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How to get from Phuket to Samui

When traveling to Thailand, you want to see as much as possible by visiting different islands. Some of them do not lie far from each other, but the journey is expensive or long. In order to save the budget and money, it is worth comparing how to get from Phuket to Samui by different ways.

Transportation and useful tips

Between the islands is only 300 km, the way lies through the peninsula of Malacca. There is only one uninterrupted way – by plane. In other cases, you have to be creative and create your own type of transfer by combining multiple modes of transport.

At the service of travelers:

  • ferry;
  • cab;
  • shuttle buses;
  • minibus;
  • bike;
  • rental car.

When choosing a means of transportation, you should consider the travel time, price policy, convenience of connections at the point of transfer.

Phuket – Samui route on the map


The most convenient means of transportation has two significant disadvantages: the price of the ticket and the frequency of flights. The flight is only once a day by Bangkok Airways, the cost with all charges is about 4000 baht. If something is planned for that day, then you can safely say goodbye to plans if you do not use the system to find and book tickets in advance. There just might not be any at the box office.

Getting from Phuket to Koh Samui by Airplane

For those for whom the road is dearer than the beach, there is an even more expensive, but much more interesting and comfortable way to fly. It is offered by Airasia. First you have to go to Bangkok, then fly to Nakhon Si Tammarat province, from where there is a ferry that drops off passengers at Lipa Noi Beach.


  • The transfers are already included in the price of the ticket, for which you will have to pay 4,500 baht;
  • All deliveries and transfers are made by 1 company, you don’t have to look for anything, they will bring you straight to the next mode of transport;
  • The ferry runs once an hour during daylight hours;
  • A lot of interesting impressions await you during the trip.


Cab from Phuket to SamuiFor a large company this option is more profitable. Moving time is short, the cost is comparable to an airplane, the advantages are obvious:

  • according to the number of passengers selected the optimal transport, car or minivan;
  • Special seats are provided for children;
  • Russian-speaking dispatchers work.

The travel time will be about 6 hours. It is better to leave early in the morning, then the rest of the day will be saved. The window offers magnificent views, a kind of sightseeing tour, and stops are made at the request of passengers.

You can order a car through the Internet or from the desk at the airport. Prices are fixed, when ordering should be discussed, delivery to the ferry or to the hotel. In this case, transporting a car on the ferry will cost an additional 400-500 baht.

Bus and ferry

The easiest and most budget-friendly way is by bus. It departs from Terminal 2 of the northern bus station. The trip takes 6 hours, the ticket price is 450 baht, which includes ferry fare. The mode of travel is very comfortable, on the way there are two stops in small villages, where you can walk and eat.

Ferry to Koh Samui from Phuket

Another 1 bus runs from Phuket Town to Surat Thani. The ticket costs 195 baht, you have to transfer to the ferry and pay extra for the crossing. In total the trip will cost 300-310 baht. You can choose the type of transport, every hour there are minivans, and once every 2 hours there is a large comfortable bus. The ticket is purchased at the ticket office at the pier or ordered in advance at the transportation company’s website.

Usually the schedule is followed exactly, so cases when the bus is late for the ferry are very rare.


Lovers of freedom, do not accept the restrictions and strict time limits better to rent a motorcycle. You need a license and a passport when signing a contract. Rental prices start at 350 and go up to 5000 rubles per day. The price depends on the location of the rental, the mileage of the “iron horse”, its technical condition. In the hotel the rent is more expensive, but the guarantees are higher.

How to get to Koh Samui from Phuket?It’s worth considering that:

  • models with manual gearboxes are cheaper;
  • There are good discounts for long term rentals of 3 days and more;
  • The cost is strongly influenced by the power of the engine.

The most popular models, where price and quality are in balance: Honda Forza and PCX, Yamaha TMAX. When renting is offered daily insurance, it costs in the range 170-250 rubles, prices for repair of any breakage without an insurance policy resort.

The road takes 8-9 hours if you move at an average pace, at the gas stations you need to specify what kind of fuel is needed for a particular model. You can look for yourself, the markings are on the inside of the gas tank lid.

The arrival point is the Seatran or Raia piers in Don Sake. The fare for passengers is 150 baht, and you have to pay 50 baht for your bike. The first flight leaves at 5 a.m., the last one at 7 p.m. Ferries from Phuket to Samui go every hour, there are always tickets.

Rented car

This is the most advantageous option for a company or family, if the vacation is designed for 1-2 weeks and will be an active schedule of trips. Freedom of movement, easy transportation of luggage and reasonable prices have made this type of travel the most popular. Rent a car will cost 990 baht per day, with a long term rental price is reduced to 740 baht. You will need your driver’s license and passport to execute the contract.

Prices and rental terms vary from office to office, you need to carefully read the list of conditions.

A convenient condition in some rentals is the ability to leave the car in another location, for example, take in Phuket and return to Samui.

The travel time to get to Samui from Phuket is about 4-5 hours along with the ferry ride. You have to pay extra for the car.


  • the choice of means of transportation according to personal preference;
  • the opportunity to deviate from the route to see the sights encountered;
  • freedom in time;
  • the benefit of a family vacation.


From Phuket to Samui by minibus

Travel between the islands is very popular, so for the convenience of tourists organize flights from the airport. There is no strict schedule, transport leaves as soon as most seats are occupied. The level of comfort increases the presence of air conditioning and soft comfortable seats. There’s no use ordering a ticket in advance, everything goes on in real time. But do not accumulate a large number of those wishing to leave, for everyone is a convenient way to get from Phuket to Samui, including travel by ferry.

When boarding, you need to clarify the time of arrival and the route. The distance on the map from Phuket to Samui is 300 km, some carriers are trying to lengthen the trip by visiting nearby villages and on the basis of this raise the fare. These issues should be stipulated in advance and choose another company if time and money is precious.


Directly from Koh Samui to Phuket can be by plane, the other ways necessarily include a connection to the ferry. If you compare ways to travel from Phuket to Samui and back, the fastest and most expensive is air travel, convenient – minibus and cab, cheap – shuttle bus, extreme – motorcycle. All types of travel by land will give the opportunity to enjoy the views, to feel the unique atmosphere of the islands, to make their own impression of them and make a lot of colorful pictures to remember.

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