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Excursions in Halkidiki

Excursions to Halkidiki is better to start with a walk around Thessaloniki. The sightseeing tour begins from the White Tower, which is a symbol of the city, the castle square, where the operetta and drama theater are located. On the shore of Theseus Bay stands a monument to the Great Alexander, conqueror of the world and the greatest king of all time.

In the history of Macedonia, since the Trojan War, there has been Alexander the Great and the Romans, from whom the triumphal avenue of Gnaeus Ignatius, the arch of Caesar Galerius, and the Rotunda remain. There were also Byzantines who created cathedrals and temples in Macedonia. The most famous of the surviving Byzantine temples is the basilica of St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki, the patron saint of the city.

The tour ends at the Acropolis, which is surrounded by a fortress wall. The entire city is surrounded by the same wall. From here you have a beautiful view of the blue bay of the Aegean Sea, and the ancient capital, located around the sea amphitheater. The cost of the tour is about 30 euros per person.

Cruise around Mount Athos

Excursions in Halkidiki

The tour begins at a small marina on the peninsula of Halkidiki. From the sea you can see the coast of Mount Athos. This mountain is a true monastic state.

The tour then continues to the western slope of Mount Athos, where you can see the impressive Byzantine monasteries. For swimming in the sea, and lunch, there is a stop in the town of Ouranoupoli. There is always a musical show for children and adults. If the Lord of the Seas Poseidon wishes, sea gulls and dolphins will also take part in the show. Such a tour costs about 45 euros per person.


Excursions in Halkidiki

The City of Zeus – Dion – a whole archaeological complex, where the ruins of the sanctuaries of the ancient gods. Here worshipped Dionysus, the patron saint of vines and merriment, Demeter, the majestic Isis, Hera the Wolf, and the other gods of Mount Olympus.

Then visit Olympus, the very mountain where, according to Greek myths, all 12 gods lived. On the way, make a stop at Zeus Thermal Springs, where public urinals from ancient times and mosaics are preserved.

Mount Olympus is covered with a forest. It has a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea.

The tour ends at the ancient city of Dion, which is located at the foot of the mountain. This is where Alexander the Great began his campaign. It is worth admiring the Temple of Isis, the Odeon and the amphitheater.

Petralona Cave

Excursions in Halkidiki

At the foot of Mount Katsika, on the road to Halkidiki, is the cave of Petralona. There is a museum near the cave, and there are amazingly beautiful stalactites and stalagmites inside. In the museum are collected tools of primitive man, samples of rocks, exhibits from the life of the cavemen. This small anthropological museum is the only one in Europe.

On the way back you should stop in the town of Nea Mudanya. The cost of the tour is 35 euros per person.

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