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Deadly animals on the planet for humans

The application “Tourist.RBC.ru” compiled a rating of places where animals are a great danger to humans, because they do not look at people as an unusual creature, but as food.

Manu National Park, Peru. It is home to a huge number of jaguars. Jaguars mainly feed on capybaras, but they also attack pets and humans if they wander into big cat territory.

Mexico, Southern California. The coast of lower California is home to the white shark and a favorite entertainment spot for surfers and divers. There are very few fatal attacks, but there are plenty of people maimed by sharks.

Lake Baikal, Russia. The wild wolf, which inhabits the Baikal region, is still a very dangerous animal for humans. To this we should also add lynxes and brown bears found in the Baikal forests.

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand. It is in this park that the world’s largest population of king cobra lives. These creepers grow up to six meters long and have as much venom as it takes to kill an elephant. Every year, hundreds of locals die from the bite of king cobras and other venomous snakes.

Dangerous animals of the world

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. It turns out that hippos kill more people than lions. In one year, up to 150 locals and visitors to the park are killed by hippos.

Kakadu National Park, Australia. The crocodile is Australia’s most feared predator, killing at least one person a year and leaving several crippled.

The Serengeti Plains, Tanzania. Tanzania continues to lose residents to lion activity. Over the past 20 years, lions have killed more than 600 locals as well as farmers and cattlemen.

Churchill, Canada. The polar bear is Canada’s favorite land predator. Thousands of tourists come to Churchill every fall to watch it migrate. The city is protected from bear attacks by special traps.

Ranthambhore National Park, India. Tigers are the cats that attack hundreds of people every year in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Komodo National Park, Indonesia. Komodo dragon-varanas are not as dangerous to humans as sharks and crocodiles, but there is not a single known case where a meeting between humans and this reptile ended in the death of the former.

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