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Islands near Pattaya

Pattaya is considered one of the main resorts of Thailand. The island is always noisy and crowded. Many tourists in search of quiet or new experiences go to the islands near Pattaya. The choice is very large, many islands are known for the beaches, pristine nature, the beauty of the underwater world.

They are no less famous than the popular resort. The closest one is 10 km away, the others take much longer to reach. Some territorially belong to national parks and nature reserves. A few are not allowed to visit at all, because rare birds nest there or there are clutches of turtles.

Traditionally, islands are divided into near and far. They attract clean sand, uncrowded beaches, the opportunity to relax and wander through tropical thickets full of exotic flowers and amazing bright butterflies.

Middle Islands

They are usually visited on a day tour. There are no special facilities on them, after a day of peace and quiet, all eager to return to the benefits of civilization in Pattaya.

Ko Lan

Ko Lan near Pattaya

It is simply designed for recreation away from civilization and shopping malls. On a small, only 4 km. The island is long, you can enjoy sunbathing, jet-skiing, skiing, watching the island from the soaring parachute, snorkeling to the grottoes and just rocking on the waves.

There are daily ferries from Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya to Ko Lan. You can also rent a speedboat or come as part of a tour.

Ko Sichang

Ko Sichang Island near Pattaya

It was uninhabited until the 17th century. Interest in the island woke up from the founding of the port, as it lay at the crossroads of trade routes. As in any market town, there is a close intertwining of cultures. Elements of Thai, Chinese and European civilization are clearly distinguishable.

Holidaymakers stay overnight or come for the weekend. The island has everything you need to live, there are stores and excursions to local attractions:

  • the royal palace;
  • Chinese temple;
  • the footprints of the Buddha.

On Ko Sichang spacious equipped beach, rental equipment.

Ko Krok

Ko Krok - an island near Pattaya

Wondering what islands to go from Pattaya to do scuba diving, you should pay attention to this small island. Its length is less than a kilometer, but the depth of the coastal zone reaches 13-14 meters, which, combined with incredibly clear and warm water makes it one of the best places to explore the underwater world.

On the territory there is a small settlement of Ang Power. The land surface is stony, covered with dense forest and only near the water you can see a small narrow sandy beach.

Ko Phai

Ko Phai Island near Pattaya

The island has preserved pristine nature. The Thais decided not to interfere and, despite the obvious tourist benefits, preserved it from outside influence. They come here in search of unity with nature, clean white sand, beautiful nature and tranquility.

Overnight stays on Ko Phai are forbidden. At sunset, all guests must leave this section of land.

The main attraction is considered to be a sunken ship, which with unflagging enthusiasm every season explore the divers. At the foot of the lighthouse on the hill is the most convenient place to view the surroundings. There is a narrow and fairly beaten path that leads there.

Ko Sak

Ko Sak near Pattaya

Shaped like a horseshoe, this island is one of the smallest in the archipelago. It is only 500 meters long. The priority is snorkeling, getting an even bronze tan, and walking the alley of royal footprints. In addition to independent swimming tourists are offered a memorable journey into the depths of the sea on a submarine and night dives.

There is a ferry to all the nearby islands from Pattaya. Knowing the schedule and route, questions about how to get there usually do not arise.

For a large company or family is more profitable to rent a boat or a boat. In total, the trip will be cheaper than buying a ticket for each ferry.

Far Islands

The road to them takes from 40 minutes to several hours. The visit is part of a sightseeing program, designed for several days. For a trip on your own, you need to carefully choose a place where there is definitely a hotel and communication between the islands is regular.

Ko Samet

Koh Samet - Pattaya, Thailand

From Pattaya to the island you have to get an hour and a half, so the name “distant” is very relative. The more so because during the boat ride there is an amazing panorama all around, in the distance you can see other islands that look like bunches of green, fringed with hoops of beaches. Each of them has its own shape and features, so you will not be bored on the road.

Ko Samet is great for swimming, there are 15 beaches on its coast. And you don’t have to go back to Pattaya in the evening. There are several hotels, cafes and a souvenir shop. You can choose a room with different levels of comfort, and behind the walls of traditional bungalows hides a good set of modern amenities.

Ko Chang

From Pattaya you can go to the island of Ko Chang

It is quite possible to stay on the island for a few days or weeks. Infrastructure is well developed, the comfort of it is almost as good as in Pattaya, but it is several times quieter, there are no ubiquitous traders and noisy water entertainment. It is sometimes called Elephant Island because of the peculiar shape of its shores.

Ko Chang is part of the Marine Reserve, all activities related to the noisy plowing of the sea is prohibited, so as not to disturb rare species of birds, fish and turtles. There is no such restriction on land, there is a good road through the area, it is possible to rent a bike or bike.

The tour will include an interesting visit:

  • elephant farm;
  • rope park;
  • Bang Bao fishing village.

The resort carries the title of environmentally friendly, for walks paved ecological trails. Ko Chang began to gain popularity only 6-8 years ago, with each season the number of vacationers is growing. Especially since from Pattaya elephant island is 300 km, almost on the border with Cambodia, and it gradually gets more and more supporters of a leisurely quiet holiday in a protected environment.

Koh Kood

Koh Kood Island near Pattaya

One of the young resorts. Due to the large territory, good location and luxurious nature is becoming increasingly popular among the island resorts of Thailand near Pattaya. The island of Koh Kood is large, the relief is dominated by an alternation of hills and plains, the dominant height – Mount Paenti, reaching 320 m.

The locals cultivate rubber and palm trees. Plantation care makes up the bulk of their income. The second source was tourism. The infrastructure is only developing, built and opened new hotels, restaurants, massage parlors, so there are enough jobs for Thais who want to work. There are no sights, except for the natural beauties. Of the activities stand out water sports, hiking on hiking trails, beach holidays.

It is worth considering that on Koh Kood everything is expensive, it affects the remoteness from Pattaya and the mainland.

Ko Mak

You can swim on Ko Mak Island near Pattaya

It is part of a national park, 30 km from the mainland, is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Gulf of Thailand. The beaches run in a fastidious line along the rugged coastline. They come here for the beauty of white-sand beaches, the reflection in the water of pinnacles of palm trees, walk to the picturesque waterfall Klong Plu.

A feature of the island is an abundance of water sources, small waterfalls, water from them collected in natural bowls, which are used for bathing. Marakot Cave hides its secrets, cutting off access only from the sea. Once there, you can enjoy the incredible beauty of the surrounding landscape for a long time.

Ko Pai

Ko Pai Island - tours from Pattaya

The shooting of the movie “The Beach” brought him popularity. After the devastation brought by the tsunami, the island was closed to visitors for a long time, now it is available again to lovers of DiCaprio’s talent and lovers of the exotic beauty of the tropics.

Ko Rin

The deserted island of Ko Rin near Pattaya

Attracts fans of flippers and scuba diving. Around the island, a large part of the coral reef is preserved, the bottom is very relief and is of interest to study. Experienced divers are attracted by the rock walls, which have become home to many species of rare and endangered fish.

How to get to the islands near Pattaya

Ferries regularly go to the nearby islands, travel time about 30-45 minutes, the ticket price is 30 baht.

Interesting! The schedule in Pattaya is considered relative, the main criterion is the occupancy of the ferry.

There are ships between the outer islands, you can get on a speedboat for 600 baht.

The most common way involves complex delivery of tourists:

  • from the hotel to the pier;
  • ferry crossing;
  • transportation to the beach or the hotel.

The one-way fare starts at 370 baht. Coming to rest in Pattaya, many tourists go on curiosity and the desire for new experiences. A trip to the islands of the Gulf of Thailand will long be remembered for the luxurious nature, where almost no human influence.

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