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Green Canyon in Turkey

There are natural and man-made monuments, which are so well integrated into the landscape that they have become real gems of the region. This includes Green Canyon in Turkey. This canyon reservoir was formed after the construction of a hydroelectric power plant. It is located relatively close to Manavgat, 10 km. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the water mass is not in the lowlands, but at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, in the Taurus Mountains. It is replenished by 27 natural sources.

Features of Green Canyon

Green Canyon

This attraction, in addition to its location is famous for the constant temperature of the water, about 12 degrees, and a stunning clear turquoise color. Combined with the picturesque mountain scenery, the result is an unforgettable spectacle.

Green Canyon is located within the national park.

Here you are allowed to picnic, fish and just enjoy the beautiful nature and luxurious views. Lovers of recreation with a fishing rod will be offered the necessary tackle. To get a full impression of the canyon and admire the panoramic perspective, it is worth visiting the observation deck. Boat trips are also available, and vehicles can be rented here at the local pier. For a comfortable stay, it is better to come here in the morning, before 10-11 hours and buy a ticket before sailing. One of the iconic distinctions of this place is considered to be the ubiquitous smell of juniper.

Green Canyon is a very different Turkey, with clear air, light coolness and strikingly beautiful mountain scenery. Along its banks are scattered mandarin, orange and almond groves, planted with olive and pomegranate trees. Green Canyon in Turkey near Side was formed after the construction of a dam here in the 1980s and has been the source of fresh water for the Antalya region for decades. The depth of the reservoir varies from 100 to 240 meters, the area – 500 hectares. Nearby is another man-made attraction – Manavgat waterfall.

View of Green Canyon

Recreation on the Green Canyon in Turkey, according to reviews has enough weighty advantages:

  • a pleasant chill after the sweltering heat of the coast;
  • magnificent landscapes;
  • comfortable conditions for recreation;
  • The possibility of inexpensive and tasty snacks in small cozy cafes;
  • a relatively small number of tourists in the morning hours.

This is a completely new experience compared to the usual beach vacation.

How do I get to Green Canyon?

Green Canyon is surrounded by major resorts, but there is no shuttle service. Therefore, it is easier to join one of the organized tour groups. They travel to the area in sufficient numbers during the high season. Such a trip would cost about 230-400 liras per person.

In the program:

  • a stop at the Oymapinar Dam;
  • A two-hour boat ride with a stop for bathing;
  • lunch at the cafe;
  • some free time for an independent walk.

The second option of excursions involves a trip in jeeps.

The road to the canyon is winding and quite difficult, some sections go literally on the edge of a cliff. But experienced drivers, who regularly take groups of sightseers here in tourist buses, it is not difficult to drive without unnecessary risk, slowly and accurately. Another thing is that you should not drive a rental car without a firm confidence in your driving skills. If you decide to go on your own, it is impossible to get lost. Green Canyon in Turkey on the map is easy to find, and all the turns are marked with clear and bright signs.

The reserve attracts hundreds of tourists from different countries and is appreciated by locals as well. The trip will certainly be remembered for inspiration, vivid impressions and stunningly beautiful photographs of the unique nature of this natural monument.

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