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Golden Buddha Mountain and Wat Yang Temples in Pattaya

Among the attractions of Pattaya, the most interesting are the temples, sculptures and images of the Buddha. The temple complex of Wat Yang and the Mountain of the Golden Buddha are 20 km from the city, include about 10 buildings of religious purpose, made in different styles. The mix of cultures is especially noticeable when looking closely at the facades. You can come here with a tour, but it is much more interesting not to limit yourself to the time frame and mandatory route, and take an independent journey and pay attention to each object.

The Mountain of the Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha Mountain, Pattaya

Gifts come in many forms, differing in theme, cost and scale. So the son of King Rama IX of Thailand prepared for his father on the half-century anniversary of his reign a “small” gift-168 meters seated Buddha, carved in two days on a mountainside using laser technology and lined with gold leaf. The Buddha on the Rock in Pattaya has become a popular attraction for tourists and an object of worship for Thais.

The Golden Buddha Mountain in Pattaya

The park is under the patronage of the royal family, and for the safety of the gift, military officers are constantly cruising there, suppressing the bad thoughts of others even before they appear. Access to the mountain of the Golden Buddha is free, no one demands payment. Nearby photographers are ready for a small price to take pictures of tourists and immediately give them ready-made photos on the background of the golden Buddha on the mountain in memory of Pattaya. The foot is decorated with a lush garden, in which two ponds were built. Lotuses bloom there, recognized as a symbol of purity and chastity.

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Wat Yang Temple Complex in Pattaya

At 2 km. from the mountain is the Wat Yang temple, which occupies 145 hectares. It combines a complex of buildings, gardens, monuments, lakes and is a sacred place for the inhabitants of the country. At the top of the mountain is a small chapel, with amazingly beautiful stained glass windows. Beneath its vaults is the footprint of the Buddha. To get to him have to climb a staircase of 300 steps, the sides of it braided stylized dragon bodies, and the top scorching sun. According to the beliefs, each step symbolizes a sin from which the soul gets rid, gradually gaining enlightenment. From the top there is a stunning view of the entire territory of the temple complex of Wat Yang, the picturesque surroundings and the mountain of the Golden Buddha.

Wat Yang, Pattaya

There are more than 200 sculptures of saints and gods, mythical heroes and great generals in the temple-museum of the Emperor of China. The gem of the collection is a collection of terracotta warriors.

Important! Entrance to many rooms is only possible barefoot, shoes are left in front of the threshold.

The courtyard resembles an open-air museum. It has a huge number of statues of Buddha, Chinese saints, Shaolin warrior-monks. The expositions on the second floor contain unique antiquities. The third floor is a picture gallery, the common theme of which was the stages of the Buddha’s enlightenment.

Wat Yang Temple Complex and the Golden Buddha Mountain in Pattaya

The collection of objects made from skulls will leave an unforgettable impression of a visit to the museum at the Wat Yang complex. Exhibits from Siam, Tibet, and India are impressive.

Not far from the mountain is a meditation park. It has become a pilgrimage site for monks seeking enlightenment and spiritual purification. There are pavilions by the water, beauty and peace reigns around, where there is no place for worldly vanity, greed and envy.

Worth considering! When going to the temple, you need to take care of appropriate clothing, in a T-shirt and shorts will not be allowed inside.

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How do I get to Wat Yang and the Golden Buddha Mountain?

Public transportation to the gate will not take, walking from Pattaya to the complex. Calling a cab is expensive, and the driver will not wait until the end of the walk either. The best option is to rent a car. It is best to have a map before the trip, it marks the mountain of the Golden Buddha, the temple, the surrounding area and the roads that lead to them. There are few visitors to the complex, most of them are monks, who are also rarely seen on the paths of the park and in the halls of the museum.

If you leave town heading south, after about 10 minutes you will see the Floating Market on the left, and then a sign to turn to the complex. All you have to do is drive about 15 km. The fork leads to the mountain or to the temple. It is convenient to navigate by the signs.

A visit to Wat Yang is often combined with a walk to the elephant village and a tour of Nong Nuch Garden.

Tourist reviews

Olga, 38 years old:

With my husband bought a trip to Pattaya and immediately booked an excursion to Wat Yang. We were brought in the morning, it was still cool and the walk was a great pleasure. We saw the image on the rock from a distance. It simply defies description, it is hard to believe that this miracle is only a little over 20 years old. Very beautiful garden at the foot of the mountain, well-groomed paths, fountains. The military patrols are a bit surprising, but on the other hand it is more peaceful when you know that they are guarding the monument and us at the same time.

Maxim, 26 years old:

The trip went by myself, I do not like the crowd and constant supervision, as in kindergarten. Drove quickly, indeed, there are signs everywhere, it is simply impossible to get lost. Spent a whole day in the complex, did not want to rush anywhere. In the inner courtyard of the temple, I wandered for a long time among the figures, they are so realistic that it gets a little creepy. I did not buy and release the fish, I think it is a great folly, first to catch and then release for money. Found the bells and made a wish. I hope it comes true.

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