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Excursions on the River Kwai

The River Kwai flows in the northwest of Thailand through the province of Kanchanaburi. She gained her world fame with David Lean’s The Bridge Over the River Kwai (1957), which won seven Oscars, and today is considered one of the most popular films.

Thailand’s tourism business immediately organized historical and entertaining excursions to the River Kwai. There’s a lot to see besides the bridge. Tourists on this river can learn about the culture, religion, history and nature of Thailand.

Film “The Bridge Over the River Kwai

The film

This film about World War II is ranked 13th among the top 100 American films, and has been seen all over the world. Today the River Kwai and the bridge over it are very popular among foreign tourists vacationing in Thailand.

Travelers from Europe and America make real pilgrimages to the bridge on the River Kwai. Excursion companies offer them many historical excursions to the River Kwai, recounting the horrors of Japanese militarism during the war.

But Russians have little interest in this film, so there are no stops to see the bridge in Russian-language tours from Pattaya along the River Kwai. The existing concrete bridge is not the one in David Lean’s film. There was a set in the form of a wooden bridge.

Excursion to the River Kwai

Excursion to the River Kwai - only positive emotions

Excursion to the River Kwai from Pattaya has long been a mandatory part of the tour program in Thailand. Few Russian tourists have not taken an active part in it, thanks to its diversity and versatility.

During the tour you can:

  • visit the village on the water and the floating market;
  • visit a Buddhist temple (vata) and see the mummy of a monk;
  • swim in the Erawan waterfall;
  • to spend the night in a hotel on the water;
  • rafting on the River Kwai on rafts or barges;
  • visit thermal radon springs;
  • Visit an elephant farm, where you can ride elephants, etc.

Excursion to the River Kwai will be a real discovery of this country, will bring a lot of new impressions about Thailand and knowledge about it. You will be immersed in an atmosphere of adventure, you will be satisfied and you will never forget this exotic journey.

The River Kwai on a map of Thailand

The River Kwai on a map of Thailand

Tour itinerary on the River Kwai

The River Kwai flows through the Kanchanaburi province of Thailand, and the starting point of the tour is in Pattaya. A small bus with a Russian-speaking guide arrives early in the morning and the journey begins.

Village on the Water and Damnon Saduak Floating Market

River Kwai itinerary - 1. Village on the water and Damnon Saduak Floating Market

This is the first stop on the River Kwai. In front of you a real Thai market on the water and near the houses where the local sellers and buyers live. Here you can observe the real everyday life of the indigenous people of this country.

Tourists explore the market right from the boat and buy something to remember it with: elephants, pictures, local straw hats, etc. You can buy food and fruit. There is no intrusive business on the market, but haggling is recommended.

Wat Tham Sua Temple

Wat Tham Sua Temple - Tour of the River Kwai

Next on the tour route along the River Kwai is a visit to the Buddhist temple of Wat Tam Sua. It stands on the bank of the river, and to get into it, you have to climb a staircase with at least 200 steps.

This waft contains the mummy of a monk who once served here. It has been lying in a glass coffin for 40 years and is not decaying. Nearby you can see the cave where this monk lived almost all his life, praying to his gods.

Erawan Falls

Erawan Falls on the River Kwai (Thailand)

After a hearty lunch further along the course on the River Kwai, you can explore and swim in several cascades of the Erawan waterfall. It is surrounded by the national park of the same name, which requires more than one day to explore.

River Kwai Paradise Hotel

River Kwai Paradise Hotel on the Kwai River Tour Route

This concludes the first day of the Kwai River excursion in Thailand, tourists check into bungalows on the water. It is a very exotic and romantic place, a paradise for true aesthetes: murmuring river all night long, morning fog, etc.

River rafting

River Kwai - Rafting the River Kwai

After breakfast, tourists are handed life jackets, they are instructed and go to rafting on the river or barge. According to reviews, this part of the Kwai River tour is one of the most delightful and memorable.

Thermal sources

Thermal springs are visited during a tour of the River Kwai

Further on the tour route along the River Kwai travelers waiting for bathing in the real hot radon baths. In fact, the concentration of radon there is small, but a positive experience – extremely much.

Sai Yok Falls

Amazing Sai Yok Waterfall in Thailand (River Kwai)

Next on the course of the tour of the River Kwai in Thailand is a visit to another waterfall. Next to it stands an old steam locomotive, the remnants of the Japanese railroad that once ran through Thailand.

Elephant Farm

The Kwai River itinerary includes a visit to an elephant farm

The entire trip along the River Kwai, according to tourist reviews, is worth this wonderful elephant entertainment. At the farm you can ride an elephant, talk to the little elephant, bathe him, and then take pictures together.

This concludes the two-day excursion to the River Kwai from Pattaya. All the interesting sights seen during this trip, it is impossible to list, just go and see them yourself.

Excursion to the River Kwai may include other routes. Many guides introduce tourists to the ancient capital of Siam Ayutthaya, located next to the river. There you can see the ruins of ancient palaces and temples.

There is also a variant of the tour route, when instead of bungalows on the water for the night you choose houses on land. It depends on the time of year in Thailand. After all, in the Low Season, it’s pretty chilly to spend the night by the water.

How much is a trip to the River Kwai from Pattaya?

How much is a trip to the River Kwai from Pattaya?

During the high season the cost of such an excursion is from 3,000 Thai Baht, i.e. from $95, and in the Low Season – from 2,000 Thai Baht, i.e. From $65. Each time you should check the current prices on the websites of travel agencies.

The cost of the tour on the River Kwai includes almost everything:

  • three meals a day,
  • boat rental,
  • tickets for all performances,
  • transfer by bus,
  • Russian-speaking guide, etc.

What to take on a tour of the River Kwai?

Don’t forget:

  • swimsuits,
  • a change of clothes,
  • hats,
  • sunscreen,
  • insect repellent,
  • first aid kit.

If you go on an excursion to the River Kwai not as part of your tour, and bought it separately, then do not forget to buy medical insurance. Your tour operator is responsible for your health problems only within the scope of his list of excursions.

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