Fukuoka Airport

Among the tourist areas of Vietnam, the island of Phu Quoc is becoming increasingly popular. Every year the sale of trips is increasing. Because of the increasing number of vacationers it was decided to open an international airport in Phu Quoc in Vietnam, which meets modern requirements and is able to take a large number of visitors.

Description of Fukuoka Airport

The notion of the kind of airport built in Fukuoka does not match what you see. The building seems disproportionately large for an island. It was built with the expectation of a further increase in flights. There is one passenger terminal, but it copes with the flow, so there are no large queues. Throughput up to 7 million. passengers per year. Well-tuned climate control creates a pleasant coolness, while waiting for the flight passengers are cozy and comfortable.

Phu Quoc Airport (Vietnam) - name and description

You can eat at several cafes, the prices are not much different from the beach food outlets, the range is diverse, from sandwiches to full lunch. In the baggage claim area there are ATMs of local banks. You can also withdraw money from the card in Duong Dong and some hotels.

The exchange rate at the airport is the most unprofitable, in addition, there is an impressive fee.

The inevitable souvenir departments are here, too. There is a brisk sale of pearls for those who forgot to buy a souvenir at the Pearl Farm or did not have time to visit the local market.

There is no accommodation near the airport, the first of the hotels are placed in Truong Dong, so if you leave early you will have to order a cab in advance online or at the hotel reception.


The modern, spacious and clean waiting room comfortably accommodates all arrivals, as it was built with a scope. There are soft anatomical chairs in the lounge area, free WiFi is available, and there are 2 grocery stores. The runway is designed to receive light and medium-sized aircraft.

Phu Quoc Island Airport

The departure board at Phu Quoc airport in Vietnam shows mainly domestic flights to:

  • Ho Chi Minh City;
  • Hanoi;
  • Kantho;
  • Bangkok;
  • Kuala Lumpur;
  • Ratzia.

The airport staff works smoothly and quickly, luggage will have to wait only 10-20 minutes, all bags are subject to inspection. If there is no luggage, they let you right out.

Official website

At vietnamairport.vn, it is very convenient to keep track of pre-boarding times, flight delays, weather, and the ratio of local time to Moscow time. This information is duplicated on the electronic board in the waiting room, as well as the names of the companies involved in the transportation. On the site you can choose a flight and book tickets by paying with any bank card.

How to get from the airport to the hotel

Airport in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

The new international airport in Phu Quoc is a 15-minute drive from the town of Truong Dong, which is almost an empty field. You can only get to the first accommodation by cab or motorcycle cab. The parking lot is 150 meters from the entrance, but cab drivers are the same in all countries of the world and guard potential passengers at the door. It’s up to everyone to choose what to get there by. The distance is short, it’s a matter of convenience and prestige.

A trip in a cab is estimated at 180 thousand dong, motorcycle cab will cost 150 thousand because there are only two seats. It is not worth the risk of walking, in the local heat of the road with things will take more than 2 hours. Parking for rental cars and bikes is still in the project.

Cab fares depend on the size and brand of the car.

There are no shuttle buses, the plan is to organize a transfer to the hotels, but for now, visitors solve the problem of travel on their own.

Phu Quoc - Airport

A large, modern and comfortable airport in Fukuoka awaits tourists from all over the world.

Fukuoka Airport Location on a Map

In 2012, the intention was realized, and now the planes land on a perfectly flat runway built with the latest technology. Before that there was also an airport, but it only hosted domestic flights. It was located almost within the city, which was convenient for passengers, but created certain difficulties for residents. The name, Zyongdong, is similar to the locality, VVPQ code is entered in the World Airport Coordinates Database. The map shows that it is located almost in the center of the island.

Airport on the map of Phu Quoc Island

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