Fishing in Goa

Goa is a popular Indian resort, attracting tourists with its affordable prices, warm ocean and clean sandy beaches. Vacationers can choose both passive recreation and active leisure options for all tastes. Fishing in Goa is a great way to diversify your pastime, get to know the local fish fauna and get a lot of experience that will last until your next vacation. You can plan a trip at any time of year.

Peculiarities of fishing in Goa

Unlike Russia and other European countries, fishing in Goa is not an entertainment and a pleasant pastime. After tourism services is no less important trade for residents of the state, providing an income for many families.

Fishing is a way of life and an integral part of Goan culture. The first fishing villages appeared since the development of the coast of people. Decades later, many families depend on the sea for their livelihood – without a good catch, there is no prosperity.

True fans of fishing will not leave indifferent fishing in another country, especially in the Indian Ocean. This is not only a pleasant pastime, but also an opportunity to meet exotic representatives of ichthyofauna.

Fishing in Goa, India

The Goan coast stretches for 110 km along the Arabian Sea. The coastal area is built up with beaches and villages, but this does not prevent you from finding a place to fish. There are also 11 rivers and freshwater lakes lining the state. Conventionally, the coast is divided into North and South Goa.

Many Goans prefer to fish with nets, less often using bottom fishing. Early in the morning (4-5 o’clock) Indians take boats to the open sea. They return at about 8 or 9 o’clock to give the catch to the owners of cafes and restaurants. Local fishermen rarely go fishing during the day.

Those who plan to fish in order to taste exotic seafood is cheaper to visit a cafe or restaurant. Fishing tours are more like entertainment – excursion to the open sea, diving (often included), dolphin watching. The money given for the boat or yacht is enough for more than one tasting of culinary masterpieces.

Fishing from the shore

Fishing in Goa

Fishing from the shore is the easiest and most budget-friendly option for fishing. The maximum you have to spend money on is the rental of gear and the road to your destination. Although, some fishermen prefer to bring their own gear. Modern spinning gear fits in the suitcase without any problems, but fishing rods have to be turned in and paid for as oversized luggage. If the fishing is planned as a one-time entertainment, it is easier and cheaper to buy everything at the resort or rent it.

You can fish from the shore in any village, often within walking distance of the hotel. But there are a few places that true fishermen will appreciate.

  • Palolem Beach is one of the few places where vacationers have not reached. The beach, surrounded by jungle and headlands, is jokingly called “The Last Refuge” by the state’s natives. If fishing from shore, squid as bait is recommended. Food and water are better to take with you, but if necessary, you can buy everything from locals.
  • The Tirakol River is a great place for quiet fishing and recreation. Goans can sit on the beach all day long. Experienced fishermen can spend the night on the river. The ichthyofauna of Tirakol is diverse, varying with the seasons.
  • Colva Beach is where true fishermen gather. There is almost no infrastructure, but there is no crowding of holidaymakers. We are pleased with a large assortment of tackle, which can be purchased at an affordable price.

Fishing in Goa in India from the shore

You can rent gear – there are rental points on the coast. The natives can also provide equipment. But most Indians do not have the money to buy good tackle, and they make their own rods and other equipment. Inexperienced campers will not be very comfortable using such gear.

Squid, small fish, shrimp will do as bait. They can be purchased on the beach at an affordable price.

Catching from a yacht

Such a service is offered by travel agencies, hotels, residents of the surrounding villages. This is the most expensive of all fishing options in Goa. The tour costs an average of $300 per person. The price is formed on the basis of the class of the boat, the duration of the trip, additional services.

The fishing tour begins in the morning – tourists are picked up from the hotel and escorted to the place of departure. Participants do not need to worry about tackle and bait, everything is included in the cost of the tour.

Fishing in North and South Goa

Participants can always count on the help and advice of an instructor. Drinks and snacks are provided, and alcohol can be ordered for a fee. You can take the catch with you, then take it to the cafe, where the chefs will cook fish for a small fee.

It is much cheaper to fish from a boat. The group consists of 3-4 people and an experienced instructor. The tackle and bait are usually included in the price of the fishing trip. Accompanying person will show “fish” places, will give the necessary recommendations. It is recommended to take water and a snack, but it is better to clarify the nuances of food when ordering a tour.

Even cheaper to rent a boat from locals. The option of independent fishing in Goa in the open sea is suitable only for experienced fishermen. If you haggle well, you can rent a boat for a symbolic price. Goan fishermen are happy to share their experiences and tell the subtleties of fishing.

When do I go to sea?

When planning a hunt for exotic fish, you need to consider the tides, when the water level changes up to 2 meters. The most intense tides are observed during the full moon. This is a good time to hunt sea predators. Information boards with tide tables are installed on most beaches. Information can also be obtained from the hotel.

Daytime is not the best time to fish in Goa. Because of the heat, most of the ichthyofauna lay on the bottom. Optimal time for fishing – 4-5 hours in the morning. The fish are hungry overnight, which allows you to get a good catch in a short time.

Fishing in Goa from the shore

The state is located close to the equator. It gets dark as fast as it gets light. A few minutes after sunset there is complete darkness. This should be taken into account when planning an evening hunt for the gifts of the sea.

True fishing fans will appreciate fishing in South Goa. This is a sparsely populated part of the resort, but it has the necessary infrastructure – hotels for all budgets, cafes and restaurants, stores. This is a true paradise for travelers who want a break from the bustling metropolis, but with comfort. The northern part of the state is more suitable for active leisure – there are 24-hour bars, discos until morning, water attractions, etc.

What kind of fish are there?

The Arabian Sea is famous for its rich underwater world. You can also get a good catch by going fishing at the mouths of rivers and freshwater lakes.

Of marine ichthyofauna more often found tuna, mackerel, sardine, sea bass, dorado, trout. Shrimp, oysters, crabs and lobsters are caught in the coastal waters. The rivers are inhabited by barb, river perch, perch and maschir.

Unfortunately, uncontrolled fishing by nets for commercial purposes is not the best way to affect the number of inhabitants of the sea depths. In recent years, it is increasingly rare to find large specimens of 10-15 kilograms. More and more often caught small fish – there is not much to eat in them, except for the pleasure of the process.


Goa - fishing

No less popular entertainment at the resort – diving. The underwater world of the Arabian Sea is diverse. There are turtles, colorful fish, cuttlefish, rays and sharks, clams, sea urchins, exotic algae and corals.

Diving services are available in many hotels, and there are diving clubs.

Travel to the underwater world can both beginners and experienced divers. The price of a dive depends on the set of services. The price usually includes training, equipment, transfer to the island and the dive. For an additional fee you can order shooting, hunting, etc.

The ideal place for diving is not the beaches of the state, and the small islands away from the coastline for several kilometers. The water there is calm, the view is good. The beaches are sandy bottom and a lot of algae, because of the constant tides are very poor visibility. It is difficult to see the inhabitants of the underwater world.

Video review of fishing in Goa

There are many ways to go fishing in Goa – as part of a tour group, with Indian fishermen, on a rented boat or try your luck from the shore. Fishing in an Indian resort is primarily a fun pastime. Going on a fishing trip, it is worth bringing a hat and cream with maximum sun protection.

It is recommended to take care of the first aid kit. You need to take at least a minimal kit with you – hydrogen peroxide, plaster, bandages. Alcohol on the eve and during the tour is not recommended. This will have a negative effect on the quality of the catch and on how you feel.

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