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From Barcelona to PortAventura – all ways to get there

PortAventura is one of the most famous amusement parks in the world, very popular among adults and children. It is located 112 kilometers from Barcelona and is very popular. How to get from Barcelona to PortAventura?

From Barcelona by train

According to reviews of tourists train is the most comfortable mode of transportation, which can significantly save money on travel. By train you can leave early in the morning for PortAventura and return to the city in the evening.

In this case, it is the Renfe train that connects the Catalan capital and the theme park, running along the route Barcelona-Tarragona-Tortosa, it passes and stops near PortAventura.

You should leave Barcelona from one of the train stations:

  • Estacio de Franca,
  • Paseo de Gracia or
  • Estacio Sants.

Get off at the PortAventura station, just after the Terragona station if you are coming from Barcelona. If you ride for the first time, watch the scoreboard in the train, it displays its movement in detail, in real mode.

You can walk from the train station to the park in 5-7 minutes. Or you can take the wonderful colorful steam train of PortAventura and it will take you to the park for free. This locomotive is the right choice.

If you made a mistake and did not get off the train at the station, the next on the way is called Salou, you can get off at it. From Salou to the park is also not far, you can easily walk all the way in 20 minutes.

How to get to PortAventura

The first mentioned above electric train starts on the route to Tortosa at 09-30, this is the most convenient time for tourists, because. The next train leaves a little late, at 11:00. The travel time to the amusement park is an hour and a quarter.

A one-way ticket this summer costs €9.25 or 652 rubles.

The last electric train from the park to Barcelona leaves at 10 p.m. We recommend that you check the schedule on this website in advance, as. it changes every month. Buy tickets online and then show them to conductors via your smartphone.

From Barcelona by bus

To solve the problem in Spain there is a famous bus company Plana. Its buses go to PortAventura from El Prat airport and from stops in Barcelona, all listed on the website: www.busplana.com.

A bus ticket from Barcelona to the amusement park costs €15 or 1,057 rubles. Plana buses run from 07-30 to 20-00 almost hourly. The last stop is at the main entrance of PortAventura. Travel time is 2 hours.

From Barcelona by cab

How to get to PortAventura from BarcelonaYou can book a cab in advance when planning a trip to this amusement park. In this case, be sure that the cab will come for you exactly on time, no delays or failures exactly will not.

You can make a reservation in any online service, in Russia recently very popular is kiwitaxi.ru. In Barcelona a cab transfer costs on average €200. If you go as a group, it is absolutely inexpensive for Europe.

From Barcelona by rental car

It’s like taking a ride in your own car. Just enter the coordinates of the amusement park 41º05’15.46″N, 01º09’26.02″E into your navigator, and the car will take you there. By the way, the road is easy, you can go without a navigator, on the map or by asking cab drivers.

It is not difficult to rent a car. It is best to contact the rental office by phone or go to the official website of rental companies to further use the rented car during the whole vacation in Spain or the European Union:

  • Hertz,
  • Auto Europe,
  • Europcar,
  • Budge,
  • Rentalcars,
  • Avis,
  • Car-traveler, etc.

On the way to PortAventura there are several toll roads, so be prepared to spend a few euros. Travel time by car is about an hour and a half.

There is a paid parking lot near the park – €9 per day, some tourists park right by the road. In the High Season, there is a real pandemonium of cars near the park, standing on the far approaches to the park. From experience: renting a car in Barcelona costs €35-55 per day.

Transfer from PortAventura to the city

This service is provided by the park itself, you can order it yourself through the website


It is necessary if you decided to stay in the park longer, watch the evening show or missed the last train or bus.

Individual transfer is the most comfortable way to travel, because. It is strictly tailored to you, but it also costs considerably more – not less than €350. The car will come to the airport, to the hotel or other location specified by you.

It is convenient if you decide to spend the night in the park, then the morning, remembering to book a car in advance, no problem to go to Barcelona by individual transfer. However, you can order in the morning, just before you leave for town.

Hotels in PortAventura

It is recommended that you make hotel reservations in advance if you plan to entertain in the park for two or more days. Go to the official site of PortAventura and find a suitable hotel and room.

There are 4 or 5 star hotels in the park. You can buy in PortAventura a ticket to the park + hotel room. With this ticket you can go to the park all the time you stay at the hotel, without restrictions. Find important information here: booking.portaventura.com.

Many hotels are located near the park. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Florencia Salou;
  • Sol Costa Daurada;
  • PortAventura® Hotel PortAventura;
  • Ibersol Spa Aqquaria;
  • Hotel Dorada Palace;
  • PortAventura® Hotel Caribe;
  • Saval Spa Aqquaria Family Complex;
  • PortAventura® Hotel Gold River;
  • PortAventura Lucy’s Mansion;
  • PortAventura® Hotel El Paso;
  • PortAventura® Hotel Colorado Creek, etc.

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