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Egyptian Market in Istanbul

The Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul, also called the Spice Market, is located in the historical part of this ancient city. It is the second largest market after the Grand Bazaar, and is considered a must-see for tourists.

History of the Egyptian Bazaar

The bazaar was erected in the mid-17th century at the behest of Sultan Turhan’s mother. This building originally belonged to the architectural complex of the New Mosque, and even today it has several domes covered with lead paint.

Egyptian Bazaar in IstanbulLater the building was called the New Bazaar, because it was the most important building of the city. The first of the two was to specialize in Indian spices, which Istanbul residents associated with Egypt. The market has burned several times during its history and recovered again.

Not much has changed here since the distant New Age. The building has six large exits, it’s easy for a newcomer to get lost. You can buy not only great spices, but also many household products: dishes, furniture, fabrics, etc.

Where is the Egyptian Bazaar and how to get there?

The main entrance to the bazaar can be found on Istanbul’s Yemineniye Square in the historic part of the city, just behind the New Mosque. The most convenient way to get there is to take the high-speed streetcar. At Eminonu station there is a stop of this streetcar route.

The Egyptian Bazaar is located in the European part of Istanbul. To get here from the Asian part of the city, you can use the ferry that takes passengers to the pier of Yeminenyu.

Egyptian Bazaar on the map of Istanbul

Tourists can purchase a sightseeing tour of the Egyptian Bazaar, accompanied by Russian-speaking guides. It costs about $30. There are more expensive tours, during which you can visit all the eastern bazaars of Istanbul.

And the best thing is to invite a native of the city to go shopping with you. It will help you find cheaper and better products, as well as negotiate discounts with sellers. At the entrance to the market you will see a sign “Misir Carsisi 1664”, the place is hard to confuse.

Goods at the Egyptian Bazaar

The main product of the Egyptian Bazaar (Misir Carsisi) is oriental spices, spices, sweets, delicacies from India and other Eastern countries, which were previously brought through Egypt to the Ottoman Empire, and then – to Europe and Russia.

This market is divided into open and closed parts. Crowds of shoppers look around, price and buy items inside the building. And the locals are not afraid of the hot Turkish sun, looking for and selling goods in the open aisles near the building.

There are at least a hundred shops and stores daily, and it’s hard to go around and look at all of them at once. However, we strongly recommend to visit this market to see the real Turkey and breathe its fragrance.

At the Spice Market you will inhale the unique smell of freshly brewed Turkish coffee and the aromas of real Indian spices and see a colorful crowd of Turks and visitors from all over the world. This is the only reason to visit beautiful Istanbul.

Oriental Sweets

There are extremely many of them at the bazaar. Here you can buy delicious baklava, churchella, lukum and candies of all kinds, all costing up to 70 liras, for every taste and purse, relatively inexpensively. Fight with his own weight on a vacation in Turkey, you will definitely not succeed.

To quench your thirst, visitors to the Egyptian Bazaar can try the local fragrant tea. Freshly squeezed juices are quite inexpensive – 1 Turkish lira per glass, children will love them.


In order to please your friends, family and relatives in Russia with gifts, be sure to walk through this bazaar in Istanbul visit its rows, stalls and stores offering tourists souvenir products.

Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul, TurkeyBuy trendy today hookahs and copper coffee makers, board games, local handicrafts from wood, children’s toys, so popular with us Turkish clothing, shoes, etc.

You will be offered a huge selection of oriental fabrics, home decorations, original local costume jewellery, gold items, decorative plates, etc. Some gifts will cost only a few liras.


The choice of tableware on the Egyptian market is huge, from festive to everyday, from ceramic to plastic. Russian housewives who love quality tableware and kitchen utensils will simply love it.

Here you will find many mortars of different sizes for making local dishes and coffee, quality plastic utensils for country picnics, wonderful baking molds, etc.


The Egyptian bazaar in Istanbul is famous for its teas of all colors. Many are known for their medicinal properties: improving the digestive system, calming the nervous system, rejuvenation, etc.

The Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul is an amazing placeYou can enjoy the teas yourself at the market or invite your friends and family to consume them together, take them with you to your hotel or bring them to Russia and treat yourself at home. Another Turkish celebrity is olive oil.

Video overview of the Egyptian Bazaar

It is an extremely colorful place where you will definitely feel the real Turkey and, after talking to people, be sure to come back to this wonderful country, Istanbul to the Spice Market again and again.

Here you are offered a huge range of products, many of which are simply unique. Their prices are noticeably lower than in street stores.

The Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul is open every day.

Tourists visiting Istanbul for the first time are advised to book rooms in advance at one of the hotels located near the market using Booking.com or other similar services.

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