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Fish Market in Pattaya

Pattaya is located on the Gulf of Thailand, and fishing is a major source of income along with tourism and entertainment industries. The fish market in Pattaya is called a gourmet paradise. Its assortment is vast, the area is huge, and the sellers are so professional that they can literally estimate any catch with their eyes closed with a minimum margin of error.

What can a tourist expect at Pattaya Fish Market?

Arriving in Thailand, many tourists the very next day think they are tired of being surprised. But each new day only enhances the admiration and amazement, as this is what the tourism business in the country is based on. It is not interesting to go where everything is familiar and expected, but Pattaya constantly keeps vacationers waiting for the unusual.

The question of where is the fish market in Pattaya will be answered by anyone living in the city, because it is not just a retail outlet, but one of the most popular attractions.

Pattaya Fish Market

It is located in the northern part, the area is called Naklua. The place was not chosen by chance, from the piers constantly go fishing boats. It only takes a few hours from the time of catch to the beautiful placement of the product on the counter. In the elite restaurants from here are delivered in the literal sense of the word “live fish.

To those who get up early, this stunning sight is revealed in all its glory. The first customers are flocking in by 6 a.m. Vendors and suppliers start even earlier. In the cool of the morning the most lucrative deals are made, selling large quantities of goods for wholesalers, but tourists are sure to be lucky if you remember the simple rules:

  • Putting on beautiful clothes and stylish shoes is a thankless task, it is better to choose something as comfortable and unmarked as possible;
  • The earlier you arrive at the trading floor, the more interesting the experience will be;
  • The trading process is central, prices are initially inflated, and those who buy without haggling are not respected and may be slipped goods that are not first-fresh;
  • Before you make a purchase, you should definitely walk around the rows and check out similar products in different places.

In many cafes and street eateries there is a wonderful service, self-brought fish or seafood will be prepared according to any recipe, provided that the institution ordered a drink or side dish.

Hours and assortment of the Naklua Fish Market

Experienced travelers advise newcomers to treat the bustle and diversity of the market as if they were going to a museum, otherwise you won’t be able to get out before 6 p.m. Working time is 12 hours with an unspoken break to receive a new shipment at lunchtime.

Fish Market in Pattaya - how to get there

The fish market in Naklua covers quite a large area on the map. In real life, it is even larger, because after the opening, vendors are still pulling up to the sales area, forming spontaneous rows long before the approach to the official border of the counters.

The attention of buyers are offered:

  • fish;
  • calamari;
  • lobsters;
  • lobsters;
  • mussels;
  • shrimp;
  • cuttlefish;
  • snails;
  • crabs.

Naklua Fish Market, Pattaya

There are no overtly poisonous species on the market, but many require a special method of preparation.

Current prices and discount system

According to reviews, the Naklua Fish Market in Pattaya is considered one of the cheapest in price and richest in choice. The quality of the product is close to perfect. Compared with domestic supermarkets, you can buy seafood there at very reasonable prices.

Where is the Fish Market in Pattaya - opening hours and how to get there

Thus, the most popular seafood is sold:

  • fish – 50 baht;
  • shrimp – from 170;
  • crabs – 180;
  • mussels – 40.

With a large purchase it is possible to get a substantial discount. Since the competition is high and the products are perishable, by the second half of the day the prices gradually go down, but it is also difficult to vouch for the quality of the goods. In addition to the fresh, sometimes floating in containers assortment offered dried, dried, salted seafood and fish, canned.

How to get to the fish market in Pattaya?

From the city center, take Nakua beach as a landmark. From there it’s easier to figure out how to get to the target, remembering that it’s to the north, near the piers. The second clue on the way to it will be a ring of dolphins. The general flow of traffic and the growing noise of large crowds of people will lead further. It is most convenient to take a tuk-tuk or call a cab.

Fish Market on a map of Pattaya

If you just want to see one of the largest seafood markets, it’s worth tuning in to the inevitable travel expenses. It is not profitable to come here regularly from far away; shopping will cost much more than in a supermarket because of the price of travel. But if a hotel or hostel is located near a shopping site, the problem of food for the entire vacation will be solved cheaply and elegantly.

Video overview of the fish market in Pattaya

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