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Duong Dong Town in Fukuoka

Duong Dong is the capital of the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc. It is the largest city, with at least eighty thousand people. The city has many attractions, itself a significant tourist center.

The city of Duong Dong in Phu Quoc stands on the banks of the river of the same name, surrounded by beautiful tropical nature. Here you can see Buddhist temples, white sand beaches, fish factories, traditional night markets, etc.

Description of Duong Dong in Fukuoka

Phu Quoc in Vietnam is also called Pearl Island, it is the largest and most famous tourist island in this tropical country, having a length of almost 50 km. The marine reserve near Fukuoka is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Duong Dong City in Vietnam - Phu Quoc

The capital of Fukuoka, Duong Dong City, is itself a landmark. In it today is being built a modern transport infrastructure, according to reviews of tourists Fukuok and its capital, thanks to the roads, becomes the center of tourism in Southeast Asia.

The infrastructure allows tourism to flourish in Fukuoka. With its status as the island capital, this city plays a significant administrative role in Vietnam and attracts public money here.

Duong Dong Beach - Phu Quoc

There is an international airport near the city, which transports a huge number of tourists, cargo and goods to the mainland and back to the island every year. Today a large-scale reconstruction of the air harbor is underway.

In Duong Dong city you can find many stores, including boutiques, there are shopping centers and real oriental bazaars. Therefore, Fukuoka has a place to indulge in shopping, one of the attractions of modern tourists.

Duong Dong City on the map of Fukuoka


Night Market in Duong Dong - Vietnam

Duong Dong City on Phu Quoc has a huge number of interesting places that you just can’t miss when traveling in Vietnam. For example, it is the Kau Castle, a religious symbol of the whole country.

Duong Dong - Phu Quoc

In the famous night markets of Southeast Asia, you can get to know a particular country and its people better. There are plenty of fresh fish and sea creatures. At the market you can buy handicrafts, watch and listen to the local dances and songs.

Duong Dong Beach in Fukuoka

Around Duong Dong there are white sandy beaches.Throughout Fukuoka there are many primeval forests and clean freshwater springs. This island is called a true tropical paradise, but it has its drawbacks.

Negative aspects of Duong Dong

  1. There are quite a few old buildings from Soviet times, and the beaches often have piles of garbage. But Duong Dong is gradually built up with new houses, cleared, become livable and quality tourism.
  2. The Duong Dong River, which runs through the city, is extremely dirty. So try not to swim in it or go boating. You can get various infections, and medicine in Vietnam is still underdeveloped.
  3. Be careful on the streets of Duong Dong as you stroll through the city. There are a lot of thieves working here, they can snatch your purse at any time and drive away on a moped. Do not mess with beggars, they can easily take your wallet.

Duong Dong Video Tour

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