Diving in Goa

Among the popular entertainment in India, diving holds a leading position. From October to mid-March comes the peak season. Diving in Goa is suitable for beginners and experienced divers. Those who want to join this fascinating occupation, but do not yet have experience and knowledge, are invited to diving centers, where training is carried out.

Diving in South and North Goa

Underwater travel is available to both beginners and experienced divers. If you have no experience, but really want to try, you can go to any dive center, where they give theoretical and practical classes.

On the coast itself you can only learn the basics of diving.

The coast is flat, covered with sand, which makes visibility very poor. There are algae that make it difficult to move and obscure the view.

To enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of Goa usually go to the islands:

  • Grande;
  • Agatti;
  • Netrani.

For beginners, Agatti is most often recommended. Experienced divers and masters prefer more interesting and challenging conditions near the Grande. Each of the islands has its own attractions.


Water transparency is high, visibility reaches 30 m, so beginners do not even have to make much effort to see the bright tropical fish scurrying around the coral reef, huge turtles and sharks, swimming in the distance, but not risking to approach people. The first dive brings an unforgettable experience.


The island is 200 km away. from Goa in the state of Karnataka. In terms of popularity ranks second, there are programs for beginners, but mostly it gathers masters with a lot of experience. The most challenging site-The Abyss-is also known as Grand Central Station and Jenny’s Aquarium.


The underwater world of Goa with divingThe road from Goa to the island takes about 15-20 minutes. The average visibility reaches 7 m, the depth varies from 8 to 22 m. There are many shipwrecks around the island, which are practically unexplored. They are very interesting objects. Dives are recommended for experienced divers and masters.

For beginners, too, there are several options, but they are carried out only when accompanied by an instructor. Simple ones include Susie’s Shipwreck. Depths from 3 m, around inhabited by parrot fish, groupers, platacas, sweetbugs, rays, small sharks. The dive point is a wreck, the metal hull lies in shallow water, visibility is good, the descent is accessible to beginners.

Also of interest:

  • The grave of the sailors;
  • A shake-up suitable for all levels of training;
  • A sanctuary among the rocks;
  • Bounty Bay;
  • Wharf.

St. George

There are several diving bases, there are schools for beginners. The shoreline is fully compliant for first dives. Depth varies from 7 to 20 m, visibility in some places reaches 19-20 m. The high season is from October to April.

Training is often combined with fishing, biting is good, shrimp are used for bait. Among the prey are sea bass, salmon, with rare luck you can catch a barracuda.

Diving centers in Goa

Diving in Goa, India

Not everyone brings diving equipment, and some tourists have only heard rave reviews about diving in Goa and have no practical experience. For them are working training courses on diving techniques, rental equipment. The centers are open almost in every hotel, on the beaches, near the marinas.

The choice is huge, there is not a big difference in price. The best places to learn the tricks of the trade are St. George and Agatti. There is good visibility, not too many people, there are places for descending beginners, there are experienced instructors. Most importantly, around these islands near Goa is always clean clear water, good visibility of the bottom, on the territory there are sunken ships, where a variety of fish, mollusks, starfish found a home.

Diving in South and North Goa

Training centers are especially popular among vacationers:

  • Bangaram;
  • Dive Goa;
  • Barracuda Diving.

Near them are comfortable hotels, running restaurants, stores and entertainment centers.

Consumption of any alcoholic beverages the day before the dive is prohibited.

Cost of services

For beginners, the standard course lasts two days. The program includes two dives of 45 minutes each. The average cost of tuition is $50-70. It already includes the rental of equipment and the work of an instructor. You can go for training on the islands or go to the diving center at the hotel. After successful learning of theory and comprehension of the practical part is issued certificate PADI.

The appeal of diving in Goa

Diving while on vacation in Goa

First of all, underwater diving brings a lot of unusual experiences, among the advantages of Goa for diving there are several important.

  1. At varying distances from the coast of Goa, there are many shipwrecks from various historical periods on the seabed. Those belonging to the time of World War II, in most cases, are not even examined. Also found are the remains of Arab, Portuguese military and merchant ships. These sites are of keen interest to experienced divers.
  2. During the dive you can see the rich underwater world, coral reefs, exotic fish and shellfish, feel the breath of the sea as a single organism.
  3. The water temperature holds steady at +25 degrees, waves are rare. Away from the coast of Goa, visibility is excellent, reaching 25-30 m, so nothing is hidden from the keen eye of the diver, you can consider the smallest details.

The Underwater World of the Arabian Sea

Diving - Goa, India

Around each island near Goa has developed its own ecosystem. Somewhere there is a larger population of starfish, in another bay more common parrot fish, but in general the flora and fauna is very rich and when diving can be seen:

  • barracuda;
  • shark;
  • wings;
  • mullet;
  • urchin fish;
  • cuttlefish;
  • lucians;
  • crabs;
  • spinoffs.

Long remember the colorful coral reefs with the colorful fish circling around them. Beginning divers should consider that the sea is treacherous undercurrents. They gradually drift away from the shore, gaining strength as they come out into the open. They are quite narrow, it is enough to turn around and swim along the shore to get out of their zone of attraction.

Amazing and diverse underwater world of the Arabian Sea will be happy to open its secrets to those who have mastered the art of diving and dive to the bottom of the islands near Goa.

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