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Deauville sights

The journey from a fishing village to the luxury resort of Deauville in France was a short one, thanks to a happy coincidence. Most of the attractions belong to the new times, there are no historical and archaeological monuments, but it does not spoil the holiday, allowing tourists to focus on the beaches, sea and entertainment. The small green town is bathed in sunshine and the glory of famous guests who come here for recreation.

Top 5 attractions in Deauville

Luxury, sophistication and the highest standards, this is how the luxury resort Deauville is characterized. It has a special atmosphere of tenderness and relaxation. It’s hard to believe that just a short time ago it was an unremarkable village of fishermen.

Everything was changed by an unpredictable accident. The beautiful scenery attracted Dr. Oliffe, who built a villa in nearby Trouville, inviting the Duke de Morny to visit. His love of risk-taking and his disregard for court etiquette led to tensions with Empress Eugenia. She forbade the Duke to appear on the Côte d’Azur. But de Morny found a brilliant solution. He quickly appreciated the advantages of the still untouched corner of France and decided to transform it according to his taste. Therefore, the main attractions of Deauville and Trouville in France appeared at the will of the Duke and bear the imprint of the personality of this outstanding man.


Hippodrome in Deauville

The Duke had a weakness for horses, and was well versed in the breeds and properties of horses. He was not accustomed to long dreams, so the hippodrome and the necessary outbuildings were built quickly. The Hippodrome de la Touques was inaugurated in 1862. In addition to racing, work began on breeding horses, some of which were sold for more than a luxury palace.

Hippodrome of Deauville - France

The Duke ran a splendid advertising campaign for the new place, informing through newspapers and acquaintances about the fashionable resort, luring them with the promise of spectacle, comfort, and beautiful scenery. The rich public, hungry for new experiences, rushed to explore the territory.

A major role was played by the arrival of Napoleon III, who decided to visit his disgraced brother. This served as a signal to the courtiers and the ornate and luxurious mansions of the nobility grew up on the shore. The hippodrome has become world famous; equestrian competitions and auctions are regularly held there.

Beach cabins

In any other resort, tourists will only smile when they hear about such an attraction, but not in Deauville. In the 19th century, the rules of decency dictated bathing in special family cabins, securely hiding people from prying eyes. Coco Chanel distinguished herself here as well, literally breaking the pattern and introducing into fashion bathing and relaxing on the beach without constraints. She again shocked the public, but the innovation caught on, bringing her fashion house fabulous revenues from the sale of bathing suits.

Beach cabins in Deauville

The booths remained, turning into a kind of wall, on which the autographs of celebrities visiting the resort. You can see the painting of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Matt Damon, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart and other famous people.


The old casino in Deauville

Its age is approaching the century mark. Dr. Oliff once tried to turn a fishing village into a “pleasure city” by opening the first casino. The innovation did not take root, but after the Duke de Morny took over the transformation, the casino was in full operation. It still hosts many fans of poker and other card games. Every year it hosts one of the stages of the famous Poker Series.

Algotherm Thalassotherapy Center

Algotherm Thalassotherapy Center in Deauville

In addition to walks and educational trips, visitors to the resort offers a range of health and rejuvenation procedures. Deauville’s climate allows it to host guests all year round, which is why the center is open almost without interruption.

The list of services includes:

  • seawater baths;
  • mud cure;
  • algae wraps;
  • different types of massage;
  • jet shower;
  • cryotherapy;
  • indoor pool;
  • cosmetic procedures;
  • aquafitness.

Also implemented programs to maintain and improve the cardiovascular system, the prevention of varicose veins, developed individual complexes for weight loss.

Festivals and celebrations

Deauville Film Festival
Deauville Film Festival

The second wave of popularity hit the resort after the decision of the director Claude Lelouch to shoot in Deauville romantic film “Man and Woman”. He woke up famous, and the resort became even more famous. Since 1975, annual film festivals have been held. In addition to these, the resort is known as a venue:

  • of racing in vintage convertibles;
  • bridge and poker championship;
  • Easter Festival;
  • contemporary art exhibitions;
  • jazz festival.

The period of these events falls at the height of the tourist season, from May to October.

Outbound excursions in Deauville

On the territory of the resort there are few interesting places, but for vacationers are organized trips from Deauville and Trouville to other attractions in France.

  1. A unique natural monument is located in Etretu. These are two white limestone rocks known as the Triple Arch and the Needle.
  2. The town of Fecan is home to a liquor factory that produces the famous Benedictine brand. The visit includes a tour of the shop, a story about the intricacies of production and a tasting.
  3. A trip to Rouen will bring a lot of bright impressions for history lovers, because this city is associated with the name of Joan of Arc.
  4. Film buffs will be interested in a trip to Cherbourg-Octeville, the setting for the film “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.
  5. Saint-Michel Abbey is located on a rock and looks more like a town than a monastery. It was built in the 2nd century, is still inhabited and is included in the UNESCO list of historical sites.

From the resort to Paris is only 200 km, you can get to the capital by high-speed train, it takes about 2 hours to plunge into the whirlwind of the metropolis, and in the evening back to the calm and quiet of Deauville. Its landscapes are dominated by pines, forests, meadows and sandy beaches. These beauties inspired impressionist painters, poets, and musicians. Many of Chris Rhee’s hits were written under the impression of walking through these picturesque places.

How to get to the Deauville Resort?

The most convenient way is a direct flight to Paris, from the capital to Deauville is only 200 km. Flights are operated by Aeroflot, Lufthans, Air France, Delta. Flight time is about 4 hours, depending on the flight.

On weekdays airfares to Paris, Cannes and Rennes are lower.

From the capital you can take a train from the central station St. Lazare, take a shuttle bus or rent a car.

If in your dreams you want to feel like a world celebrity, you should visit Deauville, walk along the edge of the beach like a famous actor, taste the freshest oysters in a seaside restaurant, go to the races and bask in the generous sun on a magnificent sandy beach.

Video overview of the sights of Deauville

Sightseeing map of Deauville

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