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Distance from Adler to Tsandripsh

From the administrative district of Adler to Tsandripsh the distance is 25 km. You can reach the Abkhazian resort village by your own car, cab, regular buses, rail transport (trains, trains). Beach holidays in Tsandripsh can be combined with a visit to architectural, historical sights and natural sites.

Information about Tsandrypsha

Tsandrypsh village has many different attractions.

Tsandrypsh village is located on the Black Sea coast in Abkhazia. The settlement has the status of a resort settlement of urban type and is part of the Greater Gagra.

The total number of its inhabitants is about 5 thousand people.

In the village Tsandrypsh and its surroundings have preserved the ruins of ancient buildings (basilicas, fortresses, chapels). On the territory after the archaeological excavations were found including. Bronze Age articles.

Before the 6th century the settlement was called Sauchi and was the capital of the Principality of Sanigia, later the province of Sajen. The region was inhabited by Armenians and Russians in the 18th and 19th centuries. There are clean pebble and pebble-sand beaches, which are surrounded by picturesque cliffs, woodlands.

There are mountain rivers flowing in the vicinity:

  • Lapsta;
  • Hashupse;
  • Mechadir;
  • Bagrepsta.

Where is it

П. Tsandrypsh is located in the Gagra district of Abkhazia on the shore of the bay, 5 km east of the border with Russia. Nearby is the mouth of the river Hashupse. The distance to Gagra is 22 km.

The western border of Tsandrypsh runs along the Lapsta River, and its eastern border is along the Bagrypsta River. The climate in the resort village is subtropical humid. The beach season in the region lasts from May to early fall.

What to see

Attractions in the village and the surrounding area:

  1. Tsandrypsh Church. According to scientists, the complex was erected in the VI century on the site of older buildings. The dimensions of the basilica are 28 by 17 m. The temple with semicircular arches, domed ceilings and a portico is made of large plastered marble blocks. During the reconstruction of the basilica in the XV-XVI centuries, the walls were strengthened by pilasters, additional columns for the vaults, the ceiling. The carved stone elements in the decoration and the niche of the altar have been preserved until the modern period. Tsandripsh temple is surrounded by woods and reservoirs.
  2. White Rocks. This natural landmark on the Black Sea coast is located between the villages Tsandripsh and Bagripsh. Marble strata overlook the beach. The water on the site is crystal clear because of the large amount of basalt rocks. The area is surrounded by woodlands, with picturesque views of the mountains. The Psou-Sukhum highway passes near the White Cliffs Nature Monument. There is a hotel, a hotel, several restaurants and cafes.
  3. Stalin’s dacha “Cold River. The residence was built in 1933 near the mountainous Lake Ritsa. The building is three-story, with a total area of about 50 square meters. The Soviet leader rested in the residence more than 20 times. The main building is designed in the form of a ship, the windows are made in the form of portholes. The cinema room is designed to look like a ship’s deck. The cottage is open to tourists in the summer from Monday to Sunday. Excursions in the complex are from 10:00 to 18:00.
  4. Khashup Fortress. The object is located in the vicinity of Tsandripsh on the bank of the river Khashupse. The building was erected in the VII-X centuries and is preserved in good condition. The medieval fortress is located on a rocky cliff. The walls of the building are designed in the form of quadrangles. From the observation deck offers picturesque views of woodlands, Gagra mountain range, the ruins of an ancient basilica. On the territory of the fortress are regularly held seasonal festivals and cultural events.
  5. River Reproix. The natural object is located in the Gagra district. The length of the shortest river in the world is 18 m. You can reach the landmark by the beach from the sanatorium “Moscow”. The reservoir is the outlet of an underground karst river. Reproix begins on the beach, from which the violent streams rush into the sea. The water in the river is pure drinking water.
  6. Hashupse Canyons. This natural landmark is located in the Gagra district in the vicinity of the resort village, in the valley of the river Khashupse. The length of the rock formation is 10 km. Tourists are attracted here by the local scenic views, clear turquoise water, beautiful mosses on the rocks. There are three canyons on the river, the most visited is the lower one. In the high water here are rafting on sapboards.
Khashup Fortress
Khashup fortress was built in the VII-X centuries.

Information about Adler

Adler is an administrative district of the city of Sochi. The territorial division was documented in 1869. The settlement has a well-developed infrastructure, favorable environment and is considered the most southern resort in Russia. Adler is a popular place for international events, forums.

The resort is located in a humid subtropical climate, which is influenced by the proximity of the sea and the mountains. Summers are hot, with little precipitation. Autumn is warm. The maximum amount of precipitation falls in winter. Subtropical crops grow under such climatic conditions.

Adler is popular because of the landscaped picturesque beaches. The resort stretches along the coast for 20 km. The beaches are pebbly and sandy. Areas are equipped with showers, changing rooms, decking, access to the water, piers, water sports equipment rental.

Popular beaches in Adler:

  • “Chkalovsky;
  • “Ogonyok;
  • “The Mandarin;
  • “Pearl, etc.

In Adler, many sports facilities (ice rinks, stadiums), comfortable hotels, restaurants, cafes. There are natural objects (waterfalls, gorges, caves, rivers, grottos, eucalyptus alleys) in the surrounding area.

Location on the map of Abkhazia

Adler is located at the mouth of the Mzymta River. Its length along the Black Sea coast is 17 km. The resort is adjacent to the border between Russia and Abkhazia.

Territorially Adler is part of the Krasnodar region. It is distinguished by developed transport links with Sochi, the settlements of the Abkhazian region.

Adler is in demand among tourists for recreation and beach holidays. On the territory of a large number of boarding houses, sanatoriums, hospitals. Tourists visit the resort year-round. In winter the place attracts natural, architectural sights, excursion routes.

Adler is part of the Krasnodar region.

Popular attractions

The main attractions of the resort and the surrounding area:

  1. Southern Cultures Park. Arboretum occupies an area of 19 hectares. More than 5 thousand species grow on its territory, including. rare and exotic: Japanese sakura, fan palm, 300-year-old oak, tulip tree. The arboretum has a rose garden and plantings of conifers. From the observation deck there are picturesque views of artificial lakes, rose gardens, alleys. In the upper part of the park with winding paths, balustrade grow magnolias, firs, Himalayan cedar. Wide marble stairs lead to the lower part of the park.
  2. Singing Fountains. The attraction is located on Olympic Square. Tourists can listen to the music program from 18:00 to 19:00. The music changes daily to attract tourists: foreign, classical music and movie soundtracks are played. The complex includes about 200 small fountains, which shimmer in different colors of illumination.
  3. “Sochi Park. This theme park is located on the outskirts of Adler, in the village of Sirius. Sirius in the Imereti Lowlands. There are thematic complexes of attractions, children’s playgrounds, dolphinarium, gravity slide, free-fall tower, family rides, etc. on an area of more than 28 hectares. There are regular science shows, classes and competitions in the rope park.
Southern Cultures Park
Park “Southern Cultures” is spread over an area of 19 hectares.

Tourists can visit in Adler:

  • The Lost World Dinosaur Park;
  • Holy Trinity Church;
  • Adler Dolphinarium;
  • art glass gallery;
  • waterpark;
  • embankments, etc.
Adler Dolphinarium
Adler Dolphinarium will leave a lot of pleasant impressions.

Distance from Adler to Tsandrypsh

From Adler to Tsandrypsh distance by highway is 25 km. Tourists reach the resort in 1 hour by a direct route with no traffic jams. Travel time may vary depending on the chosen transport (whether car, cab, bus), the conditions on the highway, etc.

Distance on the map
Just 25 km from Adler to Tsandrypsh.

Routes from Adler to Tsandrypsh

You can get to the settlement from the resort district of Russia:

  • long-distance trains;
  • electric trains;
  • intercity buses;
  • cars;
  • cab, etc.

On the car

Tourists get from Adler to the resort settlement Tsandripsh by their own car. Follow about 25 km along the “Olympic Village” on Sukhumi highway. Depending on how busy the route is, the travel time is about 40-50 minutes.

If you do not have your own car you can take a cab to the place of rest. This is the fastest way to get to the resort, but one of the most expensive. Cabs can be ordered for group travel.

By plane

You can reach the resort village of Tsandrypsh, located near the Russian-Abkhazian border, via the airport in Sochi and then by cab or by public transport (buses, trains). Flights to the resort city come from cities in Russia and other countries around the world.

You can book tickets, choose suitable routes, available destinations and prices on the official website of the Sochi International Airport. В. I. Sevastyanov. It is a major hub for local and international airlines in southern Russia. After arrival, tourists can take a cab or bus through the Psou checkpoint.

By train

Tourists get to Tsandripsh from the railway station in Adler without changing trains. There are long-distance trains from Moscow, St. Petersburg to Sukhum to the resort village.

On the route from Adler to Tsandripsh average travel time is 1 hour 50 minutes. On this direction also run trains Sochi – Gagra, Samara – Sukhum, etc. It is necessary to familiarize in advance with the schedule of routes, choose a suitable direction.

In the summer period between Adler and Gagra there is a train, which, in addition to the settlement of Tsandrypsh, stops in such towns of Abkhazia as:

  • Gechripsh;
  • Bagrypsh;
  • Gagrypsh.

Customs control is carried out directly in the carriages on purchased tickets. Tourists do not need to get off the train at the border between Russia and Abkhazia.

Tickets in the reserved carriage cost from 1 100 rubles, in the compartment – from 2 000 rubles, in the sleeping car – from 3 500 rubles. Fare prices may change depending on the season, so it is necessary to clarify information on the eve of the trip.

By train
It takes two hours to get from Adler to Tsandripsh by train.

By bus.

It is convenient to get to the resort by bus. Many routes follow from the Abkhazian border, including. Nos. 558, 550, 552, etc. The travel time takes about 40 minutes. After passing through customs, you will need to take a cab with the sign “Tzandrypsh”, which follow at intervals of 1 hour.

The travel time takes about 20-30 minutes. Familiarize yourself with the schedule of transport in advance, because. changes are possible depending on the season. Some buses run only during the holiday season (from spring to early fall).

Do shuttles run

There are shuttles to Tsandrypsh from the Abkhaz border. Tourists will need to take a cab or public transport to the Psou checkpoint, undergo an inspection and buy a ticket to the resort. The travel time will take about 30 minutes.

Where to see the train schedule

You can check the schedule of trains, airplanes departures on the electronic platform tutu.ru, the official website of Russian Railways rzd.ru and other Internet resources for the sale of tickets for rail transport.

It is necessary to take into account the conditions of possible exchange, ticket refund, etc. The “Tutu.ru” service can be used with a cell phone after downloading and installing the application via Google Play or App Store.

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