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Holidays in Goa – the best seasons of the year

How to determine the best season in Goa? What is the best time for an excursion or a beach holiday? When is the best time to go on vacation in Goa? This is important information to know before you go to distant India.

The world-famous tourist center – the Indian state of Goa annually receives millions of tourists from all over the world, including. Russians. There really is something to see and where to relax. It is located on the west coast of the subcontinent. The climate in Goa is such that you can distinguish winter from summer only by the humidity, you will surely enjoy it even in the rainy season in Goa.

Holiday seasons in Goa

When describing the local climate, keep in mind that the state is divided into two parts: northern and southern, and has different climatic features in these parts. In the north of the state has fun young people, and the south is more respectable, families with children.

Deciding when it is best to go to Goa, remember that the weather in the state is divided into winter, summer and monsoon seasons. Winter comes in November and ends in March. Then all the way to the end of June the Indian summer lasts.

And the rainy season in Goa lasts from July to October. This time is also quite suitable for a holiday in this wonderful place, where even today you can find clean natural corners, untouched by human civilization.


Seasons in Goa - winter

Winter in the state lasts from November to March. The weather is wonderfully sunny, warm and mild, so winter is High Season here, i.e. the time when it is best to vacation in Goa.

In winter there is no exhausting heat, the daytime temperature is close to +32 Celsius, which is optimal for residents of our northern latitudes. The water in the sea heats up to +28C, which is ideal for swimming and diving.

This is the most beautiful time for a beach holiday and the most comfortable season for a holiday in Goa. Therefore, it is in the winter, most Russians buy a trip or book rooms in local hotels.


Holiday seasons in Goa - summer

In March, the air slowly warms up to +35-+36C. Humidity also begins to rise steadily, making it harder to breathe and endure the heat. This is not the best time to vacation in Goa.

The water in the sea is highly overheated – +30-+33C – it is not refreshing for the bathers. It leaves you with the feeling of bathing in a warm bath. The heat, along with the humidity, does not recede even at night, and it is impossible to get a good night’s sleep without air conditioning.

For Northern Russians Indian summer is a bit hard, but for the southern Russians, it may be a good time to relax in Goa, to get a good warm under the hot Indian sun.


Heavy rainy season in Goa

Monsoon showers begin in late June and early July. It rains many days in a row, and the temperature reaches +40C. Dwellings and other rooms have a humidity of at least 90%. It is almost impossible to swim in the sea because of storms.

The rainy season in Goa, India is for those who are interested in tropical flora, which blooms in all its glory at this time. Monsoon rains fill it with natural beauty and vitality. And prices for holidaymakers are noticeably cheaper.

The rainy season in Goa lasts until October, after which precipitation gradually ceases, the monsoons disappear, and again begins dry, warm and sunny season, an excellent beach holiday.

Seasons in Goa by month

Seasons in Goa: weather by month

And when is the best time to vacation in Goa by month? Let’s try to chart monthly air and sea water temperature, humidity, and precipitation. Based on these indicators, it is easier to choose an individual season for a vacation in this state.


By late fall, monsoon showers and prolonged storms cease, and the weather is comparable to that of July or August in the middle belt of Russia. Most tourists consider November to be the best time to vacation in Goa.

At noon in November the temperature rises to +32C, and at night it gets cooler – +22C. The water in the sea heats up to +29C, humidity – about 70%, the weather is dry, windless, almost no precipitation.

Since November, local hotels and beaches are filled with tourists from all over the world, which means higher prices for tourist services. The vacationing public is entertained at discos, festivals, folk festivals, etc.


The peak tourist season in Goa is in December. This is a great time for beach holidays, water sports, sea and sunbathing. The air heats up to +40C during the day and cools down to +22C at night.

In December, the rains are reduced to almost nothing. The weather becomes dry and sunny, the sun is hot but not scalding, the heat from the scorching sun, thanks to the dry air, is easily tolerated.

January, February

In winter, normal precipitation is 2 mm and the humidity is about 67%. The air in January and February warms up to +31-+33C and cools down to +20C at night. It’s the perfect time to relax and have fun.

You can get a great tan on the beach: the temperature of the sea is ideal – +26C, and the sun gives tourists a great chocolate tan. Fortunately in India, many beaches have modern tourist infrastructure.


The beginning of the calendar spring in the state of Goa is dry and hot. The sea is quiet, there are no storms, the water temperature is about +27C. And in the evening and at night it gets hotter – up to +23C, so you need air conditioning.


In April, there is a gradual transition to the summer season, i.e. to greater humidity and intense heat. The air during the day heats up to +33-+35C. At night it is also quite hot – about +25C and stuffy.

The sea is warming up to +28-+30C, there is little roughness because of the gradually increasing constant wind, but it does not prevent swimming. There is still time for a comfortable beach holiday.


In May, the heat in Goa becomes unbearable, so it is better to choose a place in India to the north, where it is cooler. At noon, the air heats up from +42C and above, and its humidity is about 80%.

These parameters create hot and humid weather, as in a Russian bath, which is difficult to withstand for people suffering from diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and respiratory organs.

At night the temperature does not drop below +27C, so without air conditioning in the bedroom just can not do. The long summer rains begin, which can last for several days. The amount of precipitation in May increases sharply by a factor of 3 to 5.


In June, charter flights from Russia to Goa stop due to the lack of tourists. This is where the monsoons come in, and the tropical downpour season comes in. From the heat under +45C and evaporation, the air becomes very humid – up to 90%.

At this time it is difficult to sunbathe on the beach or to do local sightseeing. Because of the monsoon there are no discos, festivals, concerts, sports competitions, etc.


Statistically, most showers in Goa occur in July. During this month there may be only 2-3 days without rain, the rest of the time it pours like a bucket. The sky is covered with clouds around the clock, so you can’t see the sun.

At sea – constant storms caused by strong winds, resulting in beaches polluted with piles of garbage and marine slime, brought with the waves from the sea depths. The water in the sea is muddy and dirty.


Tropical downpours continue to pour daily, the temperature at night – +30-+32C, humidity is close to 100%, so it is difficult to rest. There are storms on the sea, and nothing interesting and no entertainment at the resorts.


With the first days of fall, the rains gradually recede, there are fewer of them, and sometimes the sun peeks through the clouds. The temperature during the day is +28-+30C, and at night it gets a little cooler – +24C.

With fewer rainy days, the humidity decreases and tourists feel much more comfortable. But in the sea continue to act monsoon, causing storms, so you can swim only in the pools.


The rains gradually cease throughout the month, and the establishment of dry and sunny weather: the rain pours for five days during October. Daytime temperatures can reach +31C.

At night you can already feel the contrast, the temperature drops to +24C. At this time, you can stroll along the beach in the evening, to see the beautiful scenery with the starry sky. The water temperature in the sea is +27C.

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