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Distance from Kemer to Pamukkale

Turkey – a great place to relax on the beach, explore the various natural, historical and cultural monuments. One of the most popular Turkish resorts is Kemer. Excursion from Kemer to Pamukkale is one of the most popular among foreign tourists. Pamukkale is also called the Cotton Castle, there are geothermal springs on the plateau, which is included in the famous UNESCO list.

A trip from Kemer to Pamukkale

The resort of Kemer is one of the favorite places of rest and entertainment for Russian tourists. There are many excellent villas and hotels, excellent service, the favorite system of Russians All inclusive. From Kemer to Antalya the distance is about 40 km.

The distance from Kemer to Pamukkale is almost 300 kilometers. To get to this famous attraction, you have to take a bus on the highway for almost four hours. By car this distance is covered in less time.

Kemer-Pamukale route on the map

Kemer-Pamukale route on a map of Turkey

There are several ways to get from Kemer to Pamukkale.

By car

You can get to Pamukkale by own or rented car, having booked it in advance in Russia or already in Turkey on the Internet. The cost of renting – about 3,000 rubles per day.

The distance from Kemer to Pamukkale is quite large, you can make your own route on a map, it is easy to find on the Internet. But such a trip is the most expensive pleasure, in Turkey is not cheap gasoline.

By bus.

Distance from Kemer to Pamukkale, Turkey

There is a city bus station in the center of Kemer, but there are no buses going directly from Kemer to Pamukkale, you have to change trains. First you should drive about 3 hours to the city of Denizli.

From there to Pamukkale there is a constant connection, with buses running every 30 minutes. Another option: first take a bus from Kemer to Antalya, and from there to Denizli, where you change to a bus to Pamukkale.

The route from Kemer to Pamukkale by bus is noticeably cheaper, but it is less convenient because of the transfers. There is no railroad that connects these wonderful places for vacationers, so you can’t get to Pamukkale by train.

Pamukkale does not have its own airport, because it can damage the local natural, cultural and historical values.

The nearest airport Ciardak is 70 km from Denizli, where Turkish flights arrive.

When is the best time to go from Kemer to Pamukkale?

Go on a tour to Pamukkale in the second half of spring or the first half of fall. At this time in Turkey there is no exhausting heat, the trip, including. with children, will go quite comfortably. Summer temperatures in the center of the country are well over +40C.

What’s so interesting about Pamukkale?

Thermal springs are open in season from 09:00 to 19:00. In Pamukkale you can visit the famous Cleopatra Pool, once surrounded by ancient columns. In the Early Middle Ages, the columns were destroyed in an earthquake.

How to get from Kemer to Pamukale

You can bathe or take a shower with the healing mineral water for about 1.5-2 hours, otherwise the springs can have a harmful effect on the human body, especially a child. You can pour the local mineral water in bottles.

Tourists will also be interested to see the ancient Hierapolis (2nd century BC), once belonging to the Roman Empire, and later to Turkey. Be sure to see the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the ancient theater, the Domitian Gate, the ancient necropolis, etc.

How much to drive from Kemer to Pamukkale

To the south of Hierapolis is the Archaeological Museum, which houses amazing findings made by archaeologists in the territory of this ancient city (sculptures, jewelry, utensils, other ancient things).

It is best to go on a tour from Kemer to Pamukkale on your own to have time for careful sightseeing.

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