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Geyniuk Canyon in Turkey

The picturesque gorge near Kemer is considered the main attraction. It used to be a trade road between Kemer and Antalya, stretching for 14km. The translation of its name poetically sounds like “a fertile valley in a place of sky-blue connection.” This is the name of the canyon of Geynyuk. A walk through it will give an amazing experience to those who have seen mountains only on the picture.

An overview of Geinyuk Canyon

The plain between the two major resort towns is known for its orange and pomegranate groves, the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and the unusual charm of unspoiled nature along the course of the Geyniuk River. Its murmuring is barely audible on a sunny day, it only gains strength after heavy rains, rushing down the channel in a powerful stream, and then turns back into a small quiet river. It is on such days it is worth planning a hike through the canyon, wearing comfortable shoes and set up in advance to admire the natural beauty.

Geyniuk Canyon in Turkey

The height of the walls of the gorge reaches 300-350 m, width about 6 meters, it stretches for about 14 km. On the slopes are clearly visible multicolored stripes formed by layers of rocks. They resemble a geological map showing the change of eras. Occasionally small streams flow down from above, having made their way into the soft layers of sandstone.

Geinyuk Canyon has the status of a national park, it has developed its own unique microclimate, inviting coolness with a slight touch of moisture. The trees growing on the bottom are impressive in their size and sprawling crowns. The entire space is saturated with moisture, so the vegetation is very rich and diverse. The bizarre outlines of the rocks surprise bright patches of moss, they are reflected in places in the calm water of small lakes, where you can swim during a walk through the canyon.

Excursion programs

Experienced travelers say that planning a hike in the gorge, you need to prepare not only comfortable shoes and clothes, but also money. Preferably bigger and smaller.

You must bring Turkish Liras, if you pay in dollars you may not get change.

The cost to enter the canyon will be 7 liras. Then the enterprising Turks are beginning to offer many additional excursions to deviate from the rest of the route, notify the need for equipment, which they are willing to provide for $ 8-15 and then said they can leave their belongings under supervision while passing the route. It’s not free either. But all the financial surprises are offset by an unforgettable experience of this natural monument.

Geynyuk Canyon, Turkey - tour overview, itinerary

The route is partly on dry trails. Also have to overcome a few dozen meters in the water, holding on to the rope or swim them in a boat, to get through a dark low cave. The path resembles a computer game, but the sharpness of sensation does not compare with a lifeless monitor. The route of the tour through the canyon on the Geynyuk River is designed for 2-3 hours. Add to that the obligatory rest in one of the most picturesque places of the park.

Take on a tour of small children should not, the route is quite dangerous for the unprepared person.

For tourists developed several different level of complexity programs. An ordinary walk at the entrance with a tour of the rocks costs 6 liras, no danger, and no special experience. They have to be followed much farther, past powerful boulders and wet slippery patches of soil where streams flow down the mountain slopes.

Walking tour overhead

It is designed for people with poor physical fitness, as well as for those who want to see the pristine beauty of nature, but in the most comfortable conditions. The upper path leads to a well-equipped observation deck, on the way there are often cafes and recreational areas, souvenir shop.

Route along the bottom of the canyon

For those who are confident in their abilities and crave a splash of adrenaline, developed a more interesting route, which runs along the river bed. Geyniuk Canyon on the map seems quite small, but the deceptive impression is dispelled after the first meters of the trail. The walk rarely lasts longer than 3 hours, is carried out with an escort, using special equipment.

Geynyuk Canyon, Turkey - description, reviews

Helmets, vests and shoes are issued before the tour begins. There are smaller sizes for children. For an additional fee silicone cases for equipment. Saving on such a small thing is not worth it, because part of the way will have to overcome by boat. The hiking trail leads past the river bed, at first it is quite comfortable to walk, but then you start to meet large wet boulders, fragments of rocks and rock placers. You have to walk slowly and carefully.

Approaching the waterfall is warned in advance by the noise of the water, it is heard a few minutes after the start of the path. The stream of water is very beautiful and spectacular, shining in the sunlight all the colors of the rainbow. Further on, the route leads through suspension bridges and stone crossings. On the first part of the trail, most hikers finish the walk by turning back.

The further path requires good physical training and climbing skills. The prize for the most courageous is to contemplate the powerful waterfall in the heart of the canyon.

How to get to Geinyuk Canyon?

The national park is located near the main resorts of Turkey:

  • To Kemer 7 km;
  • to Antalya 45;
  • From the village of Beldibi 8km.

It is most convenient to come as part of a tour. If you travel independently, you can use a shuttle bus, call a cab or rent a car. The driver of public transport should be warned in advance, specifying whether the route passes the right place. Signposts are installed at every turn, it is impossible to get off the road.

Geinyuk Canyon on the map

The choice of how to get to Geynyuk Canyon from Kemer or another city in Turkey depends on personal preferences and financial capabilities. It is worth remembering that the walk will not take more than 3 hours, very rarely tourists choose to walk the full route, requiring considerable effort and additional financial costs.

Video overview of Geynyuk Canyon

Few visitors come to Geinyuk Canyon in the winter. Everyone tries to choose the high season, starting in May and ending in late September. A delightful spectacle awaits those who come during the flowering of the gardens.

According to the reviews of tourists who have visited the national park, the most memorable thing is the admiration for the pristine nature that has remained unchanged since ancient times. A trip to Geynuk Canyon will become a vivid page in the album of memories of a holiday in Turkey.

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