get close. If it weren’t for such strict measures, the beautiful place would have lost its charm long ago. In 1981, the authorities decided to include the island of Ko Tapu in the National Marine Park.

How to get to James Bond Island?

The most convenient way for a tourist to get to James Bond Island from Pattaya or Phuket is to join a tour group. The bus will take you to the right place and tell you about the history of its popularity. Usually gather a group of 10-15 people and leave at 8 am. But there are travelers who make the route on their own. Don’t take any chances without knowing enough of the area. Finding James Bond Island on the map is not a problem.

Island on the map

James Bond Island in Thailand on the map

The island on the map (interactive)

What it will take:

  1. Find a Phuket speedboat anchorage and buy a ticket.
  2. Together with the other passengers it is necessary to disembark at the specially equipped pier of Khao Pinkan Island. Already from here you have a view of Ko Tapu.
  3. If you want to get even closer to the attraction, rent a car and drive 30 km along the province of Pang Nga.
  4. Ask the locals about the pier and get on the boat. After half an hour, you will be asked to leave the shore so that another group of tourists can get a closer look at the island.
  5. Another option would be to rent a motorcycle, with which you choose the best point to view.

James Bond Island in Thailand

Once there, you will realize that the beauty is not only the legendary island, but also the entire surrounding nature. James Bond Beach is always clean, despite the fact that hundreds of people come here every day.

On the way back we suggest stopping at the Panyi temple complex, as well as the caves and grottoes of Kayak Island.

Don’t plan a trip in the afternoon so you don’t have to look for ways to get back. There are no hotels or any other places to stay in these parts.

Excursion to James Bond Island

Everyone, of course, has heard of James Bond. But not everyone has seen the film. You could say that the name is just a marketing ploy to attract people. But tour operators deliberately add a visit to James Bond Island in Thailand to every tour package.

James Bond Island - tours

The standard package for those who want to visit the neighboring islands, swimming on the best beaches in Phang Nga Bay and a lunch break. Without knowing the characteristics of the area, it is difficult to predict the exact time of the tide. Most of the rocks and grottos are submerged in water and the trip will not be as interesting as one would like. For example, in one of the gorges you can touch an ancient statue of Buddha and make a cherished wish.

Diving in Phang Nga is not practiced. The water is muddy and has a characteristic greenish tint, which limits visibility. Enjoying the beauty above the surface of the water is much more interesting.

Attractions near James Bond Island

The beautiful views around Phuket and the local islands are worth spending a day exploring. There is also a lot to see near James Bond Island.

Plinn Cann.

After a half-hour excursion to the “nail island,” guests of Thailand are taken to the neighboring island of Plinn Cannes. There are numerous stalls with souvenirs, where you can buy T-shirts, seashells, magnets, jewelry and artificial pearls. The tents also offer Thai national dishes for a snack.


James Bond Island in Thailand

The rocky terrain of the island is 700 m wide and more than 3 km long. You can only get to it through a long tunnel in a canoe, illuminating the way yourself with a flashlight. There are more than a dozen clear lakes on the island, connected to the sea by thin streams. Flora and fauna of the area is peculiar. You will meet iguanas, bats, eagles and crab monkeys.

Experienced travelers recommend visiting Diamond Cave with glowing stalactites and the Bat Cave.


In stormy weather, local fishermen wait out the storm on the island. In Thailand, it is considered great luck to get here at low tide.

Some tourist itineraries to James Bond Island include a visit to the Buddhist temple of Wat Suwan Kuhai a large cave in it, elephant rides, visits to rubber plantations, as well as a walk through the mango thickets of Phuket. Such services will cost a little more than booking a tour from vendors on the street. But in this case you can be sure that the walk will pass without adventures in the form of suddenly stalled boat.

Today there is talk of a real threat that Agent 007’s island may soon collapse. In order not to regret not seeing the phenomenal natural formation, it is worth a visit now.

James Bond Island reviews

People who visit the famous island rush to leave a review to share their emotions after their trip.

Anna, 33 years old:

“It was the first time we were in Thailand with my family. We were immediately advised to visit an excursion to James Bond Island. This, of course, is an impressive sight. Against the backdrop of clear sky and blue water, a piece of land rising out of the water, looks unreal beautiful. The pictures are wonderful.

Dmitry Nikolaevich, 41 years old:

“For my anniversary I was given a trip to Phuket, which included visits to interesting places nearby. We saw James Bond Island on the third day of vacation, but we had to go right away. The shape of the island was striking. We were not allowed to swim close, but we could see it perfectly. In general, did not regret that we went.

Victoria, 29 years old:

“One of the best places I’ve seen in Thailand is Koh Tapu Island. They call it James Bond Island. This place is worth the trip. Not only is it beautiful in its own right, but there are other islands with grottoes and caves nearby. The canoe trip was particularly enjoyable. My family and I loved the trip.

Video overview of James Bond Island

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