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Fishing on the Minsk Sea

The Minsk Sea is one of the largest reservoirs in Belarus, also called the Zaslavskoye Reservoir. On the northwestern part of this sea is organized canal for rowing and other professional and amateur water sports. Fishing on the Minsk Sea is possible in almost all places.

Maps of the Minsk Sea

Minsk Sea – one of the best places in Belarus for a comfortable tourist vacation, sports and fishing. This body of water is extremely favorite, both residents of this country and holidaymakers from Russia, Ukraine and other neighboring countries.

The Minsk Sea on the map of Belarus (interactive)

Detailed map

Detailed map of the Minsk Sea, Belarus

Map of the depths of the Minsk Sea

Map of the depths of the Minsk Sea, Belarus

History of the Zaslavl Reservoir

This reservoir was created in the middle of the last century to control floods and floods, the proper regulation of water flow of the Svisloch River. Before the appearance of an artificial sea there were floodplains of the rivers Ratomka, Chernyavka, etc.

Maps of the Minsk Sea

The distance from Zaslavsky reservoir to Minsk is about 17 km to the southeast. It is located on a hill. You can get to this body of water by car or by electric train, get off at the “Minsk Sea” stop.

The reservoir got its modern name after the town of Zaslavl, which stands on its shore. Nearby there is also a small village Ratomka, and here fishermen gather to do their favorite kind of recreation – fishing.

The banks of the Zaslavl reservoir are overgrown with bulrush and reeds. It has several bushy islets, on which the local gulls live, and in the spring, wild ducks arrive from the south, giving birth to their numerous offspring away from people.

Detailed maps of the Minsk Sea

The entire reservoir is about 10 km long and the maximum width is just under 5 km. Its depth averages just under 4 meters, the maximum depth is about 8 meters. The height of the reservoir above sea level is more than 200 meters.

At great depths, the bottom of the Zaslavl reservoir is mostly covered with silt, which is home to numerous species of native fish. At a depth of less than 2 meters the bottom is covered with sand, the shore is equipped with modern sandy beaches.

Fishing on the Minsk Sea

With the purpose of cultural rest on the shores of the artificial sea is built and actively operates many health centers, dispensaries, sports facilities, as well as the famous all over Belarus center “Youth”, where the youth has a rest.

Fishing in the Minsk Sea can be done both in winter and summer. It is really big, so you can always find a place away from people and indulge in their favorite pastime – fishing at any time of year.

Fishing on the Minsk Sea (Zaslavskoye Reservoir)

It is difficult to fish near the shore because. It is too shallow, so connoisseurs of this business often use a feeder tackle. But it is better to fish from a boat, sailing away from the shore in deep water at a fairly decent distance.

It is best to do this in good, windless weather, because. At a distance from the shore in the wind on the Minsk Sea there are quite large waves and even a semblance of storms, from which the fish prefer to go to the depths and wait out the bad weather.

Of course, this is not the sea, but a huge pond, so there live here exclusively freshwater fish: perch, redfin, crucian carp, pike, bream, roach, pikeperch, ruff, tench and others. Everything is like in the middle belt of Russia. There are a lot of crabs in the Minsk Sea.

Local fish fry are regularly released into the Zaslavl reservoir.

Belarusians are quite reverent about replenishing their numbers and breeding. And vacationers and fishermen from neighboring countries love to fish here.

Video of fishing on the Zaslavl reservoir

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