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Germany – holidays for all tastes

Germany is in the central part of Europe. It’s the perfect tourist’s dream. It is in Germany where you will see the most beautiful and most amazing landscapes in the world.

Hills and plateaus, the highlands of the Alps and plains covered with emerald grasses and fragrant flowers, illuminated by the bright sun. Castles and fortresses, mysterious and picturesque. This land has preserved the spirit of many eras, has preserved many architectural and historical monuments, landmarks, theaters, museums.

On the territory of Germany there are many mud resorts, known curative properties of springs, marvelous pensions and resorts, upscale hotels. Medical facilities in Germany are equipped with the latest technology, and the staff working there are impeccably polite and experienced. These facilities have an extensive range of sports and recreational services. So if you want to improve your health, then look at this country.

And if you want to spend your vacations actively, there are many opportunities in Germany – you can do any kind of sport. On the coasts of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, you can surf, swim in a variety of pools. Tennis courts with a variety of surfaces are also available.

German villages

If you prefer something more unusual, you can play a round or two of golf or go horseback riding through the picturesque German countryside. You can even take a little airplane ride, or go canoeing on a river. You can also learn mountain climbing and make trips to the mountains.

In winter, sports such as snowboarding and skiing are popular in Germany. You can go skiing in the Bavarian Forest, in the Alps, in the Black Forest, in the Thuringian Forest and other picturesque places.

Germany was for a very long time not a single country, but a union of separate independent states, and therefore the cities here are very colorful and diverse. German cities are known for their ancient monasteries, mysterious castles, palaces of amazing beauty, churches in the Gothic and Baroque style and unique museums, which stand in first place in the world for the enormity of its collections.

Holidays in Germany

The city of Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is a kind of symbol of the unification of the country, which not so long ago consisted of two independent parts, separated by a wall. Berlin is not only the official capital of Germany, but also the capital of culture and entertainment, theaters and museums, the avant-garde and bohemia of the whole country.

Berlin has three opera houses, several chamber orchestras, several dozen drama theaters, and countless museums. You can visit the zoological garden or the Lichtenberg Zoo and look at bears, which are public favorites and a symbol of the city of Berlin, whose coat of arms depicts the same bear. Berlin’s main bear is officially the bear Thilo, who is kept in the Cologne Park.

On the ancient German territory you can see numerous cultural monuments that have passed through the centuries: monasteries, castles, churches, palaces. Any German city will open the doors of its museums and theaters to you.

Germany has always attracted the attention of tourists with its magnificent nature and distinctive centuries-old culture. Germany is the country for your perfect vacation.

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