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Hampi excursion from Goa

The best way to experience the culture of the country is to take a long drive through its territory, visiting examples of ancient architecture. This is the only way to feel the flair of the time without the overlay of modernity and impersonality of megalopolises. For tourists in India, a trip from Goa to Hampi, a city lost in time, is such a journey.

The road there is long, so the tour takes 2-3 days, during which visitors are waiting for a continuous amazement and admiration for the skill of the ancient builders.

Interesting places in Hampi

Experienced guides know how to entice tourists who come to the country for the first time. The choice of attractions is huge, but if you have already arrived in Hampi, it is worth looking at:

  • stone chariot;
  • the ancient temple of the Thousand Rams;
  • temples of Ganesha, Hazararama, Shiva, Achyutaraya;
  • royal elephant stalls;
  • slave market;
  • the village of Anegundi.

A self-guided tour from Goa to Hampi

Hampi excursion from Goa - reviews

All visitors to India travel agencies offer a huge number of excursions anywhere in the country with a detailed guide to the nature, weather, topography and history. The advantages of such trips are obvious:

  • clear organization;
  • adjusted time of visitation;
  • Travel is included in the cost of the tour;
  • it’s more fun in a big group.

An organized excursion to Hampi from Goa costs from $110 to $260. A one-day trip is the cheapest.

From Goa to Hampi

However, the pluses easily turn into minuses, because:

  • If you want to stop and take a closer look at something, you don’t have enough time;
  • the hiking trail has a clear direction of travel;
  • there is no possibility to choose transport for a long trip;
  • There’s no telling what kind of hitchhikers we’ll get;
  • You can’t interrupt a tour and leave if it’s not interesting.

You can clearly see the advantages of traveling independently, especially if you have an adventurous streak at heart.

The distance from Goa to Hampi is impressive, about 400-450 km, so you have to plan the trip in advance, it is very difficult to fit in one day.

Possible problems

There are not many of them, if each issue is handled systematically, the trip will be a success. First of all, it is necessary to determine the type of transport:

  • cab;
  • motorcycle;
  • train;
  • slipperbass;
  • shuttle bus.

Each species has its own nuances. For example, the cheapest way is by bus, but it’s a long ride. The most convenient is the sliper bus, but it runs mostly at night, and all the beauties of the country pass by.

The main problem of passing becomes finding a stop. They are hardly marked in India. There are no familiar boxes with benches and canopies, markings or just a sign. You have to find out everything from the locals.

The next nuance is the choice of the route to see Hampi. For this it is worthwhile to look at the description of popular excursions in advance, because the object is quite large, it is difficult to get lost, but it is possible if you want to. The area is 26 square kilometers.

The settlement is relatively recently open to the public, before only historians and archaeologists worked there. It is located in the neighboring state of Karnatak on the banks of the Tungabhadra. The ruins of the ancient empire of Vijayanagar are of interest. The inhabitants left it more than 400 years ago, but remained amazing examples of traditional architecture, mysterious man-made hills of megalithic slabs, it is not clear how they are kept almost on the edge of the structure. With every step across this land, ancient beliefs, legends, and myths come alive.

The complex includes ancient palaces, temples, public buildings and fortresses.

Determining the list of the most interesting things without a guide is quite difficult. Experienced travelers in the reviews recommend taking one of the popular tourist routes for a tour to Hampi in India and further distribute their time, changing the plan of sightseeing as the action progresses.

Hampi Excursion Program

Hampi in India

The sightseeing is usually approached holistically, creatively combining the admiration of the surroundings with a visit to the sights. The sunrises and color-filled sunsets from the hill are unforgettable experiences. The illuminated city lights create the feeling of a parallel world, where a window was accidentally opened.

Conventionally the area is divided into two parts: the Bazaar and the Royal Center with the surrounding streets.

Hampi - how to get there from Goa

For a tour of the standard tours offer to visit:

  • Hampi Virupaksha;
  • the female half of the palace;
  • baths;
  • elephantine;
  • Vithala temple;
  • Lotus Mahal;
  • Narasimha monolith;
  • Krishna temple.

These monuments tell about the different sides of life, demonstrate the amazing architecture, which has not experienced outside influence, point to the human craving for beauty. A characteristic feature of the temple complexes, along with the central figure of the deity, is the skillful painting and bas-reliefs, an abundance of sculptures covering every section of the walls, columns outside and inside.

Hampi excursion from Goa

Self-trip to Hampi from North or South Goa will take several days, so you should immediately worry about choosing and booking a hotel room.

Excursion options

A huge number of attractions chaotically scattered over a fairly large area, immediately determine the direction and walk through all the temples and palaces is impossible. If the trip is designed for several days, it helps to have a systematic approach – divide the area on the map into several parts and systematically bypass the attractions scheduled for the day. Another option – themed tours, when you choose only palaces or temples.

In addition to the buildings of the abandoned city there are many interesting things around. If time permits, it is worth a day to explore the temple complexes, and then pay attention to the bear sanctuary, try your hand at rock climbing under the guidance of an experienced instructor. You can attend a colorful evening performance with national songs, swim in the clear lake, travel on the river in a round bamboo boat, try the national cuisine in one of the restaurants.

Independent travel is valuable for its freedom from the obligatory program, the opportunity to devote time to what seems more important, to build your itinerary according to personal preferences.

How to get to Hampi?

When choosing a variant, it is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen method, to study the subtleties that are worth paying attention to.

Hampi on the map of India

The most popular form of travel is considered a cab. Complete freedom in the speed of movement, frequency of stops, sightseeing interesting places seen on the way. It takes 6-7 hours to get there, but you have to consider the quality of Indian roads. The easiest way to order a cab online, specifying the route and express wishes about the quality of the vehicle. It is cheaper to find a driver on the street, and you should stipulate in advance who pays for gas, lodging and meals for the driver, and how much time is allocated for travel.

For a large company cab will be much cheaper than other ways of travel.

Travelling by bus can be considered in 2 options: shuttle bus and sliper bus. Flight is cheaper, but it takes longer, stops at every turn, the company is constantly changing, stops are not announced. But the window offers a stunning view of the surrounding landscape, there is a sense of belonging to the nature of an amazing ancient country.

Slipperbusses go most of the time at night. There are buses with and without air conditioning. For a night trip it is better to do without artificial ventilation, after the sun goes down is cool, the trip will be comfortable, the price for the fare is also reduced. It’s a pity that you can’t admire the scenery, but it saves time and in the morning the hills and the tops of the temples will appear on the horizon.

On a motorcycle

Trip to Hampi from Goa by motorcycle

It means truly holding your fate in your hands. The freedom, the wind, the great visibility and the power of the iron horse will make the ride unforgettable. You can get to your destination before lunch if you leave in the cool of the morning.

To avoid surprises on the road it is worth remembering that:

  • When renting it is necessary to specify the volume of the engine;
  • check the technical condition;
  • be sure to have a map or GPS navigator;
  • Take a screwdriver and duct tape with you if not a repair kit;
  • to keep a careful driving style, because the rules on Indian roads are very conditional.

By train

Travelling to Hampi from Goa by train

The most comfortable form of travel is devoid of road bumps and unplanned stops. Since the train runs once every few days, it is worth buying a ticket in advance, have patience and drinking water.

Wagons are divided into several classes:

  1. The most expensive is close to the suite, it has air conditioning, curtains, sconces, comfortable beds. The ticket is expensive, not in demand among the local population.
  2. Analogues of the parlor car also offer a comfortable ride, convenient for long trips. The car with seating is designed for a day trip. Of the advantages it is worth noting the comfortable seats, the disadvantage is considered a small space for luggage.
  3. The typical Indian coach is called the slipper class. An interesting feature for tourists is the lack of glass in the windows, instead of them is the lattice, through which easily penetrates the breeze, providing freshness and normal circulation of air.

The cost of the ticket is almost equal to the bus ticket, there are sleeping places. During the trip you can go out into the vestibule, chat, take commemorative pictures, look at the surroundings as you go. The main danger is losing things. Thieves are very fond of these cars because there is constant traffic, there are no conductors, you can easily mix with vendors offering drinks, press, souvenirs.

Accommodation options

Planning an independent trip for a few days, you have to look for affordable accommodation. There are expensive luxury hotels with maximum facilities and quite unassuming rooms, where even at night it is stuffy and uncomfortable. It is more reasonable to choose the average option for price and comfort. You can rent a room in a hotel, guest house or rent a whole cottage.

Hotels in Hampi, IndiaAccording to recommendations, the best combination of price and quality demonstrate:

  • Clarks;
  • Heritage Resort;
  • Rocky Guesthouse;
  • Thilak Home Stay;
  • Shambhu Guest House.

Independent travel around the country is difficult enough, but it all pays off with the ability to plan your time, not to depend on the guide’s instructions, to look at the world through the prism of your perception and absorb the impressions, not clouded with preconceived attitudes.

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