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Freedom Beach in Phuket

Phuket leads the list of island resorts in Thailand. There are many beautiful places on the island, popular with tourists. One of them is rightly considered Freedom Beach. It is difficult to get to it, thanks to this small stretch of coast preserved pristine nature, untouched by civilization.

Freedom Beach Review

The island of Phuket is located in the southwest of Thailand, washed by the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean. The coastline consists of an almost uninterrupted succession of beaches considered some of the best in the country. The most famous are on the west and south coast of the island. Freedom Beach in Phuket is also located on the west side, not far from the famous Patong. There is a continuous atmosphere of celebration, even at night. The nearby coastline is a stark contrast.

Freedom Beach is hidden in a picturesque cove and protected by cliffs. On the land side, the approaches to it are closed by a real jungle. Officially it is not possible to drive up to the sand edge, but the locals know some detours. Nevertheless, tourists can only get to it on foot. It is necessary to pay an entrance fee.

Freedom Beach in Phuket

Freedom Phuket Beach is marked on the map as a small, rather isolated area. Indeed, among the eternal hustle and bustle of tourism, it is like an island of tranquility in a stormy sea of events. Those who are tired of the motley whirlwind of tropical resorts and want to join the imperturbable grandeur of nature come here. The fine clean sand caresses your feet, the turquoise water is a little cooler than fresh milk, almost to the water come up shady trees. Strictly speaking, there are two coves, one larger, the other more miniature. At low tide, you can walk between them in shallow water, where the water barely reaches the knee.

Care must be taken, the stones are covered with a thin layer of algae and are very slippery.

In fact, Freedom Beach is conventionally divided into small and main beach. The entrance to the water in both places is gentle, at low tide it becomes very shallow. The water is clear, you can see frolicking fry and colorful shells. Operate rental equipment for snorkeling, but to see something interesting at the edge of the shore is problematic, there is no coral and shipwrecks, and large representatives of fauna frightened frolicking bathers.


Most often the beach is visited for daytime recreation, going in the evening closer to civilization. Previously, the beach was considered wild and it was allowed to put tents on it. Now the alternative is a chain of hotels near the beach. There is no place to spend the night on it. The closest hotels are near Patong and Paradise beaches, so be sure to leave time for the return trip.

Prices and features of the holiday

You have to pay to enter the beach area, as this part of the beach is considered private territory. There is no special entertainment on it, you can safely swim without fear of speedboats and jet skis. There aren’t many outlets. These include several cafes and pavilions at the entrance selling fruit shakes, drinking water, and necessary trivia. Prices are average and almost no different from other beach areas.

You can focus on the most popular products:

  • 0.5 liter drinking water costs 30 baht;
  • coffee in the range of 70;
  • A seafood and noodle salad will cost 160 baht;
  • Calamari omelet, fried fish with curry, and chicken with vegetables are all priced at 180 baht.

You have to add another 10% service charge to the price tag.

It is interesting that in theory it is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks to the beach, but in practice no one pays much attention to it.

Café hours are limited. They open after 9:00 a.m. and are closed by 4:00 p.m. You need to order meals in advance, or the waiting time will stretch for an hour or more. Lunch is not allowed on the beach itself, the food is served only on the tables.

If you want peace and quiet, then come to the beach Freedom to 8 am, quietly rent a deck chair, choose a good spot in the picturesque shade and enjoy the solitude until 10-11. Then a flotilla of boats docks to the shore and begins a real tourist pilgrimage. In the afternoon there is a gradual outflow of holidaymakers. Before sunset, calm reigns again.

Freedom Beach in Phuket - overview, prices

To get colorful pictures you have to climb the stairs to the observation deck. Beautiful views from the path that connects the small and main beach. There are no local attractions worthy of a separate visit on the beach.

In winter, the sea is completely calm, the water surface freezes, like a huge mirror. And in the summer, high waves and strong tides are not uncommon. There is no lifeguard station, signs at the entrance to Freedom Beach warn that you have to swim without insurance and vacationers are responsible for their own safety on the water.

The lush tropical greenery around the sandy strip is misleading. After 10 a.m. the natural shadow almost disappears, shortening to an obscene size. We have to rent an umbrella in addition to the sun lounger or move farther from the water.

A vacation at Freedom Beach has its own charm. Unhurried flow of time, quiet atmosphere, the lack of noisy attractions and intrusive traders perfectly fits the idea of a paradise away from civilization.

How do I get to Freedom Beach?

There are several routes, they pass through water and land. On the Patong side of the gate, next to them is a ticket office, where you have to pay an entrance fee of 200 baht per vacationer. But there are other ways to arrive in paradise, and completely free of charge.

The most convenient way to get to Freedom Beach from Patong is considered by many to be the waterway. Renting a boat both ways will cost 1,500-2,000 baht regardless of the number of passengers. The capacity of the boat allows you to load on board up to 7-10 passengers.

To return from the beach without any problems, you need to agree in advance with the boatman about the time and place of the meeting, remember, or better write down the number of the boat. If you arrive at the beach from the sea, you do not have to pay the entrance fee. You can rent a kayak at Paradise Beach and paddle out on your own.

The overland route is also divided into several routes. The most affordable leads from Karong and Patong. In your own transport have to go to the entrance, there to pay for parking and the right to go to the beach. Cab and tuk-tuk fares are estimated at 250-400 baht. It is necessary to haggle before boarding the vehicle and carefully negotiate all the nuances, otherwise the cost magically almost doubles. It is more profitable to come by bike. Its daily rent is 200-300 baht. The amount depends on the capacity, technical condition of the vehicle and the rental period. The longer it is, the lower the daily fee. The bike parking lot is close to the beach, and it’s not much of a walk.

Freedom Beach on the map

For hikers, there is a convenient path leading from Patong to the northern end of Freedom Beach. It ends with a staircase with gentle steps. The latter lies right on the light sand. The distance of 2 km is easy to cover. Walking, admiring the surroundings, it can be passed in 30-40 minutes. There are also descents from the south and central part, but they are not very comfortable. But to return in the heat is not very comfortable, so you need to think in advance options with a cab or boat rental.

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