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How to get to Pangan from Samui, Bangkok, Phuket

Pangangan and Samui are very close, with only 8 km between the islands and often tourists shuttle between the two points in search of new beaches, experiences and attractions. Transport links are excellent, it only remains to choose which way to go from Koh Samui to Pangangan is preferable.

To Phangan from Samui and Bangkok

Most tourists arrive first in the capital of Thailand, and then disperse to the resort towns and islands. Those who come here for the first time, do not hurry to leave the unusual city, full of architectural and historical sights.

Since time is short and you need to move on after a few hours, sightseeing tours are very popular.

They allow you to get to know and at least look at the most famous objects from afar:

To visit each cultural monument, temple or entertainment center should allocate a day, but a sightseeing tour is enough to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Thailand.

The point of arrival is most often the airport, there are two in Bangkok. This needs to be taken into account when planning connections, as international flights arrive at Suvarnabhumi, while domestic flights need to go to Don Muang. Next, you can choose how to get from Bangkok to Phangan from several options.


The road consists of a bus ride and a ferry crossing. The tour bus comes from Kaosan Road, the schedule is posted in the tour brochures and on the company’s website, and tickets are ordered there as well. There is a ticket office at the stop, you can pay right before you leave. Reviews about this option of travel are contradictory, there is information that the luggage is lost or the passenger is forgotten at the stop. In terms of comfort, the transport is also inferior to the shuttle service.

Samui to Phangan: How to get there?There is a state bus departing from South Station. It also runs on a schedule, which is very convenient when calculating transfer time. Ticket prices range from 400 to 1,300 baht, depending on the size and comfort of the transport. The most comfortable seats in 1st and VIP class. The seats are comfortable, unfold almost completely, the main flights are at night, which is very advantageous in terms of saving time. You can’t see the countries in the dark, but in the early morning the bus arrives at the pier and you can continue your journey by taking the ferry. If you buy a combined ticket, you don’t even need a transfer, the ferry will calmly carry the bus with the passengers.

Worth considering! It’s cool in the cabin, and the air conditioners are working at full capacity.

Lompraia flights are in constant demand, operating twice a day, at 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. The journey time is 7-8 hours, the arrival coincides with the departure of the boat to Phangan.


Among the ways to get from Bangkok to the island of Phangan in Thailand, the leading air service. It saves time and is a serious blow to the budget. There is no airport on the island itself, you have to use the landing strip in Samui. There are no budget flights, the average cost is 3,000 baht.

Departures from Suvarnabhumi are regular, the main carriers are Bangkok Airways, the local monopolist, and Thai Airways.

It is more convenient to book tickets in advance.

Plan your departure time so that you can catch the last ferry from Samui to Phangan at 7 p.m. from the airport. Latecomers will have to spend the night at the pier.

A good combination of price and quality in hotels near Na Tonom:

  • Ayundra Villa;
  • Sri Samui Hotel;
  • Sunset Heights.

Near Lomprai, the rooms at Ibis Samui Bophut are worth a closer look. The Place Villas, Sea Valley, and Villa Akatsuki are popular near Rajah Pier.

It is better not to be late and arrive in plenty of time, so as not to lose precious hours for an empty wait.


A great opportunity to see the country unadorned, relax on the road and enjoy a comfortable ride. Prices are much more modest than the plane Departure from Hua Lampong Station, the choice of flights is large, there are 11 trains per day. This is one of the most convenient ways to get to Koh Phangan Island.

Places where you can snooze or just lie around with a book or laptop are only in the 1st grade. The second is equipped with seats, like in the electric train. The most profitable ticket is the combined ticket. Its cost ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 baht. At first glance, a lot, if you do not take into account that it is a pass at the same time to the train, the ferry and pay for the transfer to the pier from the station Surat Thani.

For a comfortable trip, you need to put warm clothes closer, on air conditioners and fans Thais do not skimp. The draft in the carriages is a common phenomenon. The train leaves exactly as scheduled, latecomers are not expected and tickets are not accepted for refund.


All ways to get from Koh Samui to Pangan

A convenient, economical and democratic way to travel around the country. From Bangkok to Samui is about 600 km, the journey will last almost half a day, If there are no time constraints and can afford the luxury of not having to rush anywhere, then the journey by car will be unforgettable. The quality of the roads is not very good, but the scenery will not fly past the window blurry stripes. You can stop at any place you like or stop at several villages along the way to rest and resupply. Maps and charts of travel on the roads of the country are clear, at forks and turns signposted, so the chances of getting lost are very small. Approximate travel time will be 12-15 hours.

The rental agreement is executed at the airport or at one of the rental stations. There is no need to worry about the car on the ferry from Donsak Pier to Phangan Island. Paying 200 baht for a passenger and 350 baht for a car, you can relax for 2 hours and enjoy the sea views until the ferry docks ashore. And then back behind the wheel and onward, in search of beautiful views and stunning beaches. In some agencies there is a service to rent a car at another rental location.


Ferries operate from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. This is convenient for those who have settled in a hotel on Samui, and wants to sunbathe or conquer the underwater depths on Pangan.

There are five piers on Samui:

  • Bang Rak;
  • Lipa Noi;
  • Big Budha;
  • Maenam;
  • Nathon.

It is possible to reach the neighboring piece of land from any one, it is only necessary to choose the shortest route and the most convenient time. Arrival at Pangangan takes place at 2 piers, the main one is Tongsala. The second, Haad Rin, welcomes guests to the famous Full Moon Party.

How to get to Koh Phangan Island - transport, itinerary, pricesThere are several carriers. They are distinguished by their level of reliability, reputation in the market, a list of special offers for tourists.

  1. Lomprayah is the most reliable and well-known. Flights take place throughout the day and depart from two piers: Maenam and Nathon. Through the company’s website specifies the time, point of departure, duration of the trip and book tickets. An added bonus is the free shuttle from the hotel to the pier. The fare will be 300-400 baht.
  2. Seatran Discovery operates ferry services from Samui to Phangan three times a day, departing from Bang Rak Pier. The trip lasts half an hour and costs 380 baht.
  3. The name of the company, Songserm Express, gives a slight irony, as their flights are the longest, to sail 50-60 minutes, but pleases cost in the range of 300 baht. The ferry departs twice a day, at 1100 and 17.30.
  4. Haad Rin Queen is the most comfortable company to walk to the Full Moon party. The fare is no more than 200 baht, the trip lasts 1 hour, tickets are sold at the pier before the next flight. The ferry leaves from Big Budha four times a day. The special offer is a free transfer. At any time you can return to Koh Samui, and will be delivered to the doorstep of the hotel. The cost of the service is 500 baht.
  5. Raja Ferry transports not only passengers but also vehicles. The trip takes 1.5 hours, but you do not have to part with a rental car or bike. Departure from Lipa Noi in the morning and evening. The fare for a passenger is 150 baht, with the bike 50 baht more expensive, the ticket for a passenger and car will cost 650 baht.

Travel from Krabi to Phangan

There are two options:

  • airplane and ferry;
  • bus and boat.

The plane will take tourists to Samui, and then the ferry is waiting for them. This is the fastest and most wasteful way. But it saves time and effort.

Bus trips are conducted by two companies:

  • Lompraya, the fare is 800 baht, you can choose any of the 4 flights;
  • Songserm Express puts buses on the line twice a day and the ticket price is 850 baht.

Travel time does not exceed 5 hours, in order not to be late for the last ferry, you will have to leave early. Those to whom the watercraft showed the stern will have to spend extra money to hire a boat or boat. It is possible that the boat will overtake the ferry during the trip, but it will not return the money.

Traveling from Penang to Pangangan

Penang is famous for an abundance of nightclubs, active recreation, the organization of interesting excursions. Many tourists go there in search of entertainment for 2-3 days, but prefer to live in the hotels of Phangan. In order to calculate round-trip time, it is worth knowing about the options available.

The trip is long, takes 14 hours by bus, and a comprehensive ticket offers good savings, but the cost is still 1,200 baht.

Firefly flies to Penang several times a week, book in advance. Landing in Samui, from there you need to take a ferry to Pangana.

Traveling from the mainland

The main reference point will again be Samui, where there is an airport and bus companies. From there, all you have to do is pick up the ferry you want and buy a ticket. The first flight leaves at 6 a.m., the last one at 7 p.m.

From Kuala Lumpur to Pangan

The first leg of the journey is to fly to Samui. The flight is only once a day, at 8:45. On weekends we add another one, in the evening, at 5:45 p.m. Further, it is convenient to use the high-speed boat Citran Discovery, travel time is not more than 30 minutes, on board is comfortable, the ticket price is 300 baht. They make three flights a day to and from Phangan.

From Phuket to Phangan

The distance between the islands is 350 km, part of the way by sea, without a ferry or boat can not do. First you have to take a bus to Suratthani, the ticket costs 550 to 680 baht, then pay for the crossing. It is more advantageous to travel from Phuket to the island of Phangan in Thailand to buy package tickets. Then, once on the bus, you can just enjoy the ride and look forward to arriving straight to the island.

Water transport to Phangan

You can get to Phangan by ferry

The final part of the journey will have to be swum anyway. If you want to save money and have free time, the choice in favor of the ferry is obvious. But if you need to get to the Full Moon Party, a speedboat backup would come in handy. At this time, many people come to Phangan to spend a crazy night once a month among the deafening music of the boundless ocean under the light of the full moon.

Petcherat Marina’s speedboats run only during the party, taking you directly to the pier in 20 minutes, from where it takes a few minutes to get to the venue. The fare is high, it is better to buy a round-trip ticket, then its cost will be reduced from 900 baht to 800. Boats go once every 60 minutes until 8 a.m. On normal days, they do not have a clear schedule and are sent on their way when the passenger seats are full.

Ferries doesn’t depend on parties and other flashy events. Their advantages are:

  • a clear timetable for movement;
  • the possibility of booking tickets through the company’s website;
  • travel with a personal vehicle;
  • affordable ticket price.

There are many ways to get from Samui to Phangan. The main thing is to take in advance the schedule of ferries and decide from which pier and when it is more convenient to travel to the generous sun, turquoise waves, golden beaches and comfortable rest.

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