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Disneyland in France

Among the attractions of Paris, Disneyland is one of the leading places to visit, far ahead of the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. In fact, the park is a city with streets, rides, restaurants, recreation areas, souvenir stores. One day is not enough to visit it, the number of places of interest is so great that you need to come here more than once to see everything.

History of Disneyland Paris

Europe’s largest entertainment center appeared in 1992 thanks to director Walt Disney. The park was conceived as a place for family recreation. At first it was received by visitors without much enthusiasm. After the installation of new rides and a significant reduction in ticket prices, its popularity grew exponentially every year. Now the number of visitors to the fairytale city is more than 12 million annually.

Disneyland Paris - France

The park’s organizers sought to create a unique project, fundamentally different from the American one. To do this, the main emphasis was placed on the fairy-tale entourage, gave even the little things a flair of magic and an indescribable sense of romance. The result was not long in coming: 2011 revenues crossed the 1 billion mark. $. 2012 was a jubilee year, the park celebrated its 20th anniversary with a colorful parade, magnificent fireworks, and an amazing night show.

Where is Disneyland in France?

Disneyland Paris occupies 2 hectares and is located 32 km. from the capital. Since it is about one-fifth of Paris, it was placed in the suburb of Marne-la-Valais. For the French such a distance is considered small, you can get by suburban train, shuttle bus, with a tour group, rent a car or take a cab.

Disneyland on the map of France

Already from afar you can see the pink castle with numerous blue towers. When you look at it, it is clear that no description of Disneyland will not be able to convey all the excitement of a personal visit to this attraction in France.

Structure and attractions of Disneyland Park

In fact, there are two major parts: the old and the new. The first is dedicated to fairy tale characters, the second to Walt Disney Studios. The organizers very accurately captured the dreams and hopes of visitors, dividing Disneyland Park into five themed “countries”. It helps to better navigate and determine your preferences.

Map of Disneyland Paris

Map of Disneyland Paris - France

Main Street

Main Street - Disneyland Paris

The main street is stylized as a cowboy town, with saloons and a train station, from where vintage steam locomotives take guests on a trip through the park. Retro cars and horse-drawn carriages start from this street. It starts from the main entrance and ends at the Castle of the Sleeping Beauty. From here, the famous daily parade of fairy tale characters begins moving before closing at 10 p.m.


Fantasyland at Disneyland France

Most of the characters familiar to children of any country live here. Upon entering Sleeping Beauty’s castle, they immediately meet the serious, bearded dwarves and the affable Snow White, the stern dragon and the carefree Pinocchio. It is interesting to walk through the labyrinth with Alice and watch a performance based on famous fairy tales from the board of the pleasure boat, ride the carousel, circus train, become a spectator of a puppet show.


Adventureland - Disneyland Paris

This section is dedicated to Robinson Crusoe, Indiana Jones, Aladdin and other fabulous adventurers, including the immortal pirates. Visitors will be swirled by the atmosphere of the Oriental bazaar, immensely surprised by the hut in the tree, a great pleasure room “Caribbean pirates” and a model of a ship, on which the boys are ready to climb all day. After such a trip will be very helpful lunch in an African café or restaurant with seafood dishes.

Wild West

Wild West at Disneyland Paris (France)

It is dedicated to cowboys, Indians, chases and duels. The main entertainments are:

  • haunted house;
  • roller coaster;
  • Tarzan the Show;
  • saloons;
  • farms;
  • mini zoo;
  • water trips along the canal in an Indian canoe.

Land of Discovery

Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris

In the Land of Discovery concentrated the most daring ideas of science fiction writers. It is based on the books of Jules Verne. Rides are stylized as a time machine, a space rocket, a submarine Nautilus. You can choose a video game, drive a go-kart, watch a stereo movie with holographic effects, dream together with the creators of new discoveries and travel.

Here is the most extreme Space Mountain slide.

People with diseases of the cardiovascular system, problems with the vestibular apparatus visit roller coaster is prohibited.

Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios - Disneyland France

This part of the park came a few years later and introduces visitors to some of the secrets of the movie industry.

It is divided into four sectors.

  1. The “Film Set” demonstrates the process of making films.
  2. A walk along “Hollywood Boulevard” leads to souvenir shops that sell copies of items from various adventure and sci-fi films and photographs.
  3. The World of Animation offers a unique opportunity to take part in the work on an animated feature.
  4. “The World Behind the Scenes” is the noisiest and most unpredictable, as it introduces sound and visual special effects.

In addition, on the territory of the park are:

  • golf courses;
  • Disney Village;
  • hotels;
  • restaurants;
  • cafe with national cuisine.

Ticket prices at Disneyland Park

The cost is influenced by the age of the visitor, the time of the visit, the place of purchase, the number of sectors where you want to go. It is advantageous to purchase a combined ticket to enter both parks. It costs 80€ for an adult, 74€ for a child from 3 years old. Children under that age are free of charge. The ticket gives the right to use any attractions an unlimited number of times, the time of stay in the park is not regulated.

To avoid lines, it is more convenient to purchase tickets in advance through the park’s website, at a travel agent, in stores with Disney merchandise, along with a commuter rail pass.

The best time to visit the park is spring and fall.

A day spent in Disneyland is like a fairy tale that suddenly came to life before your eyes and brought you back to childhood for a while.

Video overview of the French Disneyland

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