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Ibiza sights

The most interesting attractions of Ibiza are concentrated in the capital of the island. Although any first-time tourist is entitled to go inland to explore the island’s nature.

The island of Ibiza is known throughout the world as a tourist center, the capital of European clubs. There really are many trendy clubs and cozy bars, as well as a great maritime climate, ancient thick pine forests and other charms of local flora.

Top 6 attractions in Ibiza

We offer you a brief description of the sights of Ibiza with photos and hope that you will definitely get here and be fascinated by the atmosphere of this wonderful island. So, what to see in Ibiza?


Dalt is a medieval town in Ibiza

It is a unique, well-preserved medieval town, surrounded by a powerful fortress wall and included in the famous UNESCO list. It just reeks of the novels that Don Quixote read in the great book of Cervantes.

Almudaina Castle

Almudaina Castle - one of the attractions of Ibiza

This castle was once the administrative center of the local Muslim community. It was built in the 16th century, although archaeological excavations have shown that the castle has older ruins. Today it is a museum, very popular among tourists.

Santo Domingo Church

Santo Domingo Church in Ibiza

This Catholic church was built in Ibiza in the 12th century. Originally in the Romanesque style, it was later rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Today it is a cultural and historical treasure of the island and all of Spain.

Taules Gate

Ibiza - Taules Gate

This is the main entrance to the Dalt Vila, which was built in Renaissance style at the end of the 16th century between the two main bastions of the fortress wall. This entrance was later converted into a drawbridge, but then the original structure was returned.

Aviess Cathedral

Avissa Cathedral on the Island of Ibiza

This Catholic church was built in the 13th century on the site of a mosque after the conquest of Ibiza by Spanish troops. The architecture was originally done in a strict Gothic style and later rebuilt in Baroque style.

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art - Ibiza (Spain)

This museum is located in the medieval town of Dalt Vila. The juxtaposition of the Middle Ages and the Postmodern adds to the public’s special interest. There is a truly unique collection of paintings by artists from the 1970s onward.

Ibiza Beaches

Beaches on the island of Ibiza

The island is famous for its sandy beaches with modern and trendy tourist infrastructure. On the beaches constantly organized parties, playing music. On the shores of the beaches are restaurants and bars, discos, concerts, etc.

Entertainment in Ibiza

Entertainment and partying in Ibiza

On the island you can rent bikes and go on a great tour, during which you can see the natural sights of Ibiza, have a great photo shoot, organize a beautiful life on the beach, etc.

Tourists love to spend their evenings in the local fashionable clubs, iconic bars, where many representatives of European bohemia. Don’t forget that Ibiza is considered one of the centers of the gay community in Europe.

Climate in Ibiza

It is a year-round resort, high season lasts half a year, from mid-April to mid-October. In summer the weather is mild sea weather: the temperature during the day – about +25C, in winter – about +15C. In winter, Ibiza is the velvet season.

Restaurants and cafes in Ibiza

Restaurants and cafes in Ibiza

This famous resort with its bohemian crowd has long been home to many original dishes using unusual ingredients for true gourmets. There are especially a lot of original seafood dishes.

  1. The restaurant “Sametler” is a wonderful place where you can taste delicious dishes at completely affordable prices.
  2. Cafe-bar “San Juan” will please visitors with excellent beer, as well as quality service at quite democratic prices.
  3. Terrale Restaurant will appeal to those who love meat dishes. There’s also great risotto and excellent white wines.
  4. The Blue Fish restaurant is famous for its excellent chef who cooks fish and seafood and offers excellent wines.
  5. The Cala Tarida restaurant is known for its huge seafood paella. It’s just impossible not to become a real foodie from such a great dish.

Video overview of Ibiza sights

Ibiza sights map

Ibiza sights on the island map

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