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Is there a danger of shark attacks in Goa?

Goa is in the list of leaders among tropical resorts. Southern and northern parts of the island are very different from each other, although the climate and natural conditions are the same, but the atmosphere, the contingent of tourists, beaches and even prices differ quite appreciably. But there is a general danger for surfers and beach lovers. Sharks in Goa are used to harass careless tourists who ignore warnings about dangerous predators approaching the shore, although they appear in the line of sight quite rarely and the number of encounters that end badly for the man is very small.

Species of sharks in Goa’s tropical waters

The Indian Ocean has a great diversity of flora and fauna. Not all inhabitants are safe for humans. Despite their striking coloration and fanciful outlines, many species are poisonous or have full mouths of teeth. The latter include sharks. They have taken a fancy to the warm caressing depths of the ocean, but sometimes rise to the surface and approach the shores.

Among them:

  • The mako, often called herring, usually argues for supremacy with swordfish during the passage of a school of tuna, is considered one of the fastest, is listed as a direct descendant of prehistoric species, to people does not show aggression;
  • Longfin Oceanic, which has gained fame as the most tenacious, easily tolerates changes in habitat conditions, approaches the shore rarely, but there is evidence of sporadic attacks on humans in coastal waters of Egypt;
  • Blue shark lives in the open ocean, but often enters coastal waters and even river mouths, not fearing desalination of water, has a high dorsal fin characteristic shape, which makes it visible from afar, not a particular threat to resort areas;
  • Indo-Pacific or dark gray shark is considered a formidable predator and whose meat in its mouth, it does not care, likes the leeward side of the reefs, at night, individuals gather in flocks, may come to the shores of islands, so after sunset bathing is not recommended;
  • The great white shark has become a symbol of speed, power and fear. It poses close-up in many movies, showing daggers of long, bent inside teeth, very aggressive, senses blood from several kilometers, can attack a person if the length of the individual exceeds 3 meters, younger prefer fish.
Mako Shark.

Sharks in the Indian Ocean in Goa avoid contact with humans and attack rarely. The probability of meeting is low if you do not swim at night and do not ignore the warnings of beach workers about the dangerous situation at the approach of marine predators.

Where are you more likely to meet a shark in Goa?

The southern and northern parts of the peninsula are strikingly different. The first is characterized by respectability, focus on a quiet family vacation in expensive comfortable hotels. The second noisy, youthful, sets up an adventurous mood, offering a huge choice of accommodation from the classic hotel to bungalows on the beach and a tent under the palm tree.

The beaches of Goa are almost continuous series, often you can not tell where one ended and another began. The borders are only on tourist maps, and they are very conventional. Those who prefer to relax on the shore, occasionally taking a dip in the warm water, sea predators should not be afraid.

Shark attacks in South Goa occur mostly on surfers who decide to catch a wave and do not pay attention to the warning of increased danger.

Predators may come ashore before or after a storm in search of food or following a school of fish. Attacks are rare, the chance of meeting them on the north and south side of the island is about the same and both are quite small if you follow the safety rules.

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